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Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

I lighted a cigarette and stood in front of the window. I looked at the bed, she was sleeping. After I finished smoking and I was getting dressed, she asked: “Can we meet again?”

 I was buttoning my shirt. “No.” I honestly replied.

“Why not?” She asked, stunned.

I looked at her. “You knew very well what this was. I don’t want to see you again.” I grabbed my blazer and started walking to the door.

“You’re an !” She exclaimed.

“Yes, I know.” I said before closing the door.


I entered my apartment, Nan Gook peeked out. “Where have you been?”

“I was having fun.” I said and walked towards him.

“Having fun till 6:00 AM?” He asked while looking at his watch. He then looked at me, I smirked. “Again?” He exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m tired. Can you nag after I sleep?”

I was about to enter my room when he said: “You have a schedule today… Infinite Challenge, Muhan Company Special… remember?”

I sighed. “Great!” I exclaimed, sarcastically.

“Your mom has called several times. She wants to speak with you.”

I took off my shirt. “No.” I said before closing the door of my room. Every time I speak with mom it’s about the same thing: Getting back together with her.  I can’t tell her that she’s having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. I’m getting tired of this, why do I have to lie for her? This is ridiculous! Why do I feel like I need to protect her when she clearly doesn’t care what anybody thinks?

I exited the bedroom after spending a very needed time in the sauna. I had to shuck off all the alcohol I had yesterday. “Where is the script?” I asked as I put my sunglasses on. Nan Gook cleared his throat. “It’s in the car.”

“Let’s go.” I said and placed my right hand inside my pants’ pocket.

Nan Gook opened the door of my Rolls Royce Phantom. I saw the empty driver’s seat. “Are you driving?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yep.” He replied.

“Forget it. I’d rather do it myself!” The last time Nan Gook drove one of my cars, my Bentley ended in a visit with the mechanic.

“If you drive, you won’t have time to study this amazing script.” He said before handing me something that looked like an encyclopedia.  I immediately grabbed it and entered the car. I started reading it. “What the… the heck… what the is this?” I asked totally shocked. This script is no joke! “Undo this! I’m not acting in this! Hyung this is a real ing movie!”

Nan Gook looked at me through the driving mirror. “Nana said you would do this once you read the script.” He handed me his phone. “Is ringing.” I didn’t know what to do, so I just grabbed it.  

“Hello?” I asked.

“You will do it.” Nana said.

 “The you’re talking about?” I was overwhelmed. I’ve never acted before… and although this maybe a variety program, this isn’t funny… This is a real movie.

“This is phase two of bringing you back to life.” 

“No, forget it! I’m not doing it.” I even was shaking my head.

“The last time we saw each other, you said you wanted to live life like if there was no tomorrow. Think this, if you die today and you do this, you’ll leave a great memory for your fans.” She paused. “Who am I kidding, you’ll be a joke, but you’ll be dead, so you won’t know that.”  She started laughing.

“Yah!” I shouted.

“I’m sorry! You know I’m kidding. Stop thinking about what you don’t want to do and start thinking about what you can do to pull you out of your comfort zone.”

 I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and leaned on the seat. “I wish hadn’t…”

“No, no, no… I don’t want to hear your self-pity. You will do this, understood?”

“Ok.” I sighed.

“Cool! See you tonight!” She said and hung up.

 Nana has become my best friend. Even though she’s much younger than I am, she’s a good listener and she’s very mature for her age. When I’m with her I can speak about anything and she’ll always know what to say. We meet now and then, when I travel to Japan, which lately I’ve been doing it very often. For a change, she’s coming to Seoul, but she has made it clear that it’s not to see me but for a photoshoot. I know you’re dying to know, so I’ll put your little head to rest. No, we haven’t been together and we’re not romantically interested in one another. We’re just truly, very good friends.


We arrived at MBC. I met with the Director and soon after we started with the filming. “This is a ing joke!” I thought as the Director told me the A-List actors that have been cast for cameos. “What I’m doing here?” I asked and nervously laughed. I still was in denial. 

“You’ll do well!” The Director tried to reassured me once again.

“Well done!” The Director praised me after filming my first scene. Everyone else started clapping. “Kill me now!” I thought.

Various scenes filmed later, I was sitting on what it appeared to be a dining area. The Director crouched next to me. “Did you watch the movie “The Veteran”?”


“So, this last line: “It’ ridiculous!” It should be done like Yoo Ah In’s famous line: “I’ll be damned!””

“How? Can you show me?” I frowned.

“It’s ridiculous!” The Director said and did a weird looking expression.

“Yep! This will haunt me to the end of time!” I thought and laughed.


After I finished the filming for the day, I headed to Meca. I entered one of the clubs, I found SeungRi heading to the VIP room we rented. “What are you doing down here?” I asked.

“Oh! Hyung you’re here!” He exclaimed.

We both walked to the VIP room. I was telling him everything about “Muhan Company”. He was laughing non-stop. We entered the room. I quickly started scanning all the faces: Young Bae, Min Hyorin noona, TOP hyung, Daesung, Chaerin, Dara noona, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Young Kwang, Soo Joo noona, I saw an unfamiliar face, Red Velvet’s leader Bae Joo Hyun was here too. “Who invited her?” I thought. And then I finally saw Nana. I smiled as our eyes locked.

I quickly said hello to everyone.

“Have you met Joo Hyunie?” Daesung asked.

“Hi. How are you?” She said and flirtatiously smiled.

“Good!” I replied and headed directly to where Nana was standing.

“You made it.” I said.

“I did.” She winked and raised her glass. “Tell me all about it.” She asked before sipping the scotch.

She laughed so hard as I was telling her about what I had to endure today.

“Hey everyone!” She shouted. Everyone turned to look at her. “What are you doing?” I asked while grabbing her arm. “Let’s make toast.” She looked at me. “For Ji Yong who’s getting out of his comfort zone!” They all raised their glasses. “For Ji Yong!” They shouted at the same time.

 I smirked. “You love getting the attention.” I bit my bottom lip.

“The attention wasn’t for me. It was for you.” She said and sipped the scotch again.

I locked eyes with Joo Hyun. She was smiling seductively, I smirked. The reason for her been here tonight was clear. Nana turned to look at her. “So, that’s your victim for tonight?”

“It seems like.” I said and asked for another scotch to the waiter.

“Aren’t you tired of it?” She asked.

“Of what?” I asked her back. I knew what she was referring to, but I didn’t want to talk about it. She shook her head and smiled.

People did try to join our conversation but, since we both are cynical and sarcastic when we’re together they just can’t follow our pace and they just give up and move on.

As I was smoking a cigarette, I looked at Joo Hyun. “She’s a little bit tired.” I whispered.

Nana slightly turned her head and stared at her for a moment. “You should better do something, at this pace the only thing that she’ll want to do with you is sleep.”

I chuckled. I turned off the cigarette and drank my scotch in one sip. I walked a couple of steps, before turning around and asking: “See you tomorrow?”

She had a sad expression. “What is it?” I asked and walked towards her. She shortened the space between us. “Do you have to do this?” She was staring directly at my eyes.

“Oppa?” Joo Hyun asked. Nana closed her eyes and shook her head. “Go get her tiger.” She whispered before walking away.

The next morning, I was putting my shirt on. Joo Hyun was still in bed; she woke up while I was in the bathroom.

I was looking at her through the mirror. “Here it comes, the stupid question they must ask. 1… 2… 3…”

“Can we meet again?”

“I don’t think so.” I said as I was trying to fix my hair.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Because I don’t want to.” I grabbed my wallet which was on top of the desk.

“You knew very well what this was and to be honest I don’t want to see you again... like this.” I walked to the door.

“Here it comes the 2nd phrase I love to hear.”

“You’re an !”

I laughed. “Funny, that’s what SeolHyun said to me a couple of days ago.” I opened the door and left.



Five months later, I was in the same club, heading to the same VIP room, excited to see Nana. “FXXK IT it’s such a hit!” Lee Soo Hyuk exclaimed as I entered the room. I smiled and tapped his shoulder. The room was filled with the same people, but this time instead of Joo Hyun, Yong Sun(Solar) was here. 

“Uri Ji Yongie is here!” Soo Joo noona shouted. I hugged her while still trying to find Nana. “She’s not here yet.”

“Why not?” I quickly asked. She raised her shoulders and leaned her head to the right side. I took my phone out. I didn’t have any reception. I raised my phone to see if I could get any. “I’m going out.” I said before leaving the room. I walked out of the club, I was standing in one of Meca’s hallway, trying to text Nana.

“Ji Yongie!” Someone exclaimed. I looked at him. It was Sean Hyung. “Hi hyung.” I greeted him and looked again at my phone.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m in the club with some friends.” I replied without raising my head.

“I should leave.” Someone whispered. The voice seemed familiar. “Please don’t be who I think it is!”

I looked at him. Here he was! This ing was standing in front of me. “Ji Yongie have you met Soo Hyunie?” Sean asked.

My blood was boiling, I clenched my fist, which started to tremble due to the anger. “If this er dares to speak I will lose it completely.”

He looked at Sean Hyung. “I do know him.” I lost it. I jumped on top him, we both fell to the ground he was beneath me, I was hitting his face repeatedly. “I WILL ING KILL YOU!” I shouted. He jabbed me. I fell to the back, he got on top of me, before he could jab me again, I stopped his fist. I was about to punch him when someone grabbed him. I quickly stood up. Someone grabbed me too. “Let me go! I’m going to ing kill him!” I shouted again. They took him away. Seeing him bleeding gave me a lot of pleasure. Suddenly, Nana stood in front of me. The moment I saw her, I stopped struggling to be released.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked, she looked frightened. I grabbed her hand and we left.


We arrived at my apartment. I laid on the sofa, she sat on the edge next to me. “He hit your cheek.” She said while fondling my face. She stood up and walked to the kitchen.

She sat again and placed an ice cube on my cheek. After the ice cube melted, she said: “You need to rest.” She was about to stand up when I pulled her close to me.

“I’m not doing this.” She whispered.

“Why not?” I whispered back. I could feel her breathing.

“You perfectly know why.” She softly said. I let her go. She got near again, ours lips were about to touch. She suddenly stood up and before leaving she seductively said: “If you want me, get a divorce and I’ll be completely yours.”


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Lilylor 0 points #1
Chapter 69: Why?!?! Why can't they just live peaceful for once. Always arguing for no reason. I'm happy jiyong finally understand that he was at wrong too and it wasn't just emi. But I really do hope that emi tells him she's pregnant instead of him finding out from gahee because jiyong would be soo mad.
lizharuharu 0 points #2
Chapter 69: I have feeling I know what is going to happen and I feel sad if it's going to end the ways I think it's going to happen. :(
mikkydragon 0 points #3
Chapter 68: update soon..........
lizharuharu #4
So surprisingly I found a song that describes GD and Emi's relationship. It's Eminem ft Rihanna Love the way you lie. It just reminded me so much of This story idk if you heard of the song or not but I hope you listen to it cuz it's kinda creepy how much that song sounds like this story.
lizharuharu #5
Well Ji you deserve this, I still hate Emi but not as much as I did before. I do hope that they work things out like even if they get divorced I still hope they work things out. My heart goes out to Seungri though he did what not many could do. Also I kinda want Bigbang to gang up on Ji and tell him that he messed up well more so I want Taeyang to tell him.
Tingster77 #6
Chapter 68: Stay strong Emi! Ji Yong has to come through. Especially now with number two on the way!
Lilylor #7
Chapter 67: Omg!?!?! This is frustrating me like can't they just be happy for once.. I swear they're only happy for one minute and the next they are at each others throat like come on now... I'm sorry to say this but I hate where this is going. I really do....
Tingster77 #8
Chapter 67: Nooooooooooooooo don't go there! Not the maknae! Talk through your problems Emi!
lizharuharu #9
Chapter 67: I called it haha gosh maybe this will wake both of them up. Anyway sorry for getting carried away on my last comment I was in a crappy mood sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Heymama #10
Chapter 67: Maknae ...woohooo!