Flux [Hiatus]


Nine girls, nine assassins. Struggling through a dysfunctional life on a dysfunctional Earth, they fight and kill seperately for their own reasons and motives. Then, a mysterious and strange man enters their lives and slaps them all together. And when they are all combined... the power of nine cannot be stopped.


Just a warning, before the actual story.

This isn't your typical fluff or romance fanfic. I don't really write stories like that. This one will be filled with action, and inevitably blood, gore, death and that kinda stuff. If your sensitive to that or don't enjoy seeing SNSD subject to or committing things like that, stop here. So... yeah. If you like that stuff then awesome. I mean there will be interactions and some unnie - bonding and stuff, (YOONYUL HELL YEAH) and maybe some cute hugs. But thats the extent of it.

Okay, I'm rambling now. Just enjoy the story :D


[on an indefinite hiatus]

Chapter 5 is out :3
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