you'll always be in my heart no matter what happens


Kahi and Jung ah has been with eachother ever since the group After School was created. They've been through up's and down's with eachother, tells eachother every secrets... maybe not every single secrets... they've always been close, people say a bit too close, but everything seemed natual to them.

One day, Kahi walked in the dance studio and saw Jung ah hugging Dambi. Suddenly, Kahi felt her chest tightened abit... but she doesn't know why...

this fanfic also include a bit of LiNa in it


This is my first time writing a fanfic,I've notice that theres not enough junghi fanfics so i decided to try and write one myself >_<

English isn't my native language so sorry for some mistakes, especially grammar!

Hope you enjoy and please comment on what i can improve or give me any ideas on how the story could continue, that might be helpful as i might run out of ideas and be really, really slow at updating (sorry).

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Chapter 1: Amazing first chapter! I will love reading this one! :D
linita-chan #2
woah!! *dies* JungHi & LiNa <3333 I loved it *-* I'll read your LiNa fanfic since this one was so good ;D
yunheelove #3
Cutee~~ <3 :D love the couple anyway :P xD
thanks i just updated my LiNa fanfic have a read if you have time :)
You are such a great writer!!Pls write more fanfics about AS!!
hmm... not a bad idea i might think about that :) i'm writting a LiNa fanfic atm if you have time hope you will have a look at it ^.^
DarkestAngel #7
how about vampire kahi??
thank you for the comments and thank you for reading my fanfic :D i think i might start a new fanfic but I'm not sure when yet and i don't know what about yet >.< any suggestions?<br />
@andremiyuki I'm not really sure if the pic was edited but i presume so but i do find the context interesting ^.^
Yeay!!! kahi and jungah are together<br />
the pic was edited right?? haha<br />
Dear writer please do write more ^^<br />
thnx for this fic <33
DarkestAngel #10
yeayyy... appa and omma together..<br />