Tall Doyeon

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Doyeon was tall.
And Doyeon didn't like it.
A lot of people say that being tall is better than being short, but Doyeon didn't think so.


This is a one shot about one of my favorites ships and I hope you like it.

Also English is not my first language so if there's any mistake feel free to tell me and please leave a comment.





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Chapter 1: i love their height difference so much omg
Chapter 1: dodaeng's high difference is cute tbh hahhahaahha i like it when i saw they are standing next to each other
Dadison #3
Chapter 1: Oh wow I loved this.
doyansendokir #4
Chapter 1: •So, what are we?
chenlenct #5
Chapter 1: I think i'm falling In Love with this story..
Dodaeng is so cute aaawww
Please update soon author-nim