The Final Serenade


Seungyeon and Kyuhyun was a lover that had their plan to get married. But Seungyeon can’t make it since she had a cancer and only can survive for a few days. Before her last days arrive, she plans to serenade a sonata to Kyuhyun and she will broke up with him without telling him her illness. But what will happen if she only can give him her serenade since the days were coming to her. Will she give her final serenade?


The Final Serenade cast



- A woman who suffer from cancer

- Love her boyfriend, Kyuhyun

- Had a caring young sister, Hara

- Didn't tell Kyuhyun about her illness because she loved him too much



- A man who love Seungyeon but later married with Seohyun

- A man who will love someone forever

- Lucky guy

- A guy who hold people promises



- Kyuhyun's wife

- Understanding wife

- Lucky woman



- Seungyeon young sister

- caring

- Her boyfriend was Junhyung



- Hara's boyfriend

- The person who told Kyuhyun about Seungyeon condition


p/s this story just oneshot story. The song Ni shi fong er wo shi sha was the soundtrack of the story Pearl Princess. This story had nothing to do with the drama. I took this song because i really love this song. I got the inspiration to write this story during my sister and i watched the stars while listening to this song and Superstar by KARA Seungyeon as the main character. At the final of this story i put the song way back into love because i thought it was a perfect ending for SeoKyu couple

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jamyung #1
its really good<br />
its sad that she had cancer