It really hurts since i love you

It's okay even if it hurts alone

This is not my first time to fall in love but i still don't like the facts that i love you. Sorry Kyuhyun. Sorry Yonghwa. Both of you give me the feeling of being in loved and having someone that you love.... I hate the facts that i know both of you but i have no regret on this life for knowing you. If only you never hurt me i think probably i will pick one of you....




Kyuhyun and Seohyun are partners for their assignment.During the moment that they had together, they had fallen in love together. No one will know of each others feeling but since Kyuhyun had the first move by confessing his love, Seohyun accept it and they started to date.....

During the moment they have their date, everything was going smoothly until Seungyeon entered Kyuhyun's life. Kyuhyun started to cancel their date and often giving excuses when Seohyun wanted to meet him. Until one day Kyuhyun ask for a break up.


Sorry Seohyun. But i fell in love with Seungyeon

But why Kyuhyun? Why? Am i not good enough?

No. You  are too perfect but i realize that Seungyeon is more suitable for me. She is better than you and my parents loves her more than you.. 


Please Seohyun. We are OVER.....


From that moment Kyuhyun was no where to be seen. Seohyun was broken heart. She never think that her first love would ended in such a bad ways. She never expect that Kyuhyun will leave her in that way. She lost everything....


In her most desperate times... Yonghwa came and gives her new hopes. She feel bless but she reject it since she was too scared to fall i love again. But Yonghwa keep convincing her to accept his love. Finally Seohyun gave up. She accept Yonghwa love and start to date with him. But when she thought she get her happiness, here come Shinhye to claim Yonghwa as her fiancee. The truth is Yonghwa is Shinhye fiancee. Although Yonghwa and Shinhye engaged, they never love each other until one day Shinhye fell in love with him after an accident. Seohyun now know the truth after she fall in love with Yonghwa. This is the second time for her but she manage to break with him although she love Yonghwa. WHY??? Because she dont want to be the third person in a relationship. And now she let Yonghwa go...


end of flashback


This love story make her suffer. She never let anybody to lie to her again with the word love. She sick with that word. But no one can predict the future. Seungyeon came to meet with Seohyun to take Kyuhyun from her life. WHY ??? Because Seungyeon was sick and she was in love with other person. Who??? It was Taesung. Taesung was her first love and she love Taesung so much.. Until now but why did she left Taesung. Because of her disease. She suffer from Leukaemia. She taught with going far away from Taesung will make her feel better but it turn to be more worse. She just make Kyuhyun fall for her. And she never taught that Kyuhyun will leave Seohyun for her. Now she wanted to make thing back to normal. Since Taesung love her too and even stay with her in her most difficult time so she decide to let Taesung take care of her and return Kyuhyun to Seohyun..But the problem was not only that. Seohyun loves Kyuhyun but she also loves Yonghwa and now Shinhye come and ask her to take Yonghwa. WHY??? Because Yonghwa only loves Seohyun and not her. Shinhye decides to return Yonghwa to Seohyun because she know that only Seohyun can make Yonghwa happy. Doesn't Shinhye loves Yonghwa. Yes, Shinhye loves Yonghwa. So thats why she give Yonghwa to Seohyun. Shinhye rather to see Yonghwa smile although the person who make him smile was not her but Seohyun. She love Yonghwa so she decide to let him go...


Seohyun was frustfrated. She never taught that it will ended in this way and now what would she do. She loved them but she will let them go



Am i hurting because i love you?

Am i receiving punishment because i love you too much?

Even if i were to lose everything

If i just had you, I’d be fine

Even if my heart gets torn loving you

Even if my heart were to wear out waiting for you

It’s okay because i love you

                        It’s okay even if I’m hurt



Hi its me, Jacy_Ahio... Sorry for the hiatus. Now i'm back. Thanks for the love. the second part will come out anytime. Just wait. I'm sorry if this chapter was lame.

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Chapter 1: Update soon....
i want to know what happens next
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