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This will be a oneshot collection of Jay Park and SNSD.

I will write a chapter with every member of SNSD, so there will at least be 9 oneshots^^ 

Every member will be parried with Jay.


Hey Guys this will be my first oneshot collection, and since I Love SNSD and Jay Park I thought why not.

I hope you guys will support me :D

The first one will be about Jay and Yoona, but you guys can request a story if you want to. 

1......In love with my best friend

I might write but I'll warn if I do XD

English is not my first language so I hope you guys will forgive me for my errors ^^ 


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Jayabdullah22 #1
Chapter 1: 3 years later and im still here reading JaYoon haha
gotler #2
Interesting, want to update soon?
new reader btw <333
update soon~!
This is awesome1
humorlessly #8
I just read the one shot with Jay and Yoon and it was awesome(:<br />
Update soon :D
humorlessly #9
Omg i love you because you're writing a Jayneration fanfic!!!!<33<br />
Soooo looking forward to Jayfany and Jaysica(:
oh how i love jay and yoona! good job! <3