Ah Reum has been dreaming of meeting BTS since forever and now she was getting the chance of a lifetime.  She's meeting them in like five minutes and she has no idea if she's going to keep her cool.  What's going to happen when she meets her bias?  Will she be able to make him as flustered as she wants him to be?

Jeon Jungkook has never liked being called 'oppa'.  It's no secret that it makes him uncomfortable.  So, why is he uncomfortable when she doesn't call him 'oppa'?  What's wrong with him?  Why does she insist on patronizing him like this?  Is she doing this on purpose?


Complete as of now, but I could be talked into more chapters.


I do not own BTS, etc.  Ah Reum is my own character. 

I used the name Ah Reum in another story I've written "Just One Day" but this is non canonical to that story at all.  

I apparently need to find new names. 

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Chapter 2: please update :) x
lydia435 #2
this is really good but i feel so bad for jungkook while reading this haha lol.