The concert

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

We’ve been talking nonstop for the past five weeks. It wasn’t easy, it took maybe two weeks for her to start telling me some of her personal things. Like how she likes the color turquoise, dogs, rainy days, winter, and vanilla ice cream. Yep!  Two long weeks for her to tell me some of the “normal” things that another girl would’ve told me in a day.  I thought I was the most private person in this world; she proved me wrong.

Week three was all about how she loves her work and what she’s doing with both of her companies. She even send me some new logos for Travelfy, they’re changing the image of the company. She asked which one I liked better and apparently my choice was the winner. She also told me the story on how Steve Jobs wore the same type of clothes everyday and that she’s doing it as well. I respect her position but… no more comments on that.

Week four was when I felt she opened the most. I learned more typical things like: She loves Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and chapssaltteok, she’s a “running man” obsessive fan; she likes sageuk (something the both of us share), she also likes house and indie music, horror movies, she’s a foodie, and a lefty. She has never dyed her hair and her stand is to keep her natural color until she’s old.

She then told me the intimate things: She has a little brother, Diego who’s 18 and lives currently in California, he’s studying software engineering at Stanford University. She comes from an upper-middle class background, her mom and dad were killed in a car crash when she was fifteen; and instead of getting depressed she buried herself in her studies and work. The inheritance her father left her, she used it to create Travelfy, and the rest is history. I must say I do admire her even more now that I know she’s had a tough life. She also told me about a medical condition, she said it was nothing to worry about but, that she will fully explain it when we see each other.

Yes, we haven’t been able to see each other. I’ve been working very hard with Big Bang’s ending worldwide tour… and… with my solo world tour, starting at the end of March; I’ve been busting my off.  Needless to say that she’s been busy as well. We always “kakao talk” and we try to facetime as often as we can. I truly like talking to her, she gives me peace and hearing her voice and her laugh helps me unwind. She’s quickly becoming someone really important to me.


“Hyung? Hyung? Are you listening?” SeungRi asked.

“No, I didn’t… what is it?” I replied, annoyed.

SeungRi sat next to me. We were in a dance studio in YGE practicing some choreographies for our last concert which will be tomorrow.

“You’re doing it again hyung. You’re smiling while looking at your phone. Who is she?” He asked while punching my shoulder.

“Yah! Why did you hit me? Go practice your solo entrance so you don’t blow it up like in Osaka.” I exclaimed as I rub my shoulder.

He shrugged. “I’m sorry hyung. I’ll go practice.” He stood up and started dancing.

“What’s with you? Why are you so sensitive?” Young Bae asked.

“Nothing I was just too focus on my phone… he took me by surprise.” I said while getting up from the floor.

“Emilia hasn’t confirmed if she’s coming tomorrow, right?” Young Bae whispered.

“No, she hasn’t. One week ago she even was excited. She told me she’d been listening to our albums non-stop. And then suddenly she said that she wasn’t sure if she could go.” I softly said while looking at SeungRi’s choreography.

Young Bae didn’t say anything; he just stood there next to me. I suddenly received a “Kakao” message from her.

 I was able to fix my schedule; I’ll be there tomorrow. ^_^

I smiled from ear to ear.

Young Bae looked at me. “I’m pretty sure that she just told you that she’ll be there.” He laughed and punched my shoulder harder than SeungRi did.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed still with a smile on my face.

“Ji Yong, she’s becoming too important too fast.” Young Bae whispered.

I looked at him; he seemed a little bit worried. “I know.” I said as I looked down.


As I was coming back from the terrace after taking a quick break, I saw TOP’s manager–Byung Young talking to someone on the phone, walking back and forth, and with a worried expression.

It’s not that I was intruding but since we were in a long hallway I obviously was able to hear all the conversation.

“Yes, please… someone told me you could help me... I just need her personal assistant’s number… uhhh… her name is… hold a minute… Haro, Haro Emiliassi.”

I was passing by his side when I heard her name. I instinctively took his cellphone and hung up the call.

“Yaaahh! Ji Yongie!!! Why you did that?” He cried.

Byung Young was trying to get his phone back; I was trying to keep his phone far away from his hand… we were kind of struggling.

“Ji Yongie!! Chaebal!! Seung Hyunah will get mad at me again.” He whimpered.

“Hyung, hyung, Let’s stop.” I said while taking a step back and raising both of my hands. “You tell me why you are looking for her phone number and I’ll give you your phone back.” I said.

He sighed deeply. “Seung Hyun read an article about this girl when we were in Japan. He wants to meet her so, he asked me to set a date but, I haven’t been able to get her phone number.”

He looked at me suspiciously. “Ji Yongie, do you know her? Can you help me get her phone number?” He begged.

I handed him his phone. “Don’t worry hyung, I’ll give TOP hyung her phone number right away.” I lied.

“Really?” I promise to be good to you… Really good.” He said as he walked away.

“Where is Top hyung?” I shouted.

“He’s in the styling room.”


I entered the styling room; Top was getting his hair done. The stylist was just finishing.

“Oh! Ji Yongie, you’re here.” He said while looking at me through the mirror.

“Where are you going?” I asked while standing next to his chair.

“To a launching event of the new collection for Millet.” He said while standing up and taking his jacket off.

“Here is the suit.” The stylist said before leaving the room.

I walked towards a couch far away from the entrance.

“Hyung, Byung Young told me that you’re looking for Emilia Haro’s phone number.” I coolly said while Iaying down on the couch.

He looked at me. “Do you know her?” He asked as he took his clothes off.

“Yes. She’s a good friend of mine.” I replied and smirked.

“Wahh! You’re fast! I can’t believe you beat me! Does she looks good in person as she does in pictures?” He asked again as he was putting his pants on.

“She looks much much better in person.” I answered.

“Yah! Unbelievable! I’ll regret this moment in the future. But, she’s all yours then.” He said while looking at me and buttoning his shirt.

Someone suddenly opened the door. It was Daesung who looked angry.

“Hyung can I go with you to your event?” He asked Top.


“SeungRi is forcing me to go with him to some party, I don’t want to go… I told him that I was going with you to your event.”

“Yah! I don’t want to take part in this.” Top replied.

“Has he finished his rehearsal?” I asked Daesung.

“Oh! Hyung you’re here. I didn’t see you. No, he hasn’t finish, but he’s telling everyone that he’s leaving soon.” He replied while looking at me.

“We’ll see about that. Seriously, seven years since our debut and I still have to babysit him.” I exclaimed. I stood up and headed to the door.

“You go tell him hyung!” Daesung shouted while following me.




Emi Haro POV


Five weeks, five amazing weeks getting to know someone as fascinating as him.

Gahee says that I’m falling for him. I truly don’t think so, since I know myself and I know I’m not ready to love someone. But, the more I know him, the more I find out what an incredible human being he is. He has break down many of my defenses. I’ve told him things I wouldn’t tell someone I don’t really trust. I don’t have many friends, but he has become a precious person in my life in a short period of time.

I almost couldn’t make it today to their final concert. Gahee had planned a pre-celebratory dinner for me since tomorrow it’s my birthday. I was able to turn the dinner in a pre-celebratory lunch. I haven’t told Ji Yong about my birthday, I wonder what he will say when he learns about it.

As I looked at the clock in my apartment’s wall, my phone rang.


“Emi? The driver is at the foyer (Galleria Foret’s lobby) waiting for you.” Ji Yong said.

“Oh! I’ll go right away.” I grabbed my purse and walked towards the front door.

“See you soon! Are you sure you don’t want to come backstage?” He asked.

“You know I don’t and you know why.” I replied.

“Araso. You better have fun today! I’ll look at you from the stage. The driver has the VIP ticket for you. Let me know when you get here.”

“Uhh! Break a leg!” I said as I hung up.


I entered the VIP section of the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. I sat down and started looking around. Of 10 posters, 5 of them are of Ji Yong.

“You’re all right to love him.” I said to myself.

I bought a crown light stick when I arrived. I’m planning to rock it all concert long so Ji Yong sees I’m a new and true VIP member.

The lights went off and the magic started. They opened the concert with “Tonight”. I smiled, shouted, and jumped when I saw Ji Yong on the stage. After all I was hiding beneath a hat and a scarf. They played all of their hits, I sang through all of them, specially: Haru Haru, Lies, Bad Boy, monster, and Fantastic baby.

The concert was almost finishing. Then Ji Yong said: “It’s the 24th now…” I looked at my watch, time: 12:02 AM “…Among you is a special person whose birthday is today. In her honor…” The intro of “Blue” started to play.

“Do you want to know who she is?” Ji Yong asked the crowd.

Everyone shouted: “Yes!”

“Of course is all of you my VIPS, I love you all. I’m sure some of you are celebrating your birthday today. Thank you for been here!” He concluded and bowed.

The crowd went crazy. He then for the first time during the concert made eye contact with me and smiled. My heart was beating so fast that for a moment I thought it would explode. I was dumbfounded, shocked, touched, amazed... Tears of happiness started to fall as the song went along.


After the concert, I was waiting inside the SUV. The driver said that we were waiting for a package. After a while, the car entered a restricted area. Someone opened the door; it was Ji Yong.

“Did you have fun?” He asked as he got inside the car.

I nodded. “It was amazing.” I answered.

“I made a reservation at Meca, should we go?” He asked me again.

“Let’s go!” I replied looking at him dazed.

He smiled back and said to the driver: “To Meca please.”


We arrived at Meca’s parking lot. We decided I would go first and head to the private dining room. He would follow minutes later.

As usual Meca was full with celebrities. As I walked through the place I saw: Lee Min Ho, Kai & Taemin, Suzy, Kim Yuna, Yoona, and some others celebrities.

I entered the private dining room, sat down, and took my hat and scarf off. I quickly took my compacts and retouched my makeup. As I was putting my compacts inside my purse, Ji Yong entered the room.

“Why are you fluttering? Stop it!” I said inside silently to my heart. His smile and the tone of his voice make this little betrayer race.

Ji Yong sat on the chair in front of me. We ordered some appetizers and a bottle of wine. I’ve told Ji Yong I don’t like drinking. I do drink a little bit on special occasions; the ending of Big Bang’s world tour is definitely a special occasion.

We laughed; we played around and talked a lot. He then got serious “So, what’s your medical condition?” He asked as he sipped some wine.

I drank some wine too and started explaining him in simple terms what I had. I felt really comfortable talking about this with him and that’s not something easy for me. As I was finishing I could see he looked trouble, like if he wanted to ask something but didn’t dare to.

“What is it? I feel like you want to ask something.” I said as I stood up and walked towards the window with my arms crossed. He followed and stood up next to me, both of us watching outside window.

“I… I’m not sure if I should ask something like that… I just… I just wonder.” He said with his hands inside his pocket.

This was the first time since we’ve known each other that he’s been reluctant to ask me anything. I looked at him with curiosity. “You can ask me, I promise I won’t be shocked.” I said while smiling. He looked at me dazed and then looked outside the window again.

He doubted for some seconds. “You told me that you can't take birth control pills due to your medical condition.” He made a long pause. “How do you take care of yourself?… I mean… when you… when you’re with someone” He asked, almost like a whisper, like if he didn’t want for me to hear his question.

I looked at him while smiling. “Believe me, I take really good care of myself regarding that.” I said and laughed. I wasn’t about to tell him that I had zero experience in that subject. Several hot kisses with my ex-boyfriend but nothing more.

He turned to look at me. He was dazed again. I couldn’t understand why he sometimes looked at me like that. I’m really not that special and I’m not even that good looking.

He then grabbed my left hand, his eyes seeing how our fingers intertwine. I flinched. His touch made a charge of electricity run through my body. I still was looking at him, probably with a longing expression. He took some steps towards me. He gently moved me, positioning my back against the window. He was slowly getting closer and closer. “Your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen.” He whispered. This time my heart wasn’t racing; it felt like it would stop for a while and then would pump hard.

He placed his right hand on the window, his left hand still intertwine with mine. We were looking each other, our faces inches from one another. He shifted his sight from my eyes to my lips. I could feel his breathing. I closed my eyes and then I felt the touch of his lips on mine. He grabbed my bottom lip gently, softly. We were kissing each other slowly. I could feel how my breathing was starting to get agitated. He let go of my hand and placed it around my waist pulling me closer to him. The soft kiss turned into a kiss full of desire. His tongue passionately touching mine.

I was so agitated that I forgot to breathe; as I pulled my head back to get some air, I opened my eyes. He was getting closer again. I suddenly came back to my senses. I pushed him away and rapidly walked towards the table. “I can’t do this!” I exclaimed still agitated. I was trying really hard to regulate my breathing.

He looked at me surprised. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“I just can’t do this.” I replied while getting my things. I walked towards the door. Before opening the door, I stopped and exclaimed: “You asked me how I take care of myself when I’m with someone… This is how.” I didn’t look at him; I opened the door and left.



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