You'll Always Be You


Yoongi and Jimin were best friends. Inseperable, until one day a ball drops on Yoongi's world, and he has to move away when he's 16.

Two years later, he's able to move back home, back to Jimin.

But Jimin is a bit different now.



I have no idea what's supposed to go here to just skip it lol

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miss_te15975 #1
Chapter 8: OMGGGG This story definitely needs to be recognized somehow. This is sooooo amazing!!! I love the storyline and how you built the characters. I really like you style of writing <3 It's so engaging.
You're so talented, author-nim.
Nuisayshello #2
You dont need the 'subscribers only' tag for me to subscribe this fic!!! I love it!!!!!
xXGoofyGamerXx #3
Chapter 8: This chapter... Oh my goodness. So much stuff. I love the story!
xXGoofyGamerXx #4
Chapter 7: That's the best thing I have ever heard. They got together on their anniversary.
xXGoofyGamerXx #5
Chapter 6: Aww!!!
xXGoofyGamerXx #6
Chapter 4: I have been crying since I read about what happened to Jimin. I actually guessed what went on in my head before reading it. So sad! Poor Jimin... I know people that have been in situations like that and I know it's hard.
xXGoofyGamerXx #7
Chapter 2: The beginning of this is really cute. The end of this chapter has me in awe... It's so cute!!
Chapter 8: Omgosh. So many things in this chapter. That confrontation with Jiho though! Yesssss! You had me week! Say it with yo chest!*clapping*
Then I got all smiley and teary when Hobi and crew showed up.
Ahhh but moving to the next level? Its not really complete right?
Chapter 7: Omg anniversary