In love with my best friend

Romeo and Juliet




Jay's POV

“Dude, just tell her how you feel”, Taeyang said.

“It is not as easy as it seems”, I said, taking a sip of my drink.

I have been sitting in this bar all night trying to think; at least that was what I was trying to do, before these idiots found me. And when I say idiots I mean Taeyang, Nichkhun, Cha Cha, Chansung, Daniel, Wooyoung, GD and Junho, my 8 best friends since elementary school.

“Yes it is. It is just four words. You….me …..bed….now”, Chansung said while point towards me, himself, and then I guess what is an imaginary bed.

“Seohyun is still not giving in?” I guessed. I swear this kid only thinks about .

“No, and it is blocking my mojo”, we all busted out laughing at our maknae.

“Okay, so how did you guys found me?” I asked when I was done laughing.

“We had Chansung install a GPS tracker in your cell phone” GD said as it was the most normal thing to say.

“What he means is that since you had your breakdown last week we all got a bit worried, so we had Chansung install a GPS tracker in your cell phone” Cha Cha said with an apologetic look.

“Back on topic, I think Taeyang is right just tell her how you feel. Trust me it’s going to feel so much better”, Nichkhun said. ‘Yeah right, just because Jessica accepted your confessing, doesn’t mean Yoona is going to accept mine, besides we all knew Sica had the hots for you since forever, one of the reasons why we broke up a couple of years ago’. That is what I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t because our friendship isn’t as strong as it was before he started dating Jessica. I guess it is weird to think that one of your best friends slept with your girlfriend.

“I can’t do that since she already has a boyfriend” I said pathetically.

“What I just don’t get though is that you and Yoona have been best friends since before you could talk and you choose now to confess to her, while she has a boyfriend?” Wooyoung said.

“What I don’t get is that you where the one who introduced her to Taecyeon, don’t you know you never introduce a guy to the girl you like” Junho said.

“He was new in town so I just thought that I would be good colleague and introduce him to some people, so he didn’t feel lonely”, I said, “and besides since when was it a crime to be nice to people”

 “Let me tell you what I don’t get, you have been living with her for four months now and you still haven’t slept with her” Daniel said giving Chansung a high five. Do they only think about ?

“Yah, get out of your heads”, Taeyang said while hitting both of them.

“Actually the two morons might be onto something” GD said, leaving us all confused.

 “? How is that being onto something?” I asked.

“Okay here is my plane” GD said.

And we spent the rest of the night trying to improve GD’s plan. We all had different ideas how to proceed the plan. 

“Call us tomorrow and let us know how it went”, Cha Cha yelled before he got in his car.

“But spare us the details”, Nichkhun said and got in the passenger seat in Cha Cha’s car.

“I will” I yelled before I got in my car and drove away.

I don’t really feel comfortable with GD’s plane, it might work or it might ruin our friendship, but I guess it is the only way to found how she feels about me. I walked up the stairs to our apartment that we bought together four months ago. It was her idea for us to live together, she said it would help her finically and that I was the only person she would feel comfortable to live with. I opened our front and walked inside. ‘Okay here goes nothing’.

“Jay is that you?” She yelled from the kitchen. I walked around unsteadily, trying to act like I am drunk.

“Yah oppa are you okay” She said and rushed over to me. Oppa? That is weird she have never called me oppa before.

“Here sit down” She said and led me over to our couch. I laid myself down on the couch and she took my shoes off of me. She took me jacket off of me and put a blanket on top of me.

“Here you go oppa, sleep well” She said with a hoarse voice, it sounded like she has been crying. She bent down and gave me a kiss on my forehead.

“Good night oppa” She said and turned around. As she was about walk away I grabbed her hand and pulled her down on top of me. Shock was writing all over her face. I leaned in and pressed my lips on hers. She was stiff at first but she gave in as I nibbled a little on her lip. I placed my hands around her and started moving them up and down her body. She let out a little moan. I started taking off her clothes. And the rest of the night was like being in heaven.

The next day I woke up on the couch . I grabbed my pants and putted them on. I walked out to the kitchen and smelled freshly made pancakes. Yoona was sitting down at the dining table eating pancakes.

“Morning” I said.

“Morning Jay” She said while blushing. ‘I guess we are back to Jay again, and me who was just getting used to oppa, because that was the only thing she kept screaming last night’ I thought while smirking. 

“Do you know why I woke up ?” I asked, acting stupid.

“No!” she said and walked out of the kitchen. Gesh someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed or couch.

“Are you okay?” I asked her while following her.

“I am sorry, I just didn’t get much sleep last night”, she said. Aww she is blushing and she is avoiding looking me in my eyes.

“I have to go”, she said, she walked out of her room and headed to the front door.

“Going on a date with Taecyeon?” I asked bitterly.

“No, I am going out with the girls” She said. I noticed she had bags on her eyes and her face was bloated. Did I go too far last night?

“Okay then, I’ll see you later”, I said. She walked out and closed the door. She didn’t even say goodbye and she didn’t even give me a kiss on my forehead or a kiss on my cheek. I guess I screwed up last night.

Neomu neomu meotjyeo nunee nunee bushyeo
Soomeul motshigesseo ddeollineun geol
Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby

“Hello?” I said as I picked up my phone.

“How did it go?” Nichkhun asked as soon as I picked up.

“I screwed up” I said thinking back to how she acted, and how she looked right before she went out.  

“We are there in less than ten minutes” Nichkhun said and hung up. I put my phone down and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When I got out of the bathroom, I heard someone knocking on the front door. I walked over to open up the door.

“Wassup man” Taeyang said as he walked in.

“How is it going man” Daniel said and patted my shoulder before he followed Taeyang. Soon all the guys got inside and went into the kitchen.

“So how did you screw up?” Nichkhun asked as soon as he sat down at the kitchen table next to the rest of the guys except Chansung who is at the fridge eating all of my food. I swear that boy eats for        1/3 of the population in the world.

“I slept with her” I said feeling guilty.

“And how is that screwing up?” Wooyoung asked.

“You guys didn’t see how she looked when she went out. Her eyes were all red and puffy, and she was upset. I screwed up big time, I am not even sure our friendship can survive this” I said. Just thinking about that I might have ruined our friendship makes me sick.

“How I see, it looks like you only have two options. You can tell her how you feel and hope that she feels the same way or you can pretend like nothing happen last night and ruined your friendship” Junho said. Normally Junho never talks but when he does he always says as it is and this time it is no difference. I have to man up tell her what I feel and risk ruining our friendship or don’t tell her what I feel and ruin our friendship cause let us face it a friendship can never survive if you have had with each other. I guess I know what I have to do.



Yoona’s POV

“I don’t know what to do” I said on the verge of crying.

“It is going to be alright” Tiffany said while patting my back. I called my unnies the second Jay fell asleep.

“Yeah it is not your fault” Sunny added.

“I just can’t believe he slept with you and couldn’t remember it, ahh it makes me so mad I just wanna punch his face” Sooyoung said throwing her fists in the air like a boxer.

“Chill Mike Tyson, and besides isn’t this, what you want, you and Jay being together?” Yuri asked.

“I don’t want us to be buddies, I want him to love me for who I am” I said sobbing. The truth is that I have been in loved with Jay since middle school, but he has always been busy chasing after other girls. First it was a girl named Nicole who he only dated to have someone to . Then it was Jessica who he dated for two years, his longest relationship. Jessica is the only girl he actually wanted for more than her body, she was his first love. But they broke up because Jessica was in love with Nichkhun and not Jay. It hurt me to see him so sad but I have to admit I bit of me was happy about them breaking up.

“If you want I can beat some sense into him” Hyoyeon said with a smirk on her face.

“Yah stop that unnie, you are not helping her” Seohyun said.

“You know when I confessed to Nichkhun, it was the best thing that I ever did and maybe if you confess to Jay you will feel the same way as I did” Jessica said trying to help me.

“So now can I ask you why you and Taecyeon broke up?” Taeyeon asked. She is the only one who never met Taecyeon.

“He said that I was in love with Jay and therefore he couldn’t see a future for us. It doesn’t even matter I never really liked him, I only went out with him, to make Jay jealous” I said confessing my pathetic attempt to make Jay notice me.

“When did it happen?” Tiffany asked.

“Last night, I caught him cheating on me with some random ” I said. Suddenly I felt angry. I know I never really liked him but infidelity is something I just can’t take.

“I am sorry Yoona I really wanna stay and comfort you, but its mine and Cha Cha’s anniversary so I have to go” Sooyoung said with an ’’I am so sorry look’’. I forgot they all have their own lives to get back too. I guess I am the only one who doesn’t have a boyfriend anymore. Taeyeon is dating GD, Tiffany has Wooyoung, Yuri and Taeyang have been dating for five years now, Hyoyeon and Junho are also dating, Sunny is dating Daniel, Jessica and Nichkhun are madly in love, Sooyoung and Cha Cha are like the perfect couple, and even our maknae has a boyfriend, the food eating boy who can’t get out his head aka Chansung.

“It’s okay I have to go anyway, I think Jay is freaking out after how I behaved this morning” I said. We all got up and went home or whatever the rest of the girls were going.

I open the door to our apartment and felt my heart beating out of my chest as I walked inside. Every light in the apartment were off, I looked around and saw Jay sitting on the couch. He looked up as I walked closer to him.

“I am so sorry for everything” he said and got up.

“It is okay I was just over reacting” I said. He walked closer to me. He was standing so close that if I moved my head even just a little bit our lips would meet. I have to admit that I was fighting the temptation to do so.

“No it’s not I took advanced of you last night” He said. He took both of his hands up to my face, one of his my cheek and the other one he placed carefully on my other cheek. My face felt like it was burning from his touch. I like it.

“I can never forgive myself”, he continued. I thought he was too drunk to remember what happened last night.

“It is okay” I said trying not to look into his eyes.

“You don’t get it Yoona I love you, and what I did to you last night, is unforgivable, I took advance of the girl I have been in love with ever since we were kids, and what I did last night might have cost us our friendship” Did he just say that he loves me? My heart started to beat so fast that I couldn’t move or breath.

“If you don’t ever wanna see me again I understand it” He said and turned around to walk away. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to me. I grabbed his shirt and placed my lips on his. I pulled away and saw shock writing all over his face.

“I love you too Park Jaebeom” I said and smirked.

“But last…and you…couch it is unforgivable…what”, he said confusingly. I grabbed his shirt again and pulled him to me.

“Shut up and kiss me” I said right before I placed my lips on his. 


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