Idol Spiritualist (Idol Onmyouji)

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Although debuted as an idol of the new group, GRP (aka Girl's Rough Play), Shizokawa Mayu led a double life of being a spiritualist (onmyouji) at night in order for the streets of Seoul to be free from evil spirits. What'll happened when there's a master planner behind the evil spirits' attacks on the innocent? More importantly, the planner was aiming at Sunggyu, the leader of Infinite and GRP's labelmate sunbae. Why was he being targeted?


This is my first fanfic with some OCs... I've wanted to make a story of me and my greatest bias, Sunggyu-oppa... Well, this is just my fantasy actually... Hope you enjoy... ^^




GRP (Girls' Rough Play)

A group of 4-members teenage girls with the eldest born in 1995 while the youngest is born in 2000. One of the girl groups that use a bit of a 'bad girl' image as their main theme rather than the current trend of pure, innocent image of teenage girls. Also called the female version of Seventeen in terms of producing songs with an extra: they also make their own MV. Each member has their own role in producing their album. Besides that, they are also called the new '2NE1'.

May/ 매이 (시조카와 마유/Shizokawa Mayu) - Sub rapper and vocal (1998)

The main character of the story. She's the second youngest in the group and also the richest. She's in charge of giving out ideas for their comebacks especially in producing their MVs as she's the one who'll edit them. Secretly, she's an onmyouji for the Shizokawa group as one of the descendants of the Abe no Seimei family tree. She's the one who keeps away evil spirits from the streets of Seoul. The eldest in the new generation of Shizokawa family which made her having the strongest spiritual powers. Her shikigami is Guren/Touda who disguised himself as her manager, Takashi. Nicknamed the 'All-rounder Tsundere' due to her almost acted cold all the time but mischevious and able to do anything.

Harin (이하린/Lee Ha Rin) - Leader (1995)

The leader of the group as well as the lead vocal. She's in charge of producing their songs. It's also stated that she's the second richest among the group. She's also had the nickname 'Ahjumma of Health' as she sometimes acted as a mid-thirty ahjumma and always took extreme measures of taking care of hers and the member's health. Known to be strict. 

Cecil/시실 (송민헤/Song Min Hee) - Rapper (1997)

The main rapper since she's the one who produces the raps for their songs. The mood maker of the group and has a bright and easy-going personality, different from what people always thought that rappers had a gloomy personality. In fact, she's too cheerful to be a rapper but nevertheless, rap-making is her talent. Afraid of reptiles and is a good cook. Nicknamed the 'Rap Goddess'.

Q/규 (박영혀/Park Young Hyo) - Main Dancer (2000)

The maknae of the group who enjoys dancing so much. She's able to choreograph the dances of their songs which made it the one that she's in charge of. Very close to Mayu because she felt that Mayu is more mature than the unnies of their groups sometimes. Though both of them always ended up making pranks to the unnies, she cares about all of them a lot. Able to sense that Mayu is doing something behind their back but choose to keep it down and wait for her favorite unnie to spill it out. Mischevious and a bit of a troublemaker. Nicknamed 'Limitless Maknae' due to her many talents.


The seven-year-old idol group who is one of the trendsetter groups. Famous for their knife-like dances with their synchronization rate of 99.9% under the guide of Kim Sunggyu as their leader. Consists of seven members. P/S: since everyone knows who Infinite is, I'll be moving on only to the main star for this story: Kim Sunggyu.

Kim Sunggyu - Leader (1989)

The leader of Infinite who has many nicknames where his famous ones are Grandpa-Gyu and Lethargic-Gyu. He seemed to be easily exhausted but actually, there's a reason for it. Something that even he himself doesn't know.


Mayu's shikigami who acted as her personal manager. He asked her father to seal most of his heavenly power in order to gain a human form where lifting its seal causes a great deal of fatigue to Mayu. He controls the element of fire where his fire came from Hell (Jigoku). His original name is Touda.


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