Violet Love Sonata
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I won’t go, I’ll just wait here
Like a fool crying beside you
I don’t know why you had to hurt me
I won’t leave, I’ll keep on waiting.

I  miss you, I miss you

The memory of being madly in love
I find you in those memories…

I miss you, I miss you

After I finished singing Kim Bum Soo’s “I miss you”, I drank the whole glass of wine in one sip. “So, I’ll be single once again! Who would’ve thought that I’d married the man I love but, after a year, I’d be divorcing him.” I tried to pour more wine but the bottle was empty. “There’s no more wine.” I shouted. I think I was a little bit drunk but Gahee was totally wasted. Somehow she managed to ring for the waiter.

Someone opened the door of our private karaoke room. “Bring another bottle!” Gahee exclaimed.

The silhouette of a man walked towards me. “I think you should stop now.” Soo Hyun Oppa said. I shook my head. “You should’ve arrived earlier! Be happy for me Oppa. I’m finally getting a divorce! Remember how you and Diego have been pushing me to do it?” Soo Hyun looked down. “We only want what’s best for you.” I laughed. “I should’ve listen to you! How humiliating that he asked to be free… to get rid of me.” I looked at Gahee, we both started laughing hysterically. “Is this the 2nd time he leaves you? Or is it the 3rd?” We laughed again.

“I’m tired!” I exclaimed and hugged Soo Hyun Oppa. To be honest, I believe I was more drunk than what I thought. “Noona, can you walk?” He asked Gahee. “Of course!” She exclaimed and grabbed our purses. He stood with his back towards me. “Jump, I’ll carry you.” He said.

“Yay for piggybacks!” I laughed and jumped around before he crouched and I got on his back.

As he was carrying me, I laid my head on his shoulder. “I feel so safe when I’m with him.” I kissed his neck and fell asleep.

“Emi? Emi?” I could hear Soo Hyun Oppa calling my name.

“Yah! Emiah! Wake up!” Gahee shouted. He shushed her. “Sorry.” She whispered.

“Where are the keys?” I jumped off his back. “In my purse.” I yawned. “Why Americans don’t use digital locks?” Gahee asked, annoyed.

He finally opened the door. Gahee walked to the guest’s room without saying anything. I think she was too tired. He was standing near the front door. I walked towards him and I kissed him. I took off his jacket; As I was ing his shirt he stopped me. “What is it?” I asked. He took a very deep breath. “We’re not doing this… not like this.” I took a couple of steps away. “Why not?”

“You’re drunk…”

I interrupted him. “That has nothing to do with this. I want you.” I was a little bit shocked that he was refusing to spend the night with me.

He smirked. “You’re drunk and sad. You said he sent the papers a few days ago. If you still want to do this tomorrow when you’re sober, let’s do it.” He walked to Diego’s room, entered, and closed the door.

The next morning, I was doing the dishes. “Morning.” Oppa said.

“Hello.” I smiled to him. I was shocked, he had two bruises on his face. One on his cheek and the other on his eyebrow. “What happened to you?” I walked to where he was standing. He turned his back on me. “I had an issue with the filming of my movie.” I stood in front of him. I touched his face. “You should sue them!” I exclaimed.

“Occupational risks… remember?” He smiled.

I sighed and tried to smile. I grabbed my purse and said before heading to the front door: “I made breakfast for Gahee and you. I’m sorry about yesterday. Thanks for stopping me.” I got the courage and I looked at him. “I promised myself that I won't hurt you anymore. I love you, you know that…”

“I also know you love him more.” He interrupted me.

“Anyways, what I’m trying to say is: I don’t want to lose you. I feel like if we ever get back together, I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that it won’t end well and we’ll have to go separate ways. I don’t want that; you’ve become too important to me. You’ve been here with me helping me to get back to life after all what happened. Although, you’ve tried to deny it, I know you’ve refused to do any dramas or more movies because if you commit to a new project, you won’t be able to come to San Francisco as often. I’m very grateful towards you, Oppa.” We both smiled to each other.


Two weeks later, I was in a meeting with Eli, he’s Travelfy’s President and with Jia she’s Dramafy’s President. I was presenting to them the schedule of projects and developments for Fy Group this new year.

“So Fy Group is developing a new company?” Jia asked.

I nodded. “It’s a food delivery service app. I’m targeting Europe to start this new project. I think it’ll be based in London or Paris, but I’m not sure yet.” 

“Emi, I think Paris would be great. We need to strengthen Travelfy’s Europe market share. If we manage to capture it, we’ll become the 2nd largest travel company in the world. Besides, food and Paris go very well together.” Eli said while typing.

“Agreed.” I said and looked towards the slide projecting on the wall.

“Sajangnim, I’m a little bit confused. I can understand you’re focusing on Travelfy and on the new company this year, but I don’t see a lot of development regarding Dramafy, in fact the last project you scheduled for the company is in mid-June.” I haven’t told them that I’m selling it. “Jia…”

“…It’s not that I want more budget, it’s just that we’re so close of getting the 1st place that I thought this year we’d be able to achieve it.”

Don’t try to soften the blow, just say it. “I’m selling Dramafy.” I blurted.

They both stared at me with a confused expression on their faces. “What are you talking about?” Eli asked. “Sajangnim!” Jia exclaimed, dumbfounded.

I tried to explain without telling them the real reason of my decision. “Emi, I think this is a mistake. Dramafy is an amazing company. The growth rate it’s ridiculous!”

I know Eli is right. Selling Dramafy, financially, it’s a dumb decision.

Jia closed her eyes. “Is it because of what happened between Soo Hyunssi, G-Dragonssi, and you?”

I had my eyes wide-opened.

“What’s that?” Eli asked. He joined Travelfy in mid-2016, so he knows nothing about it. They started gossiping like if I wasn’t there.

Jia whispered: “She dated two of the most famous Asian men. It was quite the scandal.” Eli opened his mouth, looked at me and then at her. “Are they handsome?”  She took her phone out and showed him the pictures. “Wow! I don’t know who I like!” Fan mode . “Who is this?” He asked and showed Jia the photo. “That’s Kim Soo Hyun.”

“I like him. He’s like the good boyfriend you present to your parents.” Eli excitedly said.

“I know, right?” Jia smiled.

“And this is…”

She sighed. “That’s G-Dragon.”

“Wow! I need to date someone as him…” He continued looking through the photos. “Sweet Jesus! That smile!” He looked at me. “Is his smile for real?”

 I cleared my throat and shook my head. “Can we focus, now?”

Jia put her phone away. “Sorry, Sajagnim.” Eli nervously smiled. “Consider this our meeting break. Let’s continue.” I smirked.

A couple of hours later, we were about to finish our meeting. “Please don’t tell anyone yet about Dramafy.” I looked at the both. They nodded.

“You’re traveling tomorrow to China?” Eli asked.

“Yes. I’ll spend a month in China trying to find the right buyer. If I don’t find it there, I’ll travel to Japan…”

“Sajangnim, if you don’t find a good buyer in Japan, are you going to Korea?” Jia asked this time.

“Nope. I’m not doing that. I’ll just head to Korea for one day and It’ll be to announce the new owner of the company…”

“Emi, doesn’t it make more sense to sell the company to a Korean? You probably know more Koreans than Chinese or Japanese…”

“I’m not returning there.” I was getting a little bit annoyed.

Why should I return to Korea? My story with him was officially over when I signed those papers. He didn’t even have the courage to ask for the annulment in person. I think it’s obvious that we don’t have to meet anymore. I don’t want to give destiny a chance to keep playing with my life. I’m even taking a big risk by going to Japan and look there for a buyer. The probabilities of meeting him in Japan are low since I don’t know the country very well, but the probabilities of meeting him in Korea are certain. We go to the same places and we live in the same complex, it’ll be just a matter of time to meet him and that’s something I really don’t want.

I was preparing to leave my office when Diego entered. “What are you doing here?” I smiled.

He looked at me very serious. “Is it true that you’re returning to Asia?”

I nodded and closed my laptop.

“Do you really need to go?” He asked.

“Of course I do! You know I’m selling the company. I need to know who will buy it and if he or she is worth of having it.”

“Why can’t you make conference or video calls.” I could hear the worriedness in his words.

“You know businesses aren’t done like that! This is a transaction of millions of dollars. Who in his right mind would buy a company through phone calls?” 

I can understand Diego’s worriedness, but I think he forgets that the last person in this world that wants to meet him again is me. I exited the office, he was following me.

“You’re risking everything you’ve accomplished all this past year for money?” He was mad.

“Come on! You know me better than that. It’s not due to the money! It’s for my team…”

“Yeah, keep saying that to yourself over and over again. Maybe that way it’ll become true.”  He sarcastically said.

“Why are you being so hurtful?” I asked.

“I DON’T WANT HIM TO HURT YOU AGAIN!” He shouted. I could see the desperation in Diego’s eyes. He started crying, I hugged him. “Noona, please don’t go. You know he travels very often between China, Japan, and Korea. I’m sure you’ll meet him there. Please don’t go. Keep the company and just keep moving forward.”

Only now I could understand how much Diego has been hurt because of what’ve happened to me. I know we only have each other, but due to all the drama in my life, I didn’t notice the moment he became a man.

“Di. Please, don’t worry. I’m taking every precaution so I don’t have to meet him again. I’m making a dumb decision already by selling Dramafy, but I know this is something I need to do. If I keep this company I will always have an excuse to return, there. If I sell it right now… this ends here.” He pulled out of my hug.

“What happens if you meet him?”

I looked away. “Nothing will happen.” I paused. “It’ll be a very ed up fate if we ever meet again.”

“Did you just swear?” He mockingly asked.

“Yah!” We both laughed.


I just had to stay one week in Shanghai to know that I’m never selling my company to a Chinese. After meeting, at least 20 possible buyers I noticed I was looking in the wrong place... So, I headed to Japan.

I’ve been in Japan two weeks; I have met a couple of potential buyers. I think Japanese and Koreans are very similar, since the both like to talk about businesses during parties. Which if you know me, I love… not.

I was in a cocktail party thrown by Forbes Japan, speaking with Daiki Mori, son of one of the richest men in Japan.  We were getting along well. We were laughing and talking on how important technology has become in our lives.

He suddenly smiled at someone, I looked at his same direction. A girl was intently looking at me while walking towards us. As she reached us, Daiki greeted her and then introduced her to me: “CEO Haro have you met Komatsu Nana-chan?”

“What were the odds of meeting her? Really, destiny? Couldn’t you avoid me this awkward moment of realizing how much younger and how much beautiful she is?”  

I slightly smiled. “I haven’t had the pleasure.” I managed to say and had a sip of champagne.

We bowed to each other. Daiki had to take a call and walked some steps away from us. “I’m not staying alone with her.”

“Excuse me.” I said and tried to walk away.

“It’s such a pleasure to finally meet you, Emi.”

I stared at her. She was standing with such grace and elegance that it made me feel much worst. “Are you interested in money?”

“Bravo Emi! What a brilliant question!” I wanted to punch myself for asking such a stupid question.

“Your Japanese is really good! Ji told me you were studying it but…”

I stopped listening the moment she mentioned his name. “Ji?” The rumors must be true; they’re dating, otherwise he wouldn’t have told her about me. I needed to stop this surreal conversation.

I interrupted her monologue. “I need to leave.” I said.

She got close to me and whispered: “Why did you sign the papers without speaking to him?”

My heart started racing. “I won’t discuss that you with you.”

She smirked. “So, it’s okay with you if he and I…”

“Let’s stop this conversation.” I was shaken.

“So, you don’t mind if I’m involved with the man that was yours?”

I accidentally dropped the glass I was holding. Everyone stared at me. “Are you okay?” Nana asked. The waiters ran towards us and started picking the broken pieces. I didn’t answer, I was so rattled that I had to walk away without looking back.

I was walking through a hallway. “Emi?” Someone asked, I know this voice. I turned to look. SeungRi and Daesung were heading towards me. “Wah! You look more beautiful now!” SeungRi exclaimed.

“Did my heart stopped?” I thought.

“It’s so good to see you, hyeongsunim… I mean, Emi.” Daesung said.

“Is he here?" I asked as my lungs were expanding trying to get some air.

They looked at each other.


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