Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV

“She just took a plane to Seoul.” Taehyun said.

I was standing, facing the window of my hotel room. I wasn’t sure on how to take this… all of this. She’s pregnant and it’s pretty obvious that it’s not my child. I haven’t spoken with her but its not difficult to guess who the father is. Just when I thought everything was going my way. We were happy, we were finally behaving as a couple and we were finally making memories together.

“What are you going to do?” Taehyun asked again.

I looked at him; I couldn’t find the words. I didn’t even know what to think. I was still feeling numb after learning about Emilia’s pregnancy.

“Soo Hyunie?”

I was staring at the wall.

“Soo Hyunie?” He grabbed my shoulders and shook me off.

“Yes?” I finally said.

“I’m getting very worried. What do you want to do?”

“About what?” I asked. I know it was a dumb question but I just couldn’t think straight.

Taehyun sighed. He took his phone out from his pocket and walked away. “Where’s Bae Sajangnim?” He asked to someone on the phone.

I quickly run to where he was, took his phone and ended the call.

“It worked! You finally came to your senses!” He exclaimed.

“Hyung… I… ” I couldn’t continue speaking. Taehyun was looking at me with a worried expression again. For the first time in my life I didn’t know what to do.

After some minutes Taehyun finally said: “We’re leaving to Korea right now. You’ll speak with CEO Haro and figure this out… Araso?”

I looked at him dumbfounded. After a while, I finally nodded.


A 10-hour flight didn’t help me to ease my worriedness.  After the landing I headed directly to Galleria Foret, I walked to Emi’s apartment.

“What will Emi would want to do now that she’s pregnant? Will she get back with G-Dragon? Will she leave Korea and just toss me like a piece of useless garbage.” 

I was about to get into the elevator when Taehyun reached me.

“Soo Hyunah!” He exclaimed. 

I turned to look at him. “What?” I asked.

He was trying to catch his breath. “What?” I asked again, I was getting annoyed.

“CEO Haro called me!” He finally answered.

I was shocked; I had my eyes wide opened. Taehyun was pointing with his finger to the left pocket of my jeans.

I quickly took my phone out and notice it was in airplane mode. I looked at Taehyun again. “What did she say?” My heart started beating fast.

“She wants to see you, she’s not here right now. When she gets back she will head directly to your apartment. She says she needs to tells you something very important.”

“Something very important? She obviously wants to end our relationship. I’m sure she’s getting back with him. I’ve never been insecure, but her pregnancy changes everything.”

A couple of hours later, I was sitting in the living room. Taehyun was standing in a corner just checking on me.

“Hyung, you should go home.” I said without raising my head.

“Nope.” He mumbled.

I was going to insist, when the doorbell rang. My heart dropped.

Taehyun opened the door and left. “Oppa.” She said with a very soft voice

I looked at her and stood up. She was looking down.

“Don’t make this more difficult. Just accept everything in the most dignify way.”

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She didn’t answer; she still had her head down.

“Emi, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault; no one is to blame. I know this changes everything.” I was trying to think what to say next to comfort her when she suddenly looked at me.

“I’m so sorry Oppa. This is all my fault.” She said as her tears started pouring out.

I tried to smile. “I don’t think so. You love him…”

She interrupted him. “I don’t know who is the father!” She blurted.

I froze. “What is she talking about?”

She could see I was dumbfounded. “When was the first time we were together?”

I frowned. “Two weeks ago.” I quickly answered.

She shook her head.

“What the heck is going on?”

She took a deep breath. “Remember when we drank and went to that karaoke, six weeks ago?”

I immediately started going through my memories, recalling everything that happened.

“What’s the last thing you remember about that night?” She asked again.

I turned towards the balcony, I could feel my eyes moving and blinking very fast. “Me exiting the elevator. Seeing you as the doors clo…” I was wrong; the memories of everything that happened that night came back to me.

Seconds later after the doors closed, Emi opened them again and jumped into my arms. We kissed like if there was no tomorrow. We entered my apartment and had in the entry hallway. It was nothing to be proud of, it wasn’t romantic or passionate… it was just .

“I…” Again I was speechless.

“I’m so sorry Oppa. I don’t know what happened to me. I’m not this kind of person.” She said while sobbing.

I turned to look at her. She was wrong; it wasn’t her fault. The both of us were to blame that night. Maybe if someone is to blame for that night, it’s me; I made her drink… I was so drunk that I didn’t know what I was doing and I wasn’t conscious enough to stop what happened.

I walked towards her and hugged her. “Oppa I’m so sorry.” She said while crying.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry everything will be okay.”

I know I’m lying to her. Everything is a complete mess and it’ll just get worst. But she doesn’t need to know.

“I will protect you.” I said as she kept pouring her eyes out.



Emi Haro POV

Days later after speaking with Soo Hyun Oppa, I was in my office. He took everything so well, that it has helped to have some kind of peace. He amazes me more and more every time I get to know him better. He’s really a good man.

Gahee entered my office. “Did you finally speak with him?” She asked.

I’ve been postponing my talk with Ji Yong. I know he knows I’m in Seoul. I’m surprised that he hasn’t made any attempt of speaking with me yet.

“No, Unnie.”

 “What are you waiting for?” She whimpered.

“What if just Soo Hyun Oppa takes the paternity test?” I asked. I didn’t want to speak about this with Ji Yong. Yes! I’m a coward. I’ll not be able to handle his disappointment when he learns everything.

“Yaah!! Emiah!! That’s what I’ve been saying for days now! Let’s just handle this as soon as possible. I’ll fix everything for Soo Hyunie and you. The both of you will have to travel to Sweden, Mark will take care of everything.”

Mark is Gahee’s boyfriend. He was her teacher and they’ve been in a relationship for a year now. They’re very happy; the only issue is that Mark is married.

This is one of the cards that Lee BoNa is using to blackmail me.

Gahee continued: “And don’t worry the baby will be fine. It’s an invasive procedure but Mark will take good care of the both of you.” She winked.

I wish I didn’t have to do this. But it’ll be a little bit too reckless to wait for the child to be born. If it’s not Soo Hyun Oppa’s child, I’ll have to leave him. I know it’ll be quite a scandal if he’s the father since we’re not married. But I can’t imagine what will happen if he’s not and I’m still in a relationship with him.


That afternoon, I was working in the new strategies of market expansion for Travelfy when suddenly Ari entered my office.

I started typing again and exclaimed: “Ari! I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed.”

“Sajangnim, I’m so sorry to bother you. But Taeyang’s manager is outside and is requesting to speak with you.” She said.

I quickly looked at her. “What?”

“Yes, sajangnim. His manager is outside.”

“Let him in.”

“Why would his manager come here to speak with me? Specially here… in my office.” I said to myself. “Could this be about Ji Yong?”

He entered and bowed. I bowed too.

“Thank you Ari. Please close the door.”

“Have you been doing well CEO Haro?” He said.

“Yes, thank you. Is something wrong?” I didn’t hesitate to ask.

He doubted for some seconds to answer. “Ji Yong knows that you’re pregnant.” He said without looking at me.

“Yes, I know… Does he wants to speak with me?” I asked.

He looked at me and then looked down again. “No, CEO Haro. He wants to take a paternity test to see if the child is his. But he has made it very clear that he doesn’t want to see you.”

I was shocked. Yes! I was shocked. I know I’ve not behave well with him. I know he may be mad at me for leaving without an explanation, for not speaking with him after what happened at K-Con, but this is a little bit too much.

“I understand. Dr. Ji Gahee will get in touch with him.” I said.

“Thank you CEO Haro. Please tell the Doctor to get in touch with me and I’ll tell Ji Yong everything he needs to know.” He handed me his card. I nodded.

I still was shocked. “Does he really think I was sleeping with the both of them at the same time? What happened with Soo Hyun that night was an accident. We even didn’t remember it.


That night I headed to Meca. I was going to have dinner with Soo Hyun. As I was walking through a hallway, I saw him, walking by himself towards my direction. My legs started shaking, I couldn’t stop looking at him. We locked eyes for a couple of seconds before he looked away. I was surprised once again. He passed me by; I was so surprised that I called him. “Ji Yong.”

He stopped. “I don’t want to speak with you.” He didn’t turn to look at me.

“But I do want to speak with you.” I bravely said.

I hated that he would treat me this way.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me inside a karaoke room. He kissed me… aggressively, for a moment, just for a moment, I replied to his kiss before coming to my senses and pushing him away from me. “What do you think you’re doing?” I asked.

“So you just cheat on your long-boyfriend only when you want to?” He cynically asked back.

“What are you talking about?” I didn’t know how to react.

“I’m leaving, before I explode and this ends badly.”

I grabbed his arm and made him look at me. “You’re wrong, we…”

“I don’t want to hear you.” He said and started walking towards the door.

I ran and stood in front of the door. “You’re not leaving until you hear me out…”

“Please, I really can’t do this.” He said while scratching his forehead and closing his eyes.

“What happened between Soo Hyun and I…”

“You ed him a day before... and the next day you ed me!” He shouted.

His shout made me jump. I stared at him, shocked. He has never shout to me before. I didn’t know what was more shocking, that he screamed at me for the first time or that he knows everything.

“It’s not…”

He took a deep breath and then interrupted me. “I saw the footage of Galleria Foret’s hallway… I thought you were different. But you proved me wrong.” He dismissively waved his hand. “Move.” 

I moved, I was breathing heavily.

“I really hope I’m not the father, that way I’ll never have to see you again.”


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Chapter 70: Awhh I hope all the comment we gave you didn't hurt you. Cuz I swear I didn't mean too. I swear! I don't know about the others but I don't hate you, I actually love you haha no homo but fr. You write such great stories and you have such great plots that gets too me. And I hope that my comments wasn't meant to hurt your feeling because I seriously loved this story. Like literally I died. I always check my aff to see you you updated yet because even thoe the plots get to me I still love this story. Idk about other people but your great! And I really do hope you write another OC. Even though it's not now but in the future. Lol just don't make me wait to long. But besides that OMG I seriously thought emi died.... ugh such a good story. Now what am I gonna read. I've been always waiting patiently for your story and now it's done what am I gonna read. Lol but I hope you don't let the comments bring you down because your skills in writing is the best!!! Fighting!!!
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Chapter 70: One of my first Gdragon fanfics and one that never fails to make me happy to see an update status. M sad to see it complete but glad that Ji Yong and Emi had their HEA. Look forward to more of your works. See you at The Silver Throne!
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Chapter 69: Why?!?! Why can't they just live peaceful for once. Always arguing for no reason. I'm happy jiyong finally understand that he was at wrong too and it wasn't just emi. But I really do hope that emi tells him she's pregnant instead of him finding out from gahee because jiyong would be soo mad.
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