It's okay even if it hurts alone


Based on the song SNSD Seohyun, it's okay even if it hurts and SNSD Tiffany, alone. It about how Seohyun and Tiffany giving up in their love just because of love.


Seohyun POV

Am i hurting because i love you?

Am i receiving punishment because i love you too much?

Even if i were to lose everything If i just had you, I’d be fine

Even if my heart gets torn loving you

Even if my heart were to wear out waiting for you

It’s okay because i love you It’s okay even if I’m hurt


Tiffany POV

By myself i say i love you

Send away my love In the folds of the accumulated

Lonely memories the tears hang

Even if you're far away I hope that you'll be happy

I'll bury my love

Deeply within my heart



Seohyun involve in triangle-love between Kyuhyun and Yonghwa. Both of them love her so much. She love Kyuhyun but Kyuhyun broke her heart twice makes her giving up loving him. After Kyuhyun,Yonghwa was the second person that she love but he also broke her heart twice. They makes her broken hearted for four time. Now both of them begging to get her love and even fighting to get her love but it seems that she can't love them back because she know that it will ended with revenge and hatred since Kyuhyun and Yonghwa was a best friend. She love them so she let herself hurts.


Tiffany love Siwon but Siwon was in love with her own best friend, Yoona. Both Siwon and Yoona love each other. When Yoona and Siwon had a fight and ended with break up scene, Tiffany came and offered Siwon new love. Although Siwon happy with the fact that Tiffany loved him but his heart still goes with Yoona. When Siwon started to love Tiffany, Yoona came back. Siwon was in dilemma to choose between Yoona and Tiffany. When Siwon had his own opinion, suddenly Tiffany giving up and it ended with Siwon together with Yoona because she know that only Yoona can give Siwon completely happy smile.

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CrazyLovingKpopper #1
Chapter 1: Update soon....
i want to know what happens next
This seems interesting! :) Update soon!
It's sounds so interesting, please update
hey it seems interesting :)) update soon! :D