Who is Next?

Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

 “How are the negotiations with the broadcasting networks going?” I asked while typing on my laptop.

“The contracts with MBC and KBS were finalized yesterday. With SBS it will probably take a couple more days, but I dare to say they will agree to our terms. We’re now authorize to film the music shows and awards ceremonies from the 3 networks.” The Director of Content replied.

“Well done. Have you been in contact with YG Entertainment? We urgently need the exclusive rights for their new reality show so we can start advertising it.” I said as I raised my head. Everyone in the meeting room was avoiding making eye contact with me. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

Finally, the Director of PR–Hana, said: “Sajangnim, the thing is that it was extremely difficult to close the deals with the networks. They were expecting that you would show to some of the meetings. YG Entertainment has been emphatic that you need to personally close this deal.”

I was totally confused. “Why exactly?”

Hana looked down, cleared and proceeded to say: “When a company is relatively new, has foreign capital, and a… How should I say this? And a foreign CEO… It’s a custom that the CEO should be present in some meetings as a sign of good faith.”

 “Oh! Ok… Tell me when the next meeting is and I’ll go with the negotiating team.” I said with ease. I looked down to type on my laptop.

“There’s a pre-launching party tomorrow at YG Entertainment. It would be amazing if you can go. The directing team of the reality show will be there, directors from Mnet and TVN will also attend… And probably all the artists of the agency will be present.  Your presence in that event will do wonders to our PR.” Hana exclaimed excitedly.

My heart raced.  The “All the artists of the agency will also be present.”  phrase kept resounding in my head.

“You’re kidding right?” I exclaimed. Everyone was surprised of my choice of words. It was almost like if I’ve said a bad word. Hana was obviously shocked since I’ve never said something like this in front of them before.

Ari quickly stood up and asked everyone to leave the meeting room. “Ok, thanks to all for coming. The Sajangnim will privately discuss PR things with Director Lee.”

After everyone else left the room I said: “I’m so sorry. What I meant to say is that I can easily attend the negotiating meetings… all of them if you like… but I don’t think it will be helpful for me to go to the party.”

Hana looked at me with puppy eyes. “No, Sajangnim on the contrary. If you go to the party, you’ll be able to meet the YG negotiating team, the directing team, and the directors of the others network in a casual environment. Let me repeat myself… It… will… do… wonders… to our PR.” She concluded while placing both of her hands in her chest and started blinking fast.  Yep! You guessed right, Hana is a little bit eccentric.

I knew I was screwed. There’s no way this woman will take a no for an answer.

I sighed deeply and nodded.

“Thank you! Sajagnim! I promise you won’t regret this decision.” She happily said and then left the room.

I was leaning on my chair with my eyes closed. “Ari, call the Valentino boutique and get me a dress for this. And…” I made a long pause. “What I’m about to ask you is strictly confidential… Please find out if G-Dragon will attend this event.”


I was in the SUV heading to the YG Party, Ari by my side. I was wearing a little black Valentino dress. It was difficult for me to breathe, I don’t know why but I was really nervous, I was doing breathing exercises. Ari was looking at me like: WTF is happening to her.

“So, you’re sure he won’t be there.” I whispered.

“Yes Sajangnim, I found out that he’s in Japan with the Big Bang members.” She whispered back.

“Ok… Calm down dude! You’re obviously overreacting. He’s in Japan; you won’t see him… Everything will be ok…” I was saying all this in my head when suddenly the driver said: “We’re here Sajangnim.”

I looked out of the window, the YG building in front of me... And that’s when I started to panic. I was literally shaking. Ari was getting worried. “Sajangnim are you all right?” She asked.

I closed my eyes took a deep breath and somehow got my act together. “Ajusshi please open the door.” I said.


I entered the party.  There was a banner with the name of the show: “WIN: Who Is Next.” The first people I saw were the 2NE1 members and some other artists I didn’t recognize, a lot of teenagers, which I think were the trainees.

I proceeded to meet the YG negotiating team, some other YG staff, then the directing team of the show, and finally the directors from the networks.

Suddenly everyone stopped talking and looked towards the door. “Please don’t be here, please don’t be here.” I thought as I turned around to see who had arrived.

It was the CEO of YG–MR. Yang Hyun Suk Sajangnim. I breathe relieved.

Mr. Yang Hyun Suk started greeting the attendees.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you…” Someone whispered something in his ear. “Haro Emiliassi… You’re the CEO of Dramafy, right?” He asked.

“The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Yang Sajangnim.” I replied while slightly bowing.

He looked at me surprised. “It’s amazing to see you embrace our culture. You’re not only intelligent but, quite a beauty.” He said while laughing.

“You’re too kind, Mr. Yang Sajangnim.” I bowed.

“Please enjoy.” He said and moved to greet other people.


I was starting to feel comfortable. Ari had just left with both negotiating teams to a meeting room to discuss further details of the contract. Mr. Yang Sajangnim had also left to his office.

I was able to meet and talk with some of the 2NE1 members, CL and Dara. They seemed nice.

I also spoke with some of the trainees of “Group A”, Mino and Seung Yoon.

As I was speaking with B.I. a trainee of “Group B”, someone said: “I can see you’re here...” He made a pause. I flinched. “… Hanbin.” He said.

My heart stopped.



Ji Yong POV

“Quite a mess.” Nan Gook said while looking at a magazine.

“What hyung?” I asked as I looked outside through the van’s window.

“All this past month you’ve been feeding the media. First, when they somehow learned you broke up with Kiko. And, now with your date with Meisa Kuroki while we were in Japan.” He sighed deeply. “Yang Sajangnim won’t be happy.” He said.

“I didn’t go on a date with Meisa. We just happen to be in the same party, Young Bae and TOP hyung were also there.” I said with disinterest.

I’ve just arrived from Japan to represent the Big Bang members in a party for a new reality show Hyun Suk hyung was launching. I was heading to the YG building but I’ve been stuck in the traffic for almost 30 min.

After an hour, I made it to the YG building.  I quietly entered; I saw Dara noona and started speaking with her. As I was talking with Dara, I saw Hanbin with a woman in a black dress all her hair pulled to the right side. I couldn’t see her face.

“Who is that?” I asked Dara.

She smiled. “That’s Haro Emiliassi.” She replied.

I smirked; I now knew who she was. I read the Forbes article while in Japan. To be honest I’ve been wondering what she’s been up to. “Wow! I’ve been in Seoul less than three hours and here she is.” I thought. Dara noona started talking with her manager.

I quietly moved towards them. She had her back towards me. Hanbin was so in awe of her that he didn’t saw me coming.

“You’re handsome, you’ll do well.” She was saying to Hanbin with a sweet voice, like a sister would say to her little brother.

I smirked and rolled my eyes. “I can see you’re here...” I made a pause. She flinched. “… Hanbin.” I said.

“Oh! Are you doing well?” Hanbin looked at me surprised and bowed twice. I actually don’t know him very well.

She turned around to look at me. “You’re not… supposed to…” She suddenly stopped. She was pale, like if she’s just seen a ghost.

 “Your manager is looking for you.” I lied.

“Oh! I’ll go right away… It was nice meeting you. Miss Emiliassi” He said and bowed.

She smiled in return.

After Hanbin left, she asked: “Are you doing well Mr. G-Dragonssi?” She slightly bowed but, didn’t smile.

“You can call me Ji Yong.” I said.

 “I couldn’t, I think only people who are close to you should call you that way.” She didn’t look at me.

I smiled and whispered: “I think we’re close enough since you’ve already slept in my apartment.”

She blushed and this time looked at me with eyes wide-opened. “How can you say that?” She said with a soft voice.

I could see she was offended with my joke. “God! She’s beautiful. She looks more beautiful than before.” I thought.

“I’m sorry.” I said and slightly bowed. I shyly smiled and continued: “Have you been doing well? Miss Emiliassi?”

“How do you know my name?” She asked, surprised.

“I read your Forbes' article.”

“Oh!” She exclaimed. She looked around. “People are starting to look at us. I think it’s time for me to leave.”

“I think you should stay. Why are you running away again?” I calmly asked.

“I’m not running away. It’s just that people are really staring at us.” She replied.

“Maybe they’re just staring at you.” I said as I looked around.

“I don’t like people staring at me. I’m sure is because of all people, you’re talking to me.”

I smiled and said: “If you don’t like people staring at you then you shouldn’t have wear that dress.”

“Please, I really hate this kind of attention.” She begged.

“If we go somewhere else, where we can be alone, will you speak to me?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Go to the terrace through the stairs. I’ll follow you after some minutes.” I said.

She walked around for a couple minutes and then walked towards the stairs.  After a while, I sneakily got in the elevator and headed to the terrace.

As I walked into the terrace I saw she was slightly shivering. It's a windy night. I took my coat off and put it on her.

She brightly smiled at me. “A smile worthy of a million dollars.” I thought and smiled back.

“Mr. G-Dragonssi…”

“Really… Please, please call me Ji Yong.” I asked.

She sighed. “Mr. Ji Yongssi, if you’re doing all this because you feel thankful towards me. Please don’t… I also want to say… I’m sorry if I was rude that day.”

“I want to talk with you because I think you’re interesting… And about the other thing, I think both of us were rude. I really appreciate what you did that day.” I said as I put both of my hands in my pockets.

She shyly looked at me. “You speak in a very calm way.” She said. Before I could say anything. “How was Japan?” She asked with a soft voice. I could see she was much more comfortable now that we were alone.

“It was really good. We had sold outs in every concert.”

“Wow! That’s amazing! Congrats!”

“Have you been to our concerts?” I asked and looked at her.

She looked down and shyly said: “No, I haven’t been.”

“Wah! Really? You’re not a Big Bang Fan, huh?”

“To be honest, I’m an ELF… But… I do like and know some of your songs.” She proudly said.

“Which ones?”

“I like Haru Haru, Bad boy… obviously fantastic baby.” She said as she waved her hands with her palms facing her. It’s a move dance we do during the song's chorus.

I laughed really loud. “You’re cute.” I said while smiling.

She chuckled. “But of all… my favorite song is Blue.”

“Really? But that’s a sad song.” 

“I know, but I hear it often, specially when I want to focus.” She replied.

“If we are to be friends. You really need to come to one of our concerts… What are you doing on Feb. 23th? I think it’s a Saturday.” I asked.

She smiled. “Maybe nothing since it’s during the weekend. But I’ll need to check my schedule.” She answered.

I looked towards the sky. “That day we have the last concert from our world tour here in Seoul. If you’re free that night, you should come.”

She nodded. “I’ll let you know.” Her phone started ringing.

“Hello? Uhh… Yes… I’ll be there. Get the car ready please.” She said to someone on the phone.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and I handed it to her.

“You should give me your phone number. I’ll call you to see if you can make it on the 23rd.” She took it and dialed it.

“I need to get going.” She handed me my phone back.

“Uhh, kure. Let’s keep in touch Emiliassi.” I looked at her while smiling.

She took the coat off; she handed it to me and bowed. “Let’s do that… You can call me Emi.” She said as she walked towards the terrace door.


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Chapter 59: It is lovely...I guess JiYong finally court her..I guess Nana is just a convenience for him..For a man in love he didn't prove me anything spectacular instead he pushed Emi to another man..after the wedding he left her...Could you blame her? Anyway all ends well..Awesome sad love story ....h
Angel2love97 0 points #2
Chapter 59: Oh snaps! Nana got some serious balls but I don't think I could have been as calm as Emilia was when nana check her. Nana woulda had a size 11 where the sun don't shine. Thks for the update!
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So I do like that Nana is mature and all but to just assume that GD will always have low points with Emi is stupid and sorry but things change. Yet I do respect her. Anyway thank you for the wonderful update and hope you liked how the chapter turned out cuz I loved it . :)
Chapter 59: You know this story is so sad..so many times I felt her pain..I do trust you will end it as you wish but I feel Emi should not run and claimed what is hers..as for Jiyong he complicates things because his ways of life...He should fight what is his and hold her and eyes only for her.I love they finally talk it out ...the pain left a scar but the love will heal it make it stronger..Fighting dear ..love how the story goes all the heart ache is because they listen to others not their hearts.Please let it all ends well..
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Chapter 59: update soon........
Chapter 59: It's your story. You are the one behind every idea, every moment, every word, why should you change the way you see the development of the story because of others. I understand that you want the story to satisfy your readers but readers choose to read your story because they liked your idea in the first place.

I've seen the other note you wrote before, but it got deleted before I got the chance to comment. While reading your story there were many moments in which I was angry, I got frustrated, I even wondered why is this happening again?!! But despite all this I returned every time you updated the story, I have even waited for your update because those dramatic moments which you are very GOOD at writing, make your story different from others.

I wrote nearly a chapter XD What I wanted to say from all this, is that you should not ask us how long should the story be, just do it the way you want it. And I really like your story !!

Fighting !! ^^
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Chapter 59: I'm glad that they are together and I just want to say do what your heart tells you if you want drama let their be drama, if you want to end the story end it on your terms, and I didn't feel like ch 58 was bad I liked everything about it. :)
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