Drunk Dean

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“Babe~” he mumbled after you succeed remove his coat.

        “Hm?”  you looked at him, checking if he wanted something.

        “Only my coat?” he asked again but his eyes are closed. He must be dreaming right now, eish. You stood to go to bathroom but his hand grabbed your hand and whispered, “I expected you take off all my clothes~” his eyes were open now and he’s smirking naughtily.


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You such a tease !!! I was expecting moreeeeee !!!!!!!!
Chapter 1: We need moarrrr
Eatyourkimbab #3
Chapter 1: Noooo you cliff-hanging meeeh i need chapter 2 asap :(
Chapter 1: wttttttfffffffffffff
LuLuBabee #5
Chapter 1: Asdgdkflflshsl. Omg Dean. Kyaaaa