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Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

I was in Seoul, having a Skype meeting with the Chinese investors. “When will the filming of Dramafy’s Ad with Kim Soo Hyun take place?” One of the investors asked. I didn’t know what to answer. I haven’t spoke with Soo Hyun after San Francisco. I was sure that he’ll film the Ad, but I wasn’t sure on how to approach him after what happened.

Ari replied: “Very soon, we’re preparing everything for the filming. When everything is done, we’ll send the photos and videos for you to approve them.”

The investors smiled. “All is going great then! Please continue with the hard work CEO Haro, we’re expecting a lot from you.” I bowed my head. The meeting was done. I sighed deeply and leaned on my chair.

“Sajangnim it’s time to call Kim Soo Hyunssi and set the date for the filming.” Ari worriedly said. I nodded.

My office door was closed, Ari’s secretary knocked. “I’m sorry Sajangnim.” Ari walked towards the door and exit.

“Should I call him right now and pretend like nothing happened?” I thought.

Ari entered again. “Sajangnim, there are some executives from J.Estina that are requesting an urgent meeting with you.” She seemed to be confused.

I frowned. “J.Estina? As in the brand?”

“Yes, Sajangnim. Should I tell them that you’re busy?”

I thought for a while. “Why would they want to see me? I’ve never had any type of business with them.”

“Do I have time to receive them?” I asked.

Ari looked at through her IPad. “You have twenty minutes before your next meeting.” She answered.

“I’ll see them in the meeting room.” Ari left to prepare everything for this “urgent” meeting.

I grabbed my phone and looked for Soo Hyun in my contacts. I wanted to dial and get this over with. But I was nervous. “I’ll do it later.”

I walked to the meeting room. I noticed two guys and a girl. I was really curious. I smiled and as I sat, I asked: “How can I help you?”

They looked at each other; it appeared as if no one wanted to answer. I was confused. Ari was annoyed.

“Please speak, Miss Haro Sajangnim is very busy and she just made time for…” I showed the palm of my hand to Ari so she’d stop talking. “What is this?” I thought.

Finally, one of the men cleared his throat. “I’m so sorry Miss Haro Sajangnim, I know you’re a very busy person…”

“Don’t worry, please tell me why are you here?”

He looked at the girl and then looked at me again. “We want you to consider to be part of our new advertisement campaign.”

I chuckled, sarcastically. “What?” I was dumbfounded.

He sighed. “We would like you to be the female model for our campaign.”

“What is he saying? Is he nuts?” I thought.

He continued: “We believe that you’re very beautiful, and since you’re well known around the world as a strong, independent woman we would love for you to become the female image of J.Estina.”

I didn’t want to seem rude so I remained silent for a while. I looked at Ari; she was staring at them in a judgmental way.

“I’m honored that you thought of me. But first of all, I’m not a model and second of all, I’m really busy. I wouldn’t have the time to shoot something like this. In fact, I’ve never shot anything similar. I’m grateful but…”

“Miss Haro Sajangnim, we’re begging you!” He said. All of them bowed their heads. Ari and I were shocked. He looked like he wanted to add something else. “The male model has requested you. He has been clear that he wants you as his co-lead. If you refuse to appear he won’t be the main image of our brand…”

“Who is he?” I interrupted him.

“Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi.” He whispered.

I frowned. “Excuse me, I need to make a call.”

I stood up, walked out of the room, pulled my phone out of my jeans and dialed his number without thinking. I was mad. How dare he do something like this?

“Hello?” He happily said.

“Do you enjoy torturing people?” I asked, annoyed.

“What are you talking about?”

“First your scandal with Sohee and now some J.Estina staff is here begging me to be the model of some stupid ad. Do you think I’m playing?”

“What scandal with Sohee? That died quickly. Everything was cleared. We’re just good friends, I was advising her since she was without an agency. She signed with KeyEast…”

I laughed, sarcastically. “We know that your CEO loves you so much that he’ll do anything for you, even sign that poor girl to shut her up.”

“Are you jealous?” He was enjoying this.

He was right. Why was I recriminating him for his brief scandal? I closed my eyes and shook my head. “Hah! You wish! What should I do with the people in my meeting room, requesting me to become a model?”

“Tell them that you’ll do it.”

“Soo Hyun! Am I a joke to you?” I exclaimed.

“Of course not! Ok, tell them you won’t do it. Can I hang up now?”



“I need you to film Dramafy’s Ad as soon as possible.” I softly said.

He laughed. “Are you for real? I need you as my female model in the J.Estina Ad. You’ve refused it. And now you’re asking me just like that, to keep my word and be the model for your company?”

“What are you talking about? We had a deal!” I was dumbfounded.

“Yes, we did! I’m not lying when I’m saying that I really need you in this campaign. I promise to film Dramafy’s Ad the day after we finish filming the J.Estina campaign.” He was serious.

“Oppa! Why are you doing this to me? I’m not a model; I’m not even beautiful. People will laugh when they see me by your side in that Ad.” I whimpered.

“Emi, trust me! Korea and all Asia will love you after this Ad. I need you; you need me… Let’s do this. Araso? I need to hang up, I’m heading to an interview.”

“But…” He hung up. Unfortunately, he was right. I need him as the image of my company. I sighed deeply and walked back to the meeting room. The J.Estina team was anxious to say the least. I sat down, sighed again, and asked: “Did you bring a contract for me to check?”

They were astonished. The man nodded rapidly. He pulled some papers from his briefcase. He handed it to me. “I’ll do it. I’ll sign the contract once my legal department check it.”

“Thank you so much Miss Haro Sajangnim.” They were smiling happily.

“I’ll be Asia’s joke after this, but who cares? I need to do it for my company. The fastest I can make Dramafy strong, the fastest I can leave Korea.”

It’s been almost a month since I’m back in Seoul; I haven’t met Ji Yong yet. But something inside me tells me that it’ll happen someday soon. I don’t know how I’ll react when I see him again; I still love him. I’ve learned to live with the pain of not been with him, of him been with another woman. I’m scared to death, I pray every night that our paths don’t intertwine never again.


A week later I arrived at the studio. Today we’re starting with the filming of the J.Estina campaign.  I was about to open the front door when my phone started ringing.

I answered: “Are you here, Oppa?”

“Don’t call me Oppa when we’re together in the studio. We haven’t met before, Araso?”

“Why?” I asked, confused.

“They will film our first meeting. You know I’ve been saying for a while that you’re my ideal type. They want to do this like the most romantic thing ever.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Do you trust me?” He asked.

“I do, but…”

“Great! Trust me then! See you in a bit.”


Ari opened the door for me. I took my sunglasses off. The J.Estina Campaign Manager and all the team were there to greet me. “Miss Haro Sajangnim, we’re so grateful to have you here today.” He handed me a bouquet of flowers. All of them bowed at the same time. I felt a little bit uncomfortable. I bowed in return. “Thank you.” I shyly said.

The CM then presented my staff. I have three different stylists, one for hair, one for makeup, and the last one in charge of clothes. “Please go with them so you can start getting ready. We’ll let you know when Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi arrives so you can meet him. We’re planning to film this meeting.” He said excitedly. I nodded.

I entered my private dressing room. Ari took my handbag and the bouquet of flowers.  I was standing in the middle of the room with my arms crossed behind my back.

Soon after, they were getting my make up and hair done. Once they were finished, the clothes' stylist handed me a nice dress. “Please, change Miss Emiliassi. We’ll start with the clothes fitting.” It was a very tight dress. I walked out of the bathroom. I was feeling a little bit shy. The dress was too short for me.

“Oh! It’s too short. How tall are you?” She asked.

“I’m 5”5.” I replied.

She wrote in her notepad. She handed it to other stylist and grabbed a measuring tape. She started taking my measurements and shouted to the other girl so she could write them down.

“Waist: 23 inches!”

“Bottom: 34 inches!”

I was overwhelmed. “Do you need to shout them?” I whispered.

“s: 35 inches!”

As she was finishing the last phrase the CM entered the room. “Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi is outside, he's here to meet you.” He looked at my dress. “Let’s use a more romantic dress.” He said. I rapidly changed. 

I was trying some purses when I saw Soo Hyun peeking through the door. I smiled “Remember you don’t know him! Act like you don’t know him!”

He entered my dressing room, cameras also entered. He sighed deeply. “Hi!” He said in English.

“Anyeonghaseyo!” I happily said. Before I could bow, he hugged me. I tried to appear comfortable.

He rapidly whispered: “So your size is 35 inches?”

I blushed. I could feel the heat of embarrassment filling my body. My heart was racing.

Everyone thought I was blushing because of his hug. “Oh! She’s blushing… She’s so cute… They look so good together!” People were exclaiming.

He was acting like the fan that just met his idol. “No wonder why he’s so popular. He’s charming and he knows how to play well his part.” I thought.


We had a small meeting with the CM before the first shooting. So you’ll play a couple. We are doing four different styles. The romantic date couple; we’ll start shooting this one first. The gala night couple, the business couple, and the wedding couple.

I was wearing a small floral dress with short sleeves. Soo Hyun had a baby blue blazer, white pants and shirt. He looked very handsome. I was obviously super nervous.

He got closer to me. “You look amazing. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do great.” I looked at him; he winked.

“Buy it Emi! Smile! You can do this!” I kept repeating.

“Fantastic! Great! You’re so photogenic Miss Emiliassi.” The photographer was saying.

“We need more skin-ship.” The CM said. The photographer nodded.

They moved Soo Hyun in front of me. They placed my hand on his chest.

“Soo Hyunssi lean your head towards Emiliassi.” As he got near, I could feel his heart racing. I smiled.

“That’s a beautiful smile!” The photographer exclaimed.


We then filmed the business couple.

We were holding hands standing next to each other.

“We need a back-hug please!” The photographer shouted.

Soo Hyun placed his arms around my waist. He was looking at me while hugging me.

“Miss Emiliassi, please look at Soo Hyunssi.”

I turned my head. I looked at his eyes. I don’t know why but I then looked at his lips. He has nice lips. My heart started racing. “What the heck is happening to you?” I said inside silently to my heart.

Soon after, they made us sit on a bench. I sat in front of Soo Hyun, I placed my hand on his knee and he placed his on top of mine. I leaned my head on his neck.

“Amazing!” The photographer said.

Soo Hyun was sitting facing the camera. The photographer made me sit next to him and then he asked me to cross my legs and placed them on top of his leg. I place one hand on my knee and the other on his knee. Soo Hyun was looking at me; he brushed my cheek with his hand and leaned towards me.



For the gala night couple and the wedding couple shots, we had more skin-ship, more hugs, back-hugs, holding hands, holding faces… Then the photographer said: “What about a kiss?” I was shocked. 

Soo Hyun smirked. “You’re asking too much!” He said while laughing. The photographer also laughed. I sighed relieved.

“Araso! But at least a kiss on the cheek!”

Soo Hyun looked at me asking for approval. I wasn’t sure with all of this but I nodded.

“Emiliassi, please look at the camera.” He said.

I placed my lips on his cheek. My heart started racing again. “Stop it!” I said inside silently again to my heart.

Then it was Soo Hyun's turn. He was back hugging me and suddenly I felt the touch of his lips on my cheek. I think I blushed because everyone started to laugh.


The last shot was a wedding couple scene. Soo Hyun was grabbing me from my waist, I had my arms locked around his neck, it was suppose to appear as if we were about to kiss each other on the lips.

We were so close to each other, that for a moment I really thought we were about to kiss. I moved my head closer and then the photographer shouted: “That’s a wrap! Thank you everyone!”

I quickly pulled out of Soo Hyun’s arms. I bowed. “Thank you for your hard work.” He bowed too.

“They look great together… This campaign will certainly be a hit… I hope they date in real life.” I heard people saying as I walked to my dressing room.

I was shaken due to what I just tried to do. “Did I just try to kiss him?”


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