Seven Minutes

Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

I called Gahee immediately. “Hello?” She answered.

“Unnie, I have something to ask you.” I shyly replied and sat on the corner of the bed.

What is it?” She asked.

“Is it possible that I could be pregnant?” I whispered.

She didn’t answer. “Unnie, are you there?”

“Uuhh… Aren’t you taking precautions with Soo Hyun?” She was confused.

Soo Hyun and I started been intimate two weeks ago. Our relationship is not an act anymore. We agreed that we would try, that we would date for real, and see where this would take us.

“Yep! We’re taking precautions but… I’ve been having morning sickness for the past two weeks, I feel dizzy now and then, and I…”

Gahee interrupted me. “Emi, you’ve been feeling all this for months now. Your cyst is becoming a real problem, that’s why we’re removing it next week. Remember you should do the tests before I arrived. Araso?”

“I’m also having a lot of cravings. I hate the food that I used to love. I can’t eat tteokbokki anymore…”

“It’s too soon for you to be experiencing all this, Soo Hyun and you just started to be intimate, so it would be a shocker that he got you pregnant this fast and it would be more weird that you’re experiencing all these symptoms already. The last time I checked you, which was two months ago, you weren’t pregnant. As far as I know, Ji and you haven’t been together either… unless you’ve been hiding something from me… Have you?”

I haven’t told her about my last encounter with Ji Yong. 

“The last time I was with Ji Yong was six weeks ago.” I blurted.

“WHAT?” She shouted. “Tell me you used protection.”

I sighed. I placed my elbow on my knee and grabbed my forehead. “Nope.” I whispered. I was so ashamed of myself.

“Emilia! Since when are you this reckless?” She shouted again.

“He bewitched me. You know that.” I tried to excuse myself.

“Huh!” She gasped. “Go to the drugstore and take a pregnancy test right now. Do you know what will happen if you’re carrying Ji Yong’s child while you’re dating Soo Hyun?” She asked with a judging voice.

“I know.” I replied.


I hung up and ran to the drugstore, which was five blocks away. They only had one pregnancy test; I wanted to buy at least five… you know, just to be sure. But apparently one will have to do.

I walked back to the house.  “Please be negative. Please be negative. Please be negative. Please be negative. Please be negative. Please be negative.” I kept begging.

As I waited for the result to show, I was walking back and forth, still begging for it to be negative.

I called Gahee back before seeing the result.

“So?” She eagerly asked.

My heart was racing; I grabbed the test and saw it. With a big smile on my face, I shouted: “NEGATIVE!”

Gahee sighed relieved. “Great! What does the other one say?”

“I… They just had one box left. I just took one.”

“Well, I would feel more secure if you had taken at least two tests. We’ll do an extra test next week… just to rule out a false negative.” She said.

“Yep, unnie.” I was feeling a lot better.

“By the way, are you still having those weird dreams about Soo Hyun and you?” She asked with a mocking tone.

I laughed. “Now and then.”

“You ! addict! You’re so weird!” She exclaimed while laughing.

The truth is that after our karaoke night, I kept dreaming about the both of us having a wild night. Gahee said that I wanted him so bad, that the dreams would only stop after I had with him. We’ve had , but I still dream about it. It’s so weird.

“Are you eating?” I asked. I could hear her chewing something.


“What are you having?”

“You’re going to die when I tell you. I’m having one of your favorites… a truffle pizza.”

Truffles have a powerful flavor, you either love it or you hate it. I used to love it, but apparently not anymore. I gagged and ran to the bathroom to throw up.




Ji Yong POV

I heard the alarm clock. After snoozing it five times, I finally opened my eyes. I’m not a morning person, but five weeks ago I started a routine. I wake up everyday at 8:00 AM. I grabbed my phone and looked through the gossip websites, the news about the break up between BoNa and I surfaced a month ago. Finally, everything is quieting down.

I grabbed the curtains’ control and opened them. I stayed on the bed for a while contemplating the bright day. I washed my face and my teeth; I put my gym’s clothes and headed to the jogging park. I don’t usually exercise, but as I said before, I now follow a routine.

After jogging for one hour, I went back to my apartment; I prepared a protein shake and then took a shower. 

“Ji Yongie? Are you ready?” Nan Gook asked. He arrived while I was getting ready.

“Uuuh!” I replied while opening the bedroom’s door. “What are we doing first?” I smiled.

“You have an interview at MBC with the rest of the members.”

“Let’s go.”


As the van was waiting to enter the MBC building, I looked at a J.Estina billboard. I stared for a couple of seconds and then looked to the front. “I’m getting tired of this bright red hair.” I thought while looking at the top of my head on the driving mirror.

I entered the MBC’s dressing room. “Hyung you’re here!” Daesung exclaimed.

“What’s up?” I asked. “Good morning.” I said and bowed to the MBC’s employees.

TOP was getting his hair done. Young Bae was all ready; he was sitting on a couch while playing with his phone. SeungRi was flirting with the make up artist.

“We’ll start doing your makeup, Mr. G-Dragonssi.” A stylist said. I nodded.

The interview went very well. We had a lot of fun.

After the interview, we headed to SeungRi’s new apartment. He’s having a warm house party. He invited some other idols. SeungRi was showing us the apartment; he even hired an interior designer to help him.

“It’s horrible.” Daesung whispered. I punched him with my elbow on the ribs. “Yah! Ssshh!”

The thing about SeungRi, is that his taste is a little bit different from the rest of us… to say the least. TOP was trying to control his laughter.

“So, what do you guys think?” He asked us. Young Bae looked at me.

“It’s… It’s…”I made a long pause. “How should I say this?” “It’s… different.” I finally said. He smiled.

TOP couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing hysterically.  “It’s horrible!” He exclaimed in between laughs. Daesung started to laugh too. Young Bae was trying to hold it. I looked at SeungRi; he was shocked. Young Bae started laughing soon after.

SeungRi looked at me. “Why aren’t you laughing too? I know my taste is different… very different.” He said and smiled.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s so mature now. Some year ago, he would’ve asked us to leave.”

I hugged him and whispered. “You’re a grown up now.” He scratched his head and chuckled.

We headed to the living room. Daesung turned the TV on. “Kim Soo Hyunssi helped me to feel at ease during the photo-shoot. I’ve never done something like this before…”

“How the heck do you switch channels in this?” Daesung shouted; he was pushing every button on the control remote.

I looked at the TV and then stared at SeungRi. He was looking at me with a shock expression. “Who else is coming?” I calmly asked.

“I.. Well… I… think Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri. Kangin and Heechul. YuBin and Yeun. Mino. Min Hyorin noona. Chaelin and Dara noona.”

I nodded and smiled. “Cool. Very intimate.”

All the members appeared to be dumbfounded. “I need a glass of wine.” I said and walked to the kitchen. I was opening a bottle when Young Bae entered. He crossed his arms and leaned on the wall. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yep. All good!” I answered. I was pouring the wine in a glass. “Do you want some?” 

He nodded. “Ji Yongie, are you really okay? You haven’t talk with us about it… you haven’t even mentioned it…”

I interrupted him. “What happened… happened. What’s the use of talking about something that can’t be changed.” I walked towards him and handed him his glass. “Everything is okay… trust me.” I smiled and tapped his shoulder before walking back to the living room.


Hours later after the guests arrived, we were playing the most childish game ever invented: “seven minutes in heaven”.  If you don’t know the game, here it goes: a couple enters a bathroom or a small room and they do whatever they want for seven minutes. Needless to say, only the single people were playing. 

YuBin and SeungRi had been in there for five minutes. I was standing in a corner with my arms crossed. Taeyeon walked towards me. “Are you going to play?” She asked.

“I don’t think so.” I said and looked at her.

I was surprised; we usually don’t speak. Whenever we meet in shared events, she ignores me and I do the same. She’s quiet and more on the good girl side. She walked towards Tiffany and had a sip of wine.

“She kind of reminds me of… Nope! Not going to happen... I should leave before they make me play this thing.”

YuBin and SeungRi exited the bathroom laughing hysterically while holding hands.

I smirked and rolled my eyes. “This is so childish.”

I was about to leave when SeungRi exclaimed: “The next couple is…” He pulled two folded papers from a bag. TOP started mimicking a drum rolls sound. “TAEYEON and…” as he opened the other paper he looked at me. “JI YONG!”

“What the !!!” I thought. Everyone started laughing and shouting our names.

TOP and Daesung walked towards me. They started pushing me towards Taeyeon. “I can’t… I… really… I…” I couldn’t connect the words I wanted to say.

Soon after I was in front of Taeyeon; she was looking down while blushing. Tiffany was laughing very loud. Everyone was staring at us. “I can stay here standing like an idiot while everyone is looking at me or I can take her inside the bathroom.”

I chose the second option. I grabbed her hand and walked towards the bathroom. Everyone started whistling.

After I closed the door, I said: “Let’s pretend we kissed, I grabbed your , and that we were about to have when the seven minutes suddenly finished.”

“Do it.” She said with a daring voice.

I laughed. “What’s with you? Since when are you like this?”

She walked towards me; I was leaning on the door. She placed both of her hands on the wall with me in between. She raised her head towards mine.

“I’ve always liked you. But you’ve always been in a relationship or seeing someone whenever you and I have ever met.”

This took me by surprise. I’m really weird with who I date or with who I spend a good time. For some reason I’m more attracted to foreigners than to Koreans. But, something about Taeyeon has always made me feel curious about her.

“Are you single?” I asked. Having something with girls who are in a relationship is not in my nature.

“Do you think I’d be in here, with you, if it wasn’t like that?” She answered while getting closer.

I smirked. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed her against the wall while I kissed her. I grabbed her ; she was fondling my hair. She made me sit on the toilet; she sat on top of me. She slipped her hands inside my shirt. “You have a nice body.” She whispered and then started kissing my neck.

I fondled her waist, stomach and then grabbed her s. The alarm rang. We only had one more minute left. She stood up. We both were trying to control our breathing. I started tapping my face with the back of my hand. We didn’t say or do anything else. Seconds before the final alarm rang, I opened the door and exit first. I started saying goodbye to everyone.

I was closing the door of my Bentley when someone opened the passenger’s door.

I was shocked. “What are you doing here?” I asked.

She smiled. “I’m going with you… to your apartment.” She ily answered.

I shook my head. “If you don’t want anything in return, let’s go. If you’re looking for this to end in us having a relationship, get out of the car now, 'cause that won’t happen.” I looked at her.

“I like your honesty. I promise I’m not looking for anything more than having a good time. I’m tired of being a good girl; I want to live my life fully. I’ve want you since our debut days.”

I smiled after hearing her confession.

“You know that smile of yours is the downfall of many. Right?” She was intently looking at me.

I leaned towards her and made her wear the seatbelt. “You’re such a gentleman that it’s sickening!” She exclaimed and rolled her eyes.

I laughed and drove away.


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