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Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV

“Soo hyunie, are you ready?” Taehyun exclaimed after he entered the apartment.

“Uhh! I’m just finishing.” I replied while looking in the mirror and fixing my hair.

Taehyun entered my room, he leaned on the door’s frame and looked at me. “Waahh! You’re maybe the only actor who fixes his own hair before a major event.”

I knew he was mocking me, after I finished cleaning my hands with a hot towel; I throw it to him and said, “Hah! Hyung, you should be proud!  That shows I’m still a normal guy.”

He turned around and walked away, I followed him.

“Maybe it shows that I’m a terrible manager! Your coordinator is on vacations, and your stylists’ sister just had her baby and left you to fend for yourself.” Taehyun said as we entered the living room.

“And what was I supposed to tell Da-in noona? Oh! Congrats on your new nephew, but you need to finish my hair before leaving?” 

He turned around to look at me. “Uuhh! That’s exactly what you should’ve said. It wasn’t an emergency. The baby was already born.”

“Wahh! You really are despicable! Do you like the suit? I think I look fine, don’t I?” I slowly turn in a full circle with my arms extended.

Taehyun crossed his arms and looked at me. “Handsome, really handsome indeed.” He was just finishing the sentence when his cellphone started ringing.

“Yoboseyo… Uhh hyung! How are… what??... He’s really here?” He exclaimed before running to the window, he slightly moved the curtain to look outside. “Why is he here? Araso hyung… I’ll call you later… thanks.”

He turned around to look at me and said with fear: “Soo Hyunie, Bae Yong-Joon Sajangnim, is here… his coming in here to see you, his personal assistant just called me.”

I looked around. Everything was clean and in place… after all I still was living in the agency’s apartment and I had to take good care of it.

“Don’t worry hyung, everything is clean, I’m ready for the event. Although, I don’t understand why he’s coming to see me.” I calmly said.

The doorbell rang. Taehyun ran like he was running for his life to get the door. He opened it; Bae Yong-Joon Sajangnim entered.

“Oh! You’re here Taehyunah.” He said as he took his shoes off.

“Good morning Sajangnim!” Taehyun screamed and bowed.

“You’re really a noisy fellow. You probably woke up the whole building.”

He entered the living room. I bowed and said, “Sajangnim, How are you?” He looked at me with a smile.

“Taehyunah, wait outside.”

“Yes, Sajangnim.” Taehyun bowed again and left the apartment.

Yong-Joon Sajangnim walked to the sofa and sat down.

“I see you’re ready for the breakfast at the Blue house.” He said while pointing with his hand the couch for me to sit.

“Yes, hyung.” I sat down with my hands on my knees. Yong-Joon Sajangnim let me call him hyung when we are alone. He’s a person I profoundly admire and respect, not only because he’s the CEO of the agency; but because he’s someone I can fully trust, he gives me good advice and I truly believe he cares for me, not only as an actor but also as a person.

“I forgot the reason of this breakfast, what was it again?” He asked.

“The President has invited Top new celebrities that are expanding the Korean culture.”

“Uhh! Yes… That’s a great honor, Soo Hyunah.”

“Thanks, hyung. I know it is.”

“How is the filming of the movie going?” He asked as he stood up and started looking around the apartment.

“Very good hyung. The director is taking good care of me.” I replied while standing up.

“Do you know who Lee Gwang-Min is?” He walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator doors.

“He’s a top critic film. It is said that if he gives a good review to a movie, it becomes a major hit.” I said, surprised; I had my eyes wide-opened.

He walked towards me. “Lee Gwang-Min watched some parts of “Secretly Greatly” yesterday; He said that this movie will break one or two box office records.” He exclaimed with a smile while holding both of my shoulders.

“Hyung!.... Really?” I exclaimed. I hugged him while jumping.

“Yah!!... Yah!! You’ll mess your outfit! Calm down!” He shouted while laughing.

“I’m sorry hyung! I’m just too excited.” I said with a lump in my throat.

“Keep working hard, keep giving your very best in the scenes to film. You deserve this. You will become Korea’s top actor after this movie.” He calmly said while patting my shoulder.

I couldn’t find the exact words to express my feelings. “I will make you proud, hyung.”  I finally said and bowed.

“Uuuhh!! Kure!!” He gave another look around and walked to the entrance. “You should buy your own apartment now. Tell Taehyunah to start looking for a good apartment, worthy of a top actor; I’ll help you buy it.” He said while putting his shoes on.

I bowed maybe five times. “Thank you, Hyung. I don’t deserve it… but, I truly thank you.”

“Have fun today.” He said as he exited the apartment.

“Have a nice day hyung.” I shouted.


 After my quick meeting with Yong-Joon Sajangnim, Taehyun drove me to the Blue House. Top New Celebrities expanding the Korean Culture, Could be read from a big signboard at the entrance of the conference room. There were at least 20 round tables accommodated in the conference room. Thirty minutes after I arrived the President Lee Myung-bak entered the room and gave the opening speech. 

Some video clips were showed. Psy and Yoo Jae Suk gave encouragement speeches, the cameras were turned off, the President exited the conference room and then we proceed to eat. “New top” Athletes, singers, idols, and CEOs were also invited to this event. By “New Top” I mean people who made it somewhat “big” in 2012.  They also invited big names like, Psy, SNSD, Yoo jae Suk, IU, Kim Yuna, and Super Junior.

I spoke with Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Yuna, Leeteuk, IU, Choi Siwon, and Park Tae-Hwan before going to the left corner of the conference room.

Taehyun quietly entered and found me. “So, how is it going?” Taehyun asked while hiding behind a banner and I.

“More interesting than I thought.” I said.

“We need to leave soon. You have an interview at MBC in an hour, than a quick photo-shoot for High-Cut, and after that the Unicef Charity event.” He whispered. “Are you listening? Who are you watching so intently? Soo Hyunah? You’re watching Choi Siwon? I know his handsome but…”

“Of course not hyung! 1…. 2…. 3…. There she is.” I said as I moved his head to the right direction so that he could see her. She was brushing her hair with her hand while speaking with Choi Siwon with a smile worthy of a million dollars.

 “Waaahhhh!!!!!! She’s really, really, really beautiful. Who is she?” He asked with his eyes wide opened.

I smirked. “She’s Emilia Haro.” I said while sipping some orange juice.

Taehyun looked at me amazed. “Do you know her?”

“I’ve never spoke with her before but, I know who she is.”

“She’s a foreigner, how was she invited to this event?” Taehyun asked, confused.

“She’s a self-made CEO who owns and founded Travelfy and Dramafy.” I answered as I handed my glass to the waiter and put my hand inside my pocket.

“We book our hotels and flights with her company! Waaahhh!!! That young girl? She doesn’t look older than 25!!!”

“She’s 23, to be exact.” I said while still looking at her. She bowed to Choi Siwon and walked towards a woman on the opposite corner from where I was standing.

“We should leave.” I walked behind the banners towards the conference room’s entrance; Taehyun followed me.

“Soo Hyunah, how do you know who she is? “He whispered. “Soo Hyunah? Tell me.” He continued.

We exited the conference room. “Thank you for coming Mr. Kim Soo Hyun-ssi” A man said and bowed. I bowed in return. We walked through a hallway and reached the parking lot.  Taehyun opened the van door for me and I got inside the car.

“Are you going to tell me now how you know who she is?” He said after he got into driver’s seat.

“It happened a month ago. When I was in San Francisco. We shared the same flight, KoreanAir320.” I answered with a smile.

Taehyun looked at me through the driving mirror. “You still remember the flight number? What’s the meaning behind that smile?” He asked with a suspecting voice.

“Hyung!!!” I laughed. “Stop imagining things.” I replied as I loosened up my tie.

“So, you shared the same flight “KoreanAir320”… You said you didn’t speak with her… how did you learned who she was.”

“Since I was travelling first class, I was one of the first to enter the plane.  I sat down next to the window, I put my headphones on and grabbed the first magazine I could find; it was a Forbes USA issue. I was looking through the pages when I saw her and stopped. The name of the article, Top 10 CEOs to look forward in 2013. I started reading her story. In 2009 she founded Travelfy in San Francisco while studying a MBA in the University of California, Bekerly. In 2011 she finished her MBA top of her class and Travelfy became the 5th largest OTA in America. In 2012 she moved to South Korea and founded Dramafy, in just 1 year Dramafy became the 3rd largest website with Asian Content.” Taehyun was watching me through the driving mirror as I told him her story.

“Besides being beautiful, she is intelligent, and rich.” He said. “You said you shared the same flight… right?” He asked.

“I was reading the article when a stewardess asked me something. I raised my head and that’s when I saw her. She entered the airplane and sat 2 rows in front of me.” I replied.

“Didn’t she recognize you?” Taehyun asked again this time with a mockery tone.

I laughed and said, “Hyung! You’re mean… I don’t think she was interested in getting to know who was in the plane. After she sat down I never saw her again. When we landed, she was the first to exit the airplane, I tried to find her in the airport, but I couldn’t.”

We were about to reach MBC headquarters. I looked outside the van’s window and wondered when I would see her again.


 After my long day, I was about to arrive at my last schedule for the day, the UNICEF Charity event. The dress code was very casual; I was wearing jeans, a shirt, a jacket, and a pair of tennis shoes.  The van reached the entrance, before getting out I said to Taehyun, “Hyung, after you park the car, you can come in.”

“All right, Soo Hyunie.” He said and smiled.

I got out of the van and started to walk towards the red carpet. I posed for two minutes and then I walked to the main entrance.

As I entered, I could see a lot of celebrities, All Exo, Wonder Girls, 2pm, and Shinee members, movie stars, fashion models, and fellow actors. 

Choi Min-Ho walked towards me. “Hyung, Are you doing well?” He said and bowed.

“Min-Hoah, uuuhh… and you? All good?” I asked as I touched his shoulder. We talked for a while. I also chatted with Nickhun, Song Joong Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk, after greeting ten or more people I moved to the opposite corner of the entrance door.

Taehyun arrived. “How’s everything?” He asked.

I looked around and replied, “Too calm. I don’t think I’m staying too long.”

“Wah! G-Dragon just entered.” Taehyun exclaimed.

I rapidly looked at him.

“How is he so fashionable? Jeans, a jean shirt, red coat, red hat, and of course... sunglasses.” Taehyun said while admiring him. “I think this is the first time that you and he are in the same event. Didn’t you serve your one-year military service with Big Bang1?” He asked.

“I did. We were in the military together.” I answered.

“Did you speak with them? How are they?”

“Uumm… SeungRi is the funny guy, Daesung the normal one, Taeyang the nice one, TOP the weird one, and G-Dragon… I don’t know how to define him. To be honest, I just spoke with Taeyang a couple of times. I was a struggling actor at that time, it was in 2009.” I said as I watched how everyone was trying to get G-Dragon’s attention.

The official ceremony was about to start, the lights went out. Someone opened the main entrance doors; two girls quietly entered, I couldn’t see who they were. The ceremony began. After 30 minutes, the ceremony ended, everyone clapped, and the lights went on.

Five minutes after the official ceremony ended, I was speaking with Kim Woo Bin… I looked around; G-Dragon was with Lee Soo Hyuk and has taken his sunglasses off; he kept looking, repeatedly, and with interest to the same spot. Some other people were slyly looking at that same spot too. I followed their gazes… there she was, again.

Kim Woo Bin went on to greet other people. Taehyun finally said, “Soo Hyunie, meeting two times in the same day; this is destiny. You should speak with her and ask for her number.”

I grabbed a champagne glass from a waiter who was passing by. “Do you know what makes her more beautiful?” I asked him while watching how Emilia felt embarrassed of the attention she was receiving.

“That she underdressed for this event with jeans and a plain purple shirt and still looks beautiful? At least she’s wearing high heels.” Taehyun replied with a judging voice.

“Ha! Close…But… What makes her more beautiful is that she doesn’t know she’s a beauty. She probably thinks she’s a “normal” girl.” I said while slowly sipping the champagne.

“Are you getting her phone number now?” Taehyun asked, annoyed.

“It’s not the right time.” I answered while taking another sip of champagne.

“What do you mean?” He asked again.

“After I told you about her, do you think she’s a girl for a nightstand? Or for a hopeless relationship?” I asked as I looked around trying not to be too obvious that I was constantly looking at her.

Taehyun was thinking his answer; he was confused.

“She’s definitely not a girl for a nightstand nor for a hopeless relationship. When you find a girl like her, you should be ready to make big sacrifices, because she’s worth it. Unfortunately, I’m not ready for that...Yet.” I concluded.

Taehyun didn’t say anything, but he seemed to understand what I was saying. Big sacrifices, was the nice way to say, throwing my career away to be with her.

G-Dragon was about to leave; he placed the bait for her; his “timid” smile. As he passed her by, she turned her head to look at him… she took the bait. I smirked.

“It’s time to leave, let’s go through the back door.” I said before drinking the remaining champagne in one sip. I placed the empty glass in a table.

“Naïve girl.” I thought as I walked towards the back door.




Writer's Note

1 In my Korean Fan-Fic world, mandatory military service is for 1 year.

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