chapter 1

My Baby's Got A Secret

My baby's secret?........

Where do I start?!

I suppose it's  fairly common that a parent is somehow accustomed to their offspring going overboard with imagination.Heck, I've always encouraged it!

So basically I had no reason whatsoever to react so colourfully.....(Damnit, this is getting to me even in my tantrums!!)

That's right.COLOURS are what started it all.

Specifically : bright coloured paintings on my office walls.

Credits go to none other than my little artist daughter.I'm sure I shouldn't leave Hyun out of this, but I can't wrap my head around it just yet.They've been partners in crime for so long, it's practically a given that whatever misdead she brings along, he is just as guilty.

However, this time it may very well be my over stressed body that's reacting so strongly, but it doesn't make it any lighter of a topic.

"Appa, do you like it? See here, this is you and Namu holding hands."she brightly describes the stick figures criss crossing midways on the prior spotless wall."He has a surprise in the back, that's why he has only one hand streeched."she gives away on a shushed tone.

"Stretched." I automatically correct her, though my lips are already considering smiling at that.You can't stay mad at Yunhee for longer than a second.

"Like I said."she stands her ground in a practical manner."And this is me, keeping Namu's secret."she explains without further delay."It's kinda big and we don't want you to see it right away.I put it behind me,but I can hide only the bottom of the singing chair."she sulks cutely.

"Hmmm,I can sense your predicament."I speak with great interest,tapping my index over my mouth to hide my amusement."And it's called a swinging chair."I hurry to clarify.

Truth be told, I've already stumbled across their gift,but was waiting for them to 'surprise'me.

"What's peri...per mint?"she asks with renewed curiosity,as I choke on my on spit.

"Predicament,bumblebee."I stress the syllables."A dilemma.And you shouldn't worry yourself with big words like this."I pat her soft hair.

"Appa,you forget I have a spelling competition to win?"she whines cutely,stomping her foot in a very trademark way.

I can't stop chuckling at that.She may not be my own flesh and blood,but she's the closest to it as much as she's Woohyun's spitting image.No wonder they had clicked at first glance; it had been unbelievable even to the fostercare personnel.

Yunhee is her father's princess alright!

And they are both my weakness.

"How can I ever forget,bumblebee?You and Namu remind me non-stop."I feign annoyance.

"Namu says you hate it because it makes me grow too fast."she caresses the frown on my forehead."Don't be sad, appa.I'll always be your bumblebee."she leans forward,hugging the daylights out of me,while sweet pecking my cheek.

The stickiness of her lollipop still leaves a fruity trail on my face. How does one not feel KO-ed at that?! I'm almost at my breaking point,when just a few seconds ago I crashed and burned because of her doodling on my office walls.

Yunhee has a special way of keeping me at her whims.I may deny it to the outer world,but Woohyun was always aware of the powerful spell keeps me under ever since she spoke her first word....Gyu ,with gurgling joy and happily clapping as if she'd discovered an ancient treasure. I had literally wet my pants that day,but I couldn't be more damn proud of it. Much to Hyun's dismay, who till this day can't believe she betrayed their special bond by saying his husband's name first.

"You say that now, but still keep secrets with Namu from me."I pout, inhaling her baby scent.It has a calming fragrance for me.

"But it's a surprise for you ,appa."she justifies with seriousness.She's too gullible for her own good,sometimes.

"Really?"I sniff gravely."Can you at least give me a hint?"I coo,though I had already been plainly briefed.

"Sorry, no."she shakes her head energetically."If I spell the peas,Namu will get upset."

"Spill the beans."I rectify.

"Like I said."she nods in approval.

"Right." I play along.

Yunhee doesn't like to be in the wrong,no matter how often both of us try to tell her it's OK,given her young age.I guess she does take after her parents' personalities afterall,trying to perfect herself daily.It's a work in progress to let her have her way.

"I knew you'd understand.You are a smart appa."she cheers me on,with the brightest smile.

"Thanks, I guess."

It doesn't take her long to skip the pep talk and continue drwing,biting down on her small pink tongue in pure concentration.

I fail to comprehend what's 'standing' next to her own abstract graphic representation.

"Yunhee ah...what's that you're holding?"I ask,crouching down to take a better look.

"Oh, that's just Kyunghee."she answers with her back at me.

"And this supposed to be what exactly?"I try and figure the darn thing out on my own, squinting my eyes at her drawing.

"Appa, he's a boy!"she huffs."Don't call my little brother an object."she reprimands me for the mistake.

"Of course, it makes perfect sense now."I say in hushed voice, though a sense of dread was washing over me.It was damn nearing having an epiphany.

I couldn't, for the love of what's holly ,recall when did she...we acquire a baby brother!?

​"I know.It's not like it's counting psychic."she  graces me with a mocking look.

"...quantum physics."I speak in a haze, totally overblown by her statement.

"Like I said."

"...right." I mumble the mantra without paying much attention to it.

My feet suddenly fail to give the right support,but I kinda welcome the numbing feeling;so much better than the gaping I sensed forming on my face.

"Namu said I should tell you about him before I decide what to call him,but I couldn't resist.He was so cute and I wanted to see you smile like Namu, so I told him to...."

"Yunhee." I cut her rambling.

"What is it, appa?Don't you like his name?I won't mind if you change it, but...Ilikeditveryverymuch..."she mumbled under her breath,eyes cast aside.

"Bumblebee,'s not about the name.Gosh, this is a lot to take in."I grunt,facepalming myself in a poor attempt at calming my nerves."Listen to me."I scoop her up in my arms,sitting both of us on the soft couch."I don't know how or when or who told you about ...getting a baby brother.I honestly thought you drew a puppy.Don't you want a puppy?" I fuss,squeezing her small shoulders with unease.

"Appa, you are allergic to dogs."Yunhee puts her hand on my left cheek as if trying to make me focus."I don't want you to get sick."she hugs me with teary eyes.

I had the nastiest reaction back when she was only four years old,but it still left a great impression on her.Safe to say,we haven't gone near a dog from then on,and Hyun had to take special precautions when he brought her back from playing with one.

"Yunhee ah." I kiss her temple,hugging her closer.

"That's the best choice.You aren't allergic to kids.It's a wind wind situation."she muffles her words in the crook of my neck.

It breaks my heart to see her acting so mature.

"Win-win situation."I sniff for real this time.

"Like I said."


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