Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

“Do you want to know the name of your fan group Sajangnim?” Ari proudly asked.

I looked at her. “Are you serious?”

She nodded. “Your fan group was established two days after the J.Estina Campaign was launched.”

 “What’s the name of the fan group?” I asked. I honestly was curious.

“The circle.” Ari replied.

I smiled. Koreans are very creative. My surname sounds similar to “Aro” which means a circle in Spanish.

“I can see you like it, Sajangnim.” We both laughed.

The PR Director­–Hana, entered my office. “Sajangnim, are you sure you’re not dating him?”

The J.Estina Ad garnered so much attention that there were rumors stating that Soo Hyun Oppa and I are dating. Dramafy’s campaign with Soo Hyun was launched yesterday, so it’s reviving the rumors again.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m not dating him! You ask the same question everyday. I didn’t date him yesterday, I’m not dating him today, and I’m sure I won’t date him tomorrow.”

“We’re getting calls every minute asking if you’re dating Soo Hyunssi. If I lie to the press and they find any proof of you dating him, our PR Team will lose credibility.”

I sighed. “I understand Hana, but believe me. I’m not dating him.”


After Ari and Hana left, I turned my chair towards the window. I was staring at the night sky thinking of him. It’s been a month since Bae Bae was released. I know he wrote it for me. I try to not be moved by it. He is still in a relationship and they still are very public. They’ve been caught in dates a couple of times.

I haven’t seen Ji Yong since the Chanel event. I do wonder what he wanted to say to me a month ago, but at this point I don’t think it matters.  I’m not going to events anymore so I don’t have to see him again. Besides, my life has been chaotic. Leo resigned as Travelfy’s President three weeks ago. I’ve been working 20 hours daily, trying to juggle both companies. Today I finally made the announcement of Travelfy’s new president. The media and the market are taking very well the new appointment.

“Sajangnim, Mr. Leo is here. He wants to meet you.” Ari said a little bit confused.

I didn’t have any hard feelings against Leo. But this took me by surprise. “Why would he be in Korea?”

“Let him in.” I said.

Leo entered; he was smiling.

I stood up and smiled back. “How’s your post-Travelfy life going?” I asked.

I sat on my chair; Leo sat in front of my desk.

He laughed. “I miss the team, but I miss you more.” He softly said.

I was a little bit dumbfounded. “What is he saying?” I thought.

I didn’t say anything. Soon after, he started confessing his feelings for me. I was feeling very uncomfortable.

I interrupted him. “Leo, I’m very honored. But I don’t feel the same way. I’m sure you will find someone…”

He stood up and turned his back on me. “I don’t want someone else.”

I also stood up.  “Leo, please.” I said. I never imagined that he had feelings for me. We always had a good relationship and he never showed any signs of this kind of feelings before.

He turned around. This time he was looking at me in a very frightening way. I was shocked and scared. He started walking towards me; I starting walking backwards.  “Do you only date Koreans?” He asked.

I didn’t answer. I reached the window wall; he was getting closer.  I looked at the phone; it was too far away. I looked at the door. “If I run I can probably reach it before he reaches me.” I thought.

I stared at him; he was about to grab me when someone opened the door. “What are you doing?”

I looked at the door; it was Soo Hyun. “Oppa!” I exclaimed relieved. I quickly walked towards him. Soo Hyun was serious, staring at Leo.

Leo smiled brightly. “I was just saying goodbye to Emi.” He lied. I hide behind Soo Hyun’s back.

As Leo passed us by, he said: “Goodbye Emi, I hope you have the life you deserve.”

I didn’t look at him. “Goodbye.” I whispered.

After Leo left, Soo Hyun turned to look at me. “Are you okay?” He asked. I nodded.

I was telling Soo Hyun what happened, he was laughing. “You really live in the moon! How is it possible that you didn’t know that he was in love with you.”

I punched his shoulder. “Yah! He wasn’t obvious about it.”

“Araso, Araso.”

“By the way Oppa, you coming to the office will just blow up the rumors out of proportion…”

“I was very careful of not been caught. Trust me.” We smiled to each other.

Seeing Soo Hyun now and then brings me some kind of joy. He’s very funny and when I’m with him, he helps me forget about the unhappy things about my life. He’s a real friend, someone I can count on.

I looked outside the window. “Do you remember when we went to eat tteokbokki to that small place in Banpo-dong?” I was craving spicy rice cakes a lot. He laughed and nodded.

“Can we go tonight?” I looked at him with puppy eyes. Soo Hyun looked at his watch; I stared at mine. 11:35 PM.

“It’s too early. We need to wait at least two more hours so we won’t be caught.” He said. 

I sighed and pouched. “Araso! Let’s wait.”

“Don’t act cute!” He said, annoyed and rolled his eyes.

We looked at each other and laughed.


Two hours later, we arrived at the tteokbokki restaurant. Soo Hyun knows the restaurant’s owner. He used to live some blocks from here when he was little.

The both of us were wearing hoodies, caps, and facemasks.

Soo Hyun took his facemask to greet the owner. “Hello Ajumma.” He happily said.

The ajumma looked at him and smiled. “Oh! You’re here.” She then looked at me. “You’re here again with the beautiful girl.” She whispered. I bowed and looked down.

“Go to the back. I’ll take the dishes right away.”

We entered the back room. Soo Hyun always eats here when he comes. At these hours there aren’t a lot of people out there, but he’s very careful of his image.

We were waiting for the tteokbokki. “When are you going to introduce me to Park Seo Joonssi?” I asked.

“Do you really want to meet him?” He frowned.


“Should I call him right now?” He grabbed his phone.

“Uuuhh!!” I exclaimed again.

He started dialing the number. I jumped out of my seat and run to stop him. “Oppa don’t do it!” I exclaimed. He started laughing and the phone started ringing.

Three rings later, Seo Joon answered: “What’s up, Soo Hyunie?” My mode fan . I was freaking out.

“Oh! Seo Joonie, I’m with a friend who’s a big fan of yours. She just blushed as she heard your voice.”

“Yah!” I shouted.

Seo Joon started laughing. “Hello, big fan. What’s your name?” He asked with a cheery tone.

 Soo Hyun tried to hand me his phone. I didn’t grab it. “She’s very shy! Her name is Emilia.”

“The J.Estina model? CEO Haro?” The tone of his voice changed.

“Yep!” Soo Hyun confirmed.

“Wow! It’s such a pleasure Miss Emiliassi, I’m a big fan.” He said.

I was overwhelmed. “The pleasure is all mine.” I dared to say.

“Wah! Your voice is so nice! We should meet soon. Soo Hyunie doesn’t stop talking about you.”

“Yaah!!” Soo Hyun exclaimed.

Seo Joon and I laughed.

Soon after we hang up, the tteokbokki arrived. I opened the pot.

“Waahh!! It looks super Yummy!” I served Soo Hyun’s portion first and then I started filling my bowl.

Soo Hyun was looking at me amazed. “Are you going to eat all of it?”

I nodded. “I’m dying to eat it.”

“Ok then!”

Needless to say, I devoured the entire bowl.

“It was delicious!” I happily said after swallowing the last bite.

“Your appetite has increased, you tteokbokki monster!”

I smiled. “I’ve been craving it all week long.” I confessed. He smiled back.


We were inside the restaurant waiting for our SUV to arrive. Soo Hyun was looking at his phone to see how much long we had to wait. It started raining.

“We’re getting wet.” I said with a cheery tone.

Soo Hyun pouched. “What’s with you and the rain?”

“I just love it!” I whispered.

Soo Hyun was annoyed. “What is it Oppa?” I asked.

“The SUV can’t make it here. We’ll have to run, is only two blocks.” He looked at me.

“Let’s go!” I put my facemask on and ran out of the restaurant.

“Yah! Wait for me!” He exclaimed.

Since I was running as fast as I could, I almost tripped. Soo Hyun grabbed my hand just in time. As we were running, my facemask fell to the ground. I was enjoying this so much that I didn’t even care. I like been with Soo Hyun, he’s the antidote to my constant pain. Whenever I’m with him, I can stop thinking about Ji Yong, at least for a while.


The next morning I woke up feeling amazing! I stretched and grabbed my phone. “Holly mother! Did the apocalypses started?”

I quickly sat down on the bed. I had 53 missed calls, +100 messages, and +70 e-mails.

I was alarmed. I quickly opened the last e-mail, it was a website link. I read the headline. “Kim Soo Hyun and Emilia Haro caught having a night date.”

There was a picture of Soo Hyun and I grabbing hands and running in the rain. My face was showing clearly, I was even smiling. 

I closed my eyes and touched my forehead. I don’t usually swear. “!” I shouted. “Hana is going to kill me!” 


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