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Violet Love Sonata
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G-Dragon and Emilia expecting a child?

Rumors of pregnancy are surrounding G-Dragon and wife–Haro Emila. Although no official statement has been released, fans are sure she’s pregnant.

Emilia is well-known for been very relaxed in her way of dressing. But lately, she’s been wearing a lot of  coats and big purses like if she’s trying to cover-up something.

Could the rumors be true? Is G-Dragon soon to become a loving a father?


“The worst kept secret in the world!” I exclaimed after reading Dispatch’s article. The picture was taken when I still could hide my pregnancy.

I’m thirty-five weeks pregnant and although my belly isn’t gigantic, you can figure out right away I’m expecting. I stopped going out one month ago when no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t hide my baby bump. I’ve been working from our condo since then. We’ve decided to keep a low-profile relationship. It was my idea though; Ji Yong really doesn’t care if we’re seen together or if his fans learn I’m pregnant. But I do, I don’t want them thinking Ji Yong forgot his Asia’s beloved celebrity.

He released his new solo CD a few months ago and he just finished last week his ‘Asia Solo Tour’ which obviously was a big success. Yang Sajangnim wanted a ‘World Tour’ but Ji Yong wasn’t going to commit to something like this due to my pregnancy.

He’s staying all the time with me since my due date is just around the corner. Our child should be born the last week of August. We still don’t know its yet. We want it to be a surprise. But we’re ready to receive him, we made the third bedroom a nursery room, we painted it with neutral gray and it’s decorated with white vintage furniture.

The pregnancy has been a rollercoaster. I’ve loved seeing and feeling our baby grow up inside me… but I’m in a point where I’m dying to hold him in my arms. And to be honest, I’m also tired… VERY tired, I haven’t sleep well for a while now, I pee like a zillion times a day, and it’s hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. So yes! I’m ready for the little bear to exit my womb. 

Before exiting the room, I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I gasped deeply. “I feel ugly!” Ji Yong says I look stunning even pregnant but I don’t feel that way.

I could smell the food coming from the kitchen.

“You’re up!” Dami unnie exclaimed. She was in front of the stove.

“Good morning unnie.” I yawned.

“You didn’t sleep well yesterday either?” She looked at me worried. I tried to smile as I shook my head.

“Where’s Ji?” I asked while looking for him with my eyes.

“He went to YGE, he’ll be back soon.”

“So, everything is ready for Ji’s birthday?” August 18th is tomorrow. Dami has been helping to prepare a small party for him.

“Don’t worry, everything is ready.” She smiled.

The little bear was moving a lot. I touched my belly. “I think he doesn’t fit in here anymore.”

“Ommo! He still has to stay in there for some weeks.” She said shocked.

“I know.” I sighed.

My phone rang; Ji Yong was calling me.

“Hey bae.” I answered.

“You’re up. How’s the little bear?”

“Your son is moving all over the place. I don’t think he fits inside me anymore.”

“Are you not feeling well? Should we call Gahee?” He asked, worried.

I laughed. “Don’t worry. I think it’s normal.”

Okay. Okay.”

“So, what’s up?” It seemed like he had bad reception since his voice would cut out.

“Can you hear me?” Finally, I could hear him.


“So, Nana is here in Seoul and I will see her for a couple of hours.”

My heart shrugged as I heard her name. “Do you have to?”

“Of course… I haven’t seen her since before our wedding.”

I hated the idea of them been by themselves. “Invite her here… Ji?” Again reception problem.

“I don’t hear you. I’ll see her in Meca for a couple of hours and then I’ll head home. Love you”

“B-But.” He hung up.

I finished my breakfast and tried to occupy myself so my head wouldn’t imagine the worst. But I quickly learned, it was useless, I couldn’t stop thinking about the last thing she said to me. I know she’s in love with him and I think he doesn’t know it. I had my iPad in my hand but I couldn’t focus on work… and to make things worse the bear was very active today; he would constantly kick.

After Dami unnie left to the supermarket, I decided to head to Meca and join Ji Yong’s and Nana’s meeting. I’ve been very moody these days. Ji Yong and I haven’t been intimate for the past couple of weeks. People say only my belly has grown, but I don’t feel y at all, I feel fat and ugly. This made me feel more insecure about their meeting. Is not that I didn’t trust him, it’s just I would feel better to be with them.

I was walking near the restaurant’s area when I saw him. The moment we locked eyes, I peed myself.

“So the rumors are true. You’re pregnant… very pregnant.” Soo Hyun said, surprised. I could feel a little bit of sadness in his tone. He looked at my damp blue jeans. “Did you…”

“Yes, I just peed myself.” I said ashamed.

He shook his head. “I don’t think that’s what happened. Didn’t your water just broke?”

I gasped sharply. “I need to call Ji Yong!” I exclaimed and looked for my phone inside my purse. I started trembling so much that I couldn’t find it.

“Emi, look at me. Everything will be alright.” He said and grabbed my purse. He then handed me the phone. “Here, call him.”

I grabbed it and dialed right away. No reply. I dialed five times in a row, he didn’t pick-up.

“He must be busy.” Soo Hyun said.

I looked at him with flinty eyes. “Yes, very busy.”

“Would you take me to the hospital?” I blurted without thinking. He looked at me a little bit surprised. “Please?”

He nodded. “Of course.” He grabbed my arm and we headed to the parking lot. We entered his Aston Martin One-77.

I started feeling a sharp pain… something like menstrual cramps. I was flipping out; I haven’t felt this pain before, nor nothing similar. When I delivered the lifeless body of my baby boy years ago, I skipped all the pain until the pushing. My heart started racing as the contractions got worst.

“What a freaking lie!” I exclaimed as I was trying to  do the breathing exercises, I learned during maternity class. I read all the books a pregnant woman should read and they all lied! This is freaking worse than they described it.

Soo Hyun was on the phone. “Noona? Hi… Yes, I know it’s been awhile… Noona? Focus! Emi is getting into labor. I’m taking her to Asan Medical Center. Are you there?... Great! Will be there in fifteen minutes.”

I suppose he called Gahee. “Jesus Crist!” I shouted. “I won’t be able to do this!” I exclaimed losing all hope.

Soo Hyun grabbed my hand while still looking at the road. “Hey! Look at me.”

He smiled. “Wow! I’ve missed that smile!”

“You’ll do great! You’re a champ! You can do anything! Think about seeing the little munchkin after this!” He briefly looked at me and then at the road. “Once you hold him in your arms, you’ll forget about all this.” I was breathing loudly; my tears were falling. I was scared but his words helped me to feel a little bit at ease.

We arrived at the front door of the hospital. “Where are the nurses?” I asked, trying to control myself.

Gahee said they’d be here. “There they are!” He exclaimed, a couple of nurses dragging a wheelchair exited through the front door.

“You’ll be okay.” He warmly said.

My eyes flew open the moment I realized he was about to leave. “Are you leaving?”

He tried to smile. “I…”

“Oppa, please don’t leave me alone! Please!” I begged. It was scary enough feeling all this… but enduring this without anyone by my side was terrifying. He doubted some seconds. “Please!” I begged again.

“Okay!” He got out of the car and got the door for me. He helped me sit down on the wheelchair.

“Your phone is ringing.” He said. I wasn’t thinking clearly and obviously; I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. All I wanted was to keep control of my breathing and of the pain.

He grabbed my phone and answered. “Hello?... You know who I am… hey! Before you get all pissed off, listen to me… LISTEN TO ME! Emi’s water broke, I brought her to the hospital.”

We arrived at the VIP Section of the hospital. Gahee was already there. “Emi?” She warmly asked. “Don’t worry! Everthing is under control?”

“What do you mean everything is under control?” I shouted. “The baby is supposed to be born in some weeks, not right now!”

“Hey! Calm down. We talked about this. The baby can be born weeks earlier without any complication.” She started speaking with the nurses.

“When will I start pushing?” I asked as I inhaled deeply.

“You need to be fully dilated. Right now, you’re only 2cm. Emi this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

“What?” I asked shocked. So, I haven’t even reached the real pain. I started crying. “What did I got myself into?”

“Shouldn’t you give her something for the pain?” Soo Hyun asked, worried.

“Nothing can be given to her before she reaches 4cm. She knew what she getting into… if she didn’t want to endure this she shouldn’t had .”

“Don’t be so tough on her.” Soo Hyun whispered.

“This is not the Emi I know… The Emi I know has always been brave.” She looked at me and then left the room.

I was bawling my eyes out. “Oppa!” I whimpered.

“Hey!” He walked towards my bed and leaned closer to me. “Remember what I said? You’re strong! You’re amazing! Think that a few hours from now, you’ll be fine, with your son in your arms.” I focused on his face. “Emi, I would love to stay here and help you go through this, but he’s coming here… I don’t think it would do you any good if we see each other.” I knew he was right so I nodded. “Remember my words. Be strong. Believe me, an amazing gift will be waiting for you.” He kissed my forehead and quickly left the room.


Minutes later, Ji Yong arrived. He was breathing loudly, he probably run to my room. “How are you?” He asked as he got closer to my bed.

“How do you think?” I coldly said.


“Save it! I mean what’s the use of you having a phone if you’re not going to answer it.”

“I’m sorry…”

“How’s Nana?” I asked as I kept trying to control my breathing.

“She’s fine, she’s returning tonight to Tokio.” He was standing near my bed with his arms crossed.

The contractions got worst; I screamed in pain. He looked at me bewildered. The moment he grabbed my hand, “My God! Tell me what to do? How can I help you?” We locked eyes and I felt kind of relieved. It made me realized I wasn’t alone in this.

“Just be here.” I said and took a deep breath.

“I’m here now… I’m here for you… always.” He kissed my lips. “We’ll do this. We can do this. Let’s just do this a little bit longer and we’ll have our child here with us.”

The way he said ‘we’ made me feel secure, I felt reassured I’d marry the right man and I chose well the father of my child.


Remember how in the beginning I said the pain was bad enough? Innocent me… I didn’t have any idea. I tried very hard to no get an epidural but by 7cm the pain was excruciating and horrible. So, I succumbed to modern medicine.


4 hours later, “10cm.” Gahee said, it’s time to push.

Now this was something I was familiar with. I started pushing. Ji Yong was by my side holding my hand and wiping the sweat. “You’re amazing Bae!” He would encourage me now and then.

But suddenly the bad memories of my first delivery, “What if this baby is also born dead?” My heart dropped. The fear was getting the best of me, my heart beat increased drastically and so did the baby’s.

“Woh! Her heart race just increased dramatically. We’ll need to do a C-section now!” Gahee exclaimed.

“Is it completely necessary?” Ji Yong asked very worried.

“Yes, she can’t deliver a baby with that heart rate.” To the nurses, “get everything prepared.”

Ji Yong looked at me. “Bae? It’s anything wrong? Did anything made you feel more worried?” I’m in shock at this point, consumed by fear. But then, he started fondling me and kissing me, passionately. “Everything will be alright!” He would say, repeatedly. His kisses made me gain control again.

“Dr. Ji… the patient’s heart rate just normalized.” A nurse said. Gahee smiled and my ‘natural’ delivery continued.

Apparently, Ji Yong’s touch and kisses made me release a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ this hormone is responsible for getting the baby inside me, but at this point it will help me to get the baby out.

Many pushes later, “the head is out!” Gahee exclaimed. “We’re almost there Emi, push… push… push!”

By this point I’m completely exhausted, so I aimed all my strength at this push… and then I heard a baby’s cry. I sighed relieved for I knew everything was over… he’s out.

“It’s a girl!” Gahee exclaimed. “Ji come cut the umbilical cord.”

Minutes later, “You’re wonderful.” Ji Yong was crying with joy as he placed her in my chest. “Here’s our daughter.” He proudly said in between laughs

I saw her for the first time… and the world started moving slow. I can’t accurately describe the feeling of seeing your child for the first time. The most similar feeling I can compare it with, was when I met Ji Yong for the first time, just a 100x more intense.  I kissed her forehead and Ji kissed mine. “You did well, bae.”

I locked eyes with him. “Happy birthday.” I softly said and closed my eyes. Ji Yong kissed me and laughed.

“Have you picked up her Korean name?” I whispered.

“Say hello to Kwon Aeri.” He proudly said.

I smiled. “I like it.”

We stayed there contemplating our beautiful Aeri for hours.



Official statement

Hello this is YG Entertainment,

G-Dragon’s wife delivered a healthy baby girl yesterday, August 18th at a hospital in Seoul, South Korea. We are very thankful for all the positive attention that fans are giving, and we are grateful that both Emilia and the baby are healthy. G-Dragon will halt all his schedules and commitments to take care of his newborn, but he will greet all of you soon with a great production.

Once again we ask for the media and fans' help to keep their privacy during this joyful moment in their lives.


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