Bae Bae

Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

Gahee was embracing me as I bawled my eyes out. I could feel my heart tearing apart. I’ve confessed to Gahee and Soo Hyun that I was having an affair with Ji Yong.

“I don’t want to be here!” I exclaimed in between tears.

Soo Hyun was standing in a corner with his arms crossed, looking down. He called Gahee before we reached my apartment. None of them was saying anything.

I’ve been crying for so long now but my tears don’t want to stop pouring out. After a while, Soo Hyun walked towards Gahee and I.

I pulled out of Gahee’s hug. Since we were siting on the couch, Soo Hyun crouched and tapped my hand.

“Emi, I know I may not understand what you’re feeling right now, but I can assure you everything will be alright.” He slightly smiled while we locked eyes. I could feel a kind serenity as I looked at him. Soo Hyun grabbed a tissue and started wiping my tears, my heart started racing. I took the tissue from his hand and wiped my own tears.

“I’m sorry, I know this maybe annoying for the both of you. I always take bad decisions regarding him.”

Gahee stood up.

“Don’t say it.” Soo Hyun asked with a worried expression.

“She needs to know. The sooner she faces this, the sooner she can start healing.” I had no idea what they were talking about. “I can understand why you did it, but this can’t happen again. I don’t know if you’ve thought about this, but he’ll have to marry BoNa now.” She softly said.

I locked eyes with Soo Hyun; he grabbed both of my hands and looked at me with a pity expression.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t even think about it. “Will MARRY! Ji Yong will MARRY her!  He’ll MARRY someone else.”  These words kept resounding in my head. He’ll be a father and he’ll marry her. Is this real? Is this kind of pain bearable?

For some reason this time I wasn’t crying, I was so shocked that I didn’t do anything.


Obviously, I wasn’t able to sleep. I arrived at the office feeling like hell. Ari was in the lobby waiting for me. “You don’t look well Sajangnim.” She worriedly said.

“I know.” As we were walking through the lobby I could hear a piece of Big Bang’s new song, it says something about a loser. “I need to leave Seoul as soon as possible.”

“Ari, buy me an airplane ticket for San Francisco.” I said.

She ran and stood in front of me. “You can’t Sajangnim, we’re in the most important part of our expansion project. If the Chinese investors learn that you’re not in Seoul, they will freak out.” She looked through her IPad. “You don’t have anything urgent in San Francisco. Did something happen with Travelfy?”

I shook my head. “Never mind.”  Ari and I entered the elevator. I was watching the ending of Big Bang’s “Loser” music video.

“So I’ll have to stay here. While Big Bang is having their comeback, I’ll have to see the scandal of his wedding, and I’ll…” I saw the J.Estina campaign. I didn’t even remember this was been launched today. The elevator was full with people. I heard some girls discussing the ad.

“She’s so beautiful. Who is she?” A girl asked.

“They look really good! Isn’t she the girl Soo Hyunssi has been mentioning as his ideal type?” They looked at each other and then saw the part of our interview.

“Wah!!! I think they like each other! She’s so cute.” The other girl said.

A man was looking at me, trying to figure out if I was the same woman from the ad. I turned my head to the other side. “And I’m officially Asia’s joke now!”

As we exit the elevator, my phone started ringing. “Hello, Oppa. How are you?”

“Hi, Emi… I need to tell you something.” Soo Hyun was serious. He was troubled.

“What is it, Oppa?” I asked.

He sighed. “I’m not sure if telling you this will do you good. But I think you should know. I heard from a good source that BoNa is not pregnant.” I hung up.

I was dumbfounded. As I entered the main office I walked directly to the cafeteria. I wanted something to drink so I could shake this feeling. I heard Ji Yong’s voice coming from the T.V. “I’m in love, I’m blind with love bae bae.”



Ji Yong POV

 I was surprised when I saw BoNa at the party. I was about to confront this for grabbing Emi’s hand when I saw her.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, annoyed.

She smirked. “Are you having an affair with CEO Haro?”

 “What affair? You and I are not in a relationship. So it’s not an affair.” 

“I’m pregnant.” She said.

I laughed, hysterically. “You’re not. We both know that.”

She looked angry. “It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, what matters is that Emilia believed it.” She smiled from ear to ear and started walking towards the door.

I closed my eyes. I knew that Emi would suffer because of this and I didn’t have a way of letting her know it’s not true. Big Bang’s comeback is scheduled for tomorrow, there’s no way I can escape from Nan Gook’s watch. I’m back to square one with Emi.


The next day I was in YGE, I was telling the members the failure of my meeting with Emi.

“BoNa has the worst timing ever!” Daesung exclaimed.

“I know.” I said.

Teddy hyung opened the door of my studio. “Ji Yongie, can you come and listen Ikon’s new song?”

“Yes, hyung.” I stood up and walked to his studio.

The song sounds good. I’m really proud of our maknae group; they’re working very hard to increase their popularity.

As I was walking to the kitchen to get a bottled water, I heard the cookers talking: “They look so good together!” A lady exclaimed.

“They’re probably dating in secret. Just see how they look at each other. What a beautiful couple.” Another one said.

What drama are they watching?” I thought. I was about to exit the kitchen area.

“What’s her name?”

“Who knows? Soo Hyunssi looks very handsome and with her by his side, it’s like seeing the perfect couple.”

I stopped walking. I’ve been so worried thinking about what BoNa muttered to Emi that I totally forgot about the ad. I ran back to the studio.  

As I entered, I saw the members looking at SeungRi’s phone. They were so into the video that they didn’t notice me.

I could hear Emi’s voice coming from the video. My heart started racing. I quietly walked towards them.

“Let’s not show this to Ji Yong Hyung.” SeungRi whispered.

“Are you dumb?” Young Bae whispered back.

“Just read the comments, it’s garnering too much attention. This will be everywhere.” Top said.

“Emi should be an actress, she acts very well.” Daesung said.

I was torn. Some part of me didn’t want to see it, but the other part was pushing me to watch it.

I sighed. “Let me see it.”

The members tried to diffuse the situation. “Oh hyung, you’re back!” SeungRi exclaimed.

“Let me see it, I know already. I need to see it.” I firmly said.

SeungRi handed me his phone. My hand started shaking as I saw the video starting.

After it ended. I threw the phone against the wall. Everyone was shocked. After a while, I said: “I’m sorry. I’ll buy you another phone right away.”

“Don’t worry hyung.” SeungRi whispered and tapped my shoulder.

“Are they dating?” Top dared to ask.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I’m almost sure they’re not dating.” Young Bae said.

“It’s just an ad, Emi is just a good actress.” Daesung added.

I laughed. “Emi can’t act. You can read her like a book. She likes him, but she doesn’t know it.” It hurt to say it, but it’s the truth.

“What can we do, hyung? Tell us what you need from us and we’ll do it.” SeungRi sat next to me.

“Now that the ad is everywhere there’s nothing we can do… Just wait.” I was staring blankly at the wall.

“Wait for what?” Daesung asked.

“Soo Hyun made his first move. He’s waiting for the media and his fans reaction. If everyone loves them as a couple, he’ll try to win Emi’s heart.”


A week later, I headed to Hyun Suk’s office.

“Yang Sajangnim is in a meeting with the Communications Director.” His personal assistant said.

I looked at him and opened the door anyway.

I walked inside. “Please, leave.” I said to the CD.

He stared at me dumbfounded and then looked at Hyun Suk. Hyun Suk pointed to the door. The CD left.

I know I was behaving very rude, but I didn’t have time to waste.

I walked towards the living area. “Do you remember what you said to me when I wanted to make public my relationship with Emi?” I calmly asked.

Hyun Suk sighed. “Ji Yong, I always think what’s best for you…”

“Do you remember or not?” I interrupted him.

He nodded.

Since he wasn’t going to repeat what he said, I did. “If you want her, you’ll have to throw your career away. Big Bang will be disbanded.”

He didn’t say anything.

I pulled my phone out of my jeans and started reading the comments very calmly: “They’re the perfect couple. Only a girl like her deserves to be with Soo Hyun. She’s amazing. They look so good together. I hope they are dating. It would be refreshing to see a Korean dating a westerner...”

Every time I read a comment, I could feel a thousand splinters. “I could go on, but I think I made my point clear. You can look through every website and you will see very few negative comments. This fictitious couple surpassed BoNa’s and my popularity today.” I sat on the couch, Hyun Suk was still siting on his chair.

“Ji Yong…”

“Oh! And by the way, KeyEast’s stock price rose 10% just due to the rumors. I wonder how much our stocks would’ve risen, if you’d listen to me and made the official statement.” I was angry, but for some reason I wasn’t shouting. 

“I know I made a mistake. I should’ve listen to you.” He said and walked towards the living area.

I shook my head. “The mistake was mine. I let you blackmail me…”

“I know that. What do you want to do?” He asked.

I wanted to be completely honest with him. “You asked why I was in a war with Kim Soo Hyun. Now you know the reason.”

He looked at me surprised.

I stood up. “I won’t let him take her. I won’t let you blackmail me again. I’m getting her back.”


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