The Ball is in your Court

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

I could hear Top, Young Bae, Daesung and SeungRi laughing out loud. I rang the doorbell.

Top opened the door. “Ji Yongie you’re here.” He said. He was serious. I nodded.

As I walked to Top’s living room, I saw all the members with long faces.  “What’s with all of you?” I asked as I took my coat and sunglasses off.

“Nothing hyung!” SeungRi said with a smile. He walked towards me, patted my shoulder and continued: “Are you feeling better?”

I looked at him confused. “Am I sick?” I stared at everyone; they were behaving very weird.

“Yah! What’s with all of you?” I exclaimed.

I locked eyes with Daesung; he then looked down. “We know what you did. We learned that you sacrifice your happiness for us.” He said with a lump in his throat. He cleared his throat. “Hyung, I’m so sorry.” 

SeungRi hugged me and started crying. “Hyung! You’re the best.” He said.

Young Bae and Top hyung were also looking down. I was overwhelmed with all this.“Great! Just what I needed! This is the first time I come out of my apartment in a month, and this is what I have to deal with.” I thought.

I pulled out of SeungRi’s hug.  “I didn’t do it for any of you. I did it for myself, I couldn’t throw my career away.” I said with fake cheery tone and a smile.

They shyly smiled back. They knew I was behaving like I always do when something big happens. As the leader, I always make them feel like everything will be al right.  

I sat on the couch and I leaned on the sofa. SeungRi brought me a glass of wine. I took it and smiled.

“Young Bae hyung, is everything ready for the promotions of “Good Boy”?” Daesung asked.

“Uuhh! Everything is ready for next week.” He replied.

“I’ve been hearing it non-stop!” SeungRi gladly said.

“It will be a hit!” Top added.

“Guys, we need to start working on our comeback for next year.” I said. I drank a sip of wine.

Everyone nodded.

I continued: “I started writing three songs: If You, Loser, and Bae Bae.” As I was saying the last title, I unconsciously sighed.

“Didn’t you call Em… OUCH!” SeungRi exclaimed.

I looked at him; Top punched him on the ribs with his elbow.

“Yep! I used to do that.” I sighed again and slightly smiled.

Even hearing the first letters of her name stings my heart. I remembered I felt desperate one week after we broke up, then we spent the night together and she left for good. I haven’t seen her since then, I haven’t spoke with her either. I’m not desperate anymore; I just feel intense pain all the time. I was right; living without her is like living in hell.


Five bottles of wine later we were laughing out loud.  As we were speaking of random things, the conversation took a dark tone.

“I heard Hyun Suk Hyung say that you’ll have a public meeting with Lee BoNa tomorrow.” SeungRi said.

Top slapped his head this time. “Yah! Why do you keep saying stupid things?”

“It’s fine!” I said. I was slightly drunk so I felt comfortable talking about it. “Yes, unfortunately I have to meet that witch tomorrow. It’s part of the deal.”

“She looks so young and so innocent. I never would’ve thought she was capable of all of this.” Daesung said.

I chuckled, sarcastically. “Beware of those!” I exclaimed.

“How old is she?” Daesung asked.

“I think she’s twenty.” Young Bae replied.

“Hyung, do you still think about Em… OUCH!! Hyung stop punching me!” SeungRi shouted. He was obviously drunk.

“Are you shouting to me?” Top screamed.

We stood up and separated them. With the heat of the drinks, things could easily get out of control.

“I think about her every day, all day. She’s still in San Francisco, that’s the last thing I learned about her.” I actually went looking for her weeks ago to San Francisco, but she traveled to London hours before I got there. She’s moving a lot so it’s difficult to trace her.

“Ji Yongie, you should’ve asked our opinion when Hyun Suk told you that we were going to be disbanded if you chose her. I mean; we can survive without Big Bang!” Top exclaimed.

“Hyung get back together with hyeongsunim!” Daesung said.

“Yah! Do you think it’s that easy? To all Asia, Ji Yongie is dating Lee BoNa. Although there isn’t an official statement, it is unofficially known by everyone. Emilia thinks Ji Yong cheated on her… It’s a total mess!” Young Bae exclaimed while grabbing his head.

I sighed. I looked at SeungRi; he looked like he was thinking something. He stared at me and then said: “Hyung, isn’t there a possibility that Emi could be pregnant? I mean it’s not the best way to get her back, but…”

I smirked. “Nope, we were very careful with that. I’m sure she’s not pregnant, and if she was, she would’ve told me by now.”

“But it’s only been a month since the break up, if she’s pregnant she’ll start having symptoms soon.”

I looked at him. “Believe me, I can assure you, she’s not pregnant.”

SeungRi hunched. “That’s a shame, that would be the perfect excuse for you to get back with her, for Hyun Suk hyung to accept your relationship with her, and you would live happily ever after.”

“Yah! Are we in a fairy tale?” Young Bae said, annoyed.

I laughed.

 “Hyung, who took away the J.Estina endorsement from you?” Daesung asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“That was your biggest deal. ” SeungRi added.

I shook my head. “Umm, maybe.” It actually annoyed me to lose this campaign but, I’ve been so busy trying to keep myself alive after all that’s happened, that I didn’t even had time to get angry about it.

“Ji Yongie, I need to ask you a favor.” Top cutely said. He acts really cute when he’s drunk.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Can you go to Hyun Bin Hyung’s movie premiere? I was going to attend but they moved my filming schedule. Please go! Please? Please?”

I smiled. Seeing TOP acting cute is the most gratifying thing. “Araso, I’ll cover your back.” I said.

It was actually a good idea to come and see them; it helped me a little bit with the pain. I was able to laugh after crying for a whole month.  No matter how hard I try, she’s always there in my thoughts, in my mind, and in my head.


The next day I arrived at the “Fatal Encounter” movie premiere. I walked through the red carpet and then entered the theater.

The movie was really good. Since it was a sageuk, I enjoyed it more.

As I entered the after party, I saw Lee Soo Hyuk talking with Hyun Bin. I walked towards them. Hyun Bin looked at me surprised; I bowed.

“I thought it was just a rumor that you attended the Premiere.” He said.

I smiled. “I’m sorry hyung, Top hyung had a schedule and asked me to come in his place.”

He leaned his head towards me and whispered: “I actually like you better.” We laughed.

I moved to Soo Hyuk’s side. We had our back towards the entrance.

“Did you like the movie Ji Yongie?” Hyun Bin asked.

I grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter passing by. “Yes, very much.” I answered.

Hyun Bin was telling us a funny story that happened in the set. He started looking towards the entrance; other people were staring at the entrance too.  Hyun Bin suddenly stopped talking and smiled. “You’re here!” He exclaimed.

I saw a shadow passing by my side. “Hyung! Have you been doing well?” He bowed deeply.

I finally saw his face. “!” I thought. I looked to the other side and rolled my eyes.

“Uhh! Soo Hyunie! Thank you for coming, I know you’re busy these days.” Hyun Bin said and tapped his shoulder.

Soo Hyuk whispered to me: “He's slightly taller than you. I’m dying to see this, you and Soo Hyun speaking for the first time.” He laughed.

“Soo Hyunie, do you know Soo Hyuk and Ji Yong?” Hyun Bin pointed at us.

I think Soo Hyun didn’t noticed I was there, cause he got serious after seeing me.

He shook Soo Hyuk’s hand. “How are you doing?”

He bowed his head to me and asked: “Have you been doing well?”  

“I can’t believe I’m going to bow to this !” I thought. I slightly bowed in return.

Hyun Bin asked: “Oh! Do you know each other? From where?”

“We serve in the military together.” I answered.

His presence annoyed me a lot. I tried to keep a poker face.

Soo Hyun grabbed a glass of champagne, he had his right hand inside his pocket and I could see he was continuously staring at me.

I wanted to move far away from this , but Hyun Bin speaks a lot.

We were talking about the plot of the movie. “Would you prefer backstabbing or a direct confrontation?” He asked us.

I sighed. “It depends on the enemy.” I replied.

“Or you could use both strategies. Backstab first and then confront the enemy.” Soo Hyun answered while staring at me.

“Besides being an , he’s also stupid.” I thought.

“It doesn’t make sense, both strategies may not be applicable to the same person. I think it’s an improper use of your forces. You first need to study the enemy and then you attack with the best strategy.” I was directly staring at him.

He took a sip of champagne. “Maybe you’re right.” He smirked. I looked away.

“Wah! It’s really cool seeing Korea’s biggest stars discussing my movie.” Hyun Bin said.  “Oh! Soo Hyuk, there’s Director­—Lee Jae-Gyu, let’s go, I’ll introduce you… Guys don’t move, we need to continue with this discussion.” Soo Hyuk and Hyun Bin walked away.

“! This was the perfect time for me to leave.” I thought.

“You should call me hyung.” Soo Hyun said with a mocking tone.

Since there wasn’t anyone around us I didn’t fake anymore.

“Why would I? We were born in the same year.”

“Yes, but I’m older than you for some months.”

I chuckled, sarcastically. “I don’t even call Young Bae hyung, why should I call you like that if we’re not even close… I’m also sure we’ll never be.”

“I would cut my tongue before calling him hyung.”  I thought.

“You haven’t changed at all.” He looked at me and continued: “Remember how you used to ignore me during the military? Who would’ve thought that years later I’d be close enough of surpassing your popularity.”

“Breathe! Breathe! Don’t do something stupid.” I said inside silently. I smiled. “It’s that what you’ve been dreaming since then?”

He laughed. “He has the most ing annoying laugh on earth!” “Come on! I was sure this was going to happen, I was sure that I would become who I am; I dream of better things… You look like hell, by the way.” He cockily said.

 “I have a real appearance, not your “kind” and happy pre-produced image.” I drank some champagne.

“Oh! That’s clear, dating the daughter of Samsung Group’s Chairman it’s what a real bad boy would do.” He counter-attacked.

“Wow! He’s really pushing my buttons.”

“Let’s stop our interesting conversation here.” He said, smirked and turned around to walk away.

I felt like I’ve just lost a battle. I didn’t even think, I just blurted: “I think it’s worst saying for over a year now that your ideal type is CEO Haro, she may even think that you’re creepy or even an .”

He froze for some seconds; I saw how he clenched his fist. He turned around and stared at me. I smiled and he smiled back. He walked towards me as he sipped the champagne. “If you look around you’ll see we’re garnering a lot of attention, because we’re talking, and everyone thinks that this is an amicable conversation. Please, don’t erase that fake smile after I tell you this.”

I looked around still smiling; it was true, people were slyly taking pictures of us and watching us. I didn’t know what he was talking about, so I was really curious of what he was going to say.

He sighed; he was still staring at me. “Do you know who took away that great endorsement you had for three consecutive years? I did. I wasn’t going to take it, but I later saw through my own eyes what a little er you are. So I took it.” He said all this with a cheery and mocking tone.

It hurt my ego to know that this now has my contract. “Do you think I care about a stupid Ad?” I asked with disinterest, still smiling.

“Oh! This is just start, things get more interesting. Do you know that your company is trying to sign me? I actually made them believe that I was open to signing with them. What I was really after is to have a meeting with Yang Sajangnim.” He drank more champagne.

My smile erased. “Where is he going with this?” I thought.

“You’re probably wondering why. I actually knew that you were dating the woman I want. So I used that meeting to whisper in Yang Sajangnim’s ear, that I’d heard some rumors about you dating a westerner.”

I was confused. How does he know I was dating Emi?

I chuckled, sarcastically. “Do you think Emi would date someone like you? I don’t think she even knows you exist.”

“Oh! But she does! Don’t you know I’m the image for Dramafy? We’ve actually met many times. I know you cheated on her, I know she broke up with you more than a month ago.”

Now, I was enraged. I was trying to control myself; I wanted to punch this until his face was covered with blood.  I was serious, clenching my jaw.

He got closer. “I told you to keep smiling. I can see you’re angry. You should think again about that strategy we talked about some minutes ago.”

I was trying very, very hard to control my breathing; I was starting to get agitated due to the anger.  

He smiled “I know you want to punch me. Please do it! Show everyone that you’re really that bad boy that you pretend to be… No? Ok!” He raised his glass and before walking away he said: “Cheers! The ball is now in your court.”


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