Blinking Game (hiatus)


❝I wanna lock eyes with you and have a staring contest.❞
Jonghyun - 눈싸움 (Blinking Game)

Jonghyun is indirectly having a staring contest with Key. Whoever blinks first loses.


Author's Note: This story is based on SHINee Jonghyun's song "Blinking Game" from his latest album "The Collection: Story Op.2". It's part of the series "Sing Me Your Story" of which I originally wanted to make a thread of since it's actually a project I came up with about two months ago. I hope you will enjoy this short story and do subscribe and leave a comment behind.

Disclaimer: All featured celebrities are merely borrowed and do not represent who they are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends. All original characters and the plot are property of the author unless otherwise stated. This story is written solely for fun and the entertainment of fellow fans from the following fandom(s), therefor there is no profit being made from this fictional work. Do not plagiarize, re-post or translate.


"Music is philosophy. Every chord, every word tells a story. If you listen, you will know its meaning." - Kamada Ndama
Part of the Sing Me Your Story Series

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