Good Boy

Violet Love Sonata
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Ji Yong POV

“Is this the beginning of the end?” I thought after waking up.

I looked at her. Emi was sleeping on the other side of the bed.

It’s been three weeks since I spoke with Hyun Suk. Since then, everything has changed between Emi and I. We don’t speak as much as we used to, we don’t laugh as much as we used to, and we don’t enjoy been together as in the past. We’ve barely been intimate and she’s been careful that we use protection when we do.

I know she’s hiding something and she knows I’m hiding something. We both are playing dumb about it.

I stood up and started getting dressed, as I left the bedroom she said: “If you tell me your secret, I’ll tell you mine.”

I didn’t answer, I closed the door, and left.

I had a couple of interviews in the morning, I had a quick photo shoot for an Ad campaign, and then I headed to YGE to check the sketches for a new jewelry line I'm launching with Chow Tai Fook Enterprise.

As I arrived at YGE, I noticed Lee BoNa’s car in the parking lot. I’ve actually been getting to know her; she’s really nice and cute. She’s been coming frequently to YGE for the partnership that is been launched between both companies.

I was in my studio when Nan Gook suddenly entered.

“J.Estina is not renewing the contract.” He said.

I looked at him. “Well, it’s weird but it had to happen someday.” I wasn’t worried at all, these things happen.

“It’s the best contract you had so far, it’ll be difficult to find another contract like this.” He was worried.

“Hyung! Believe me, everything will be al right.”

He sighed and finally smiled. “You’re right! Swarovski wants you as the main image of their brand!” He exclaimed.

I laughed. “Are you playing with me?”

He nodded. “A little bit.”

I punched his shoulder.

After Nan Gook left, I walked to a dance studio. I wanted to practice so I could unwind. I turned the music on, but instead of practicing I sat on the floor and started playing with my hands while thinking about Emi and I.

Someone opened the door. It was Lee BoNa.

“Oh! Oppa, anyeonghaseyo! Have you seen TOP oppa?” She asked.

I tried to smile. “Nope I haven’t seen him.”

She looked at me with a confused expression and walked towards me. She crouched in front of me and poked my shoulder. “What is it Oppa?” She asked and then inflated her cheeks.

“She’s so cute” I thought while seeing how innocent she looked.

“Nothing.” I said and sighed deeply.

“Oh! Is this a new song?” She asked.

“Good boy” was playing; we haven’t released it yet. 

BoNa grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Please show me some steps, Oppa!” She exclaimed.

I showed her the first verse moves.  She was trying to imitate me. I laughed so hard when I noticed she’s not a good dancer.

“Oppa! Don’t make fun of me.” She whimpered.

“Araso!” I said.

As I was helping her with a posture she tripped and was about to fall. I grabbed her from her waist and I pulled her towards me. For a moment I forgot about everything. “Oppa.” She whispered. She was staring at me innocently. I placed my right hand between her cheek and her neck. I kissed her.

I slowly pulled my head back. “I’m sorry, this was reckless.” I said. I let her go and walked away. I felt like trash when I remembered Emi. “I don’t know why I did that… I’m actually in love with someone else. Please forgive me.” I said and left the room. “What the heck is happening to me?” I thought.


A week later, I was in my apartment. I was drinking a glass of wine, when I heard the front door opening. I knew it was Emi. I turned to look at her.

“We need to talk.” She said.

I got serious. “About what?” I asked her.

“About what’s going on with us.”

I placed the glass on the table and walked towards her. I’ve been getting prepared for this. I knew I need it to tell her that I couldn’t go public with her for the time being. I knew I should tell her that I woke up in a hotel room without remembering what happened the night before, and I needed to confess to her that I kissed Lee BoNa. I was ready.

“Did you speak with your CEO about us?” She asked, she had her arms crossed.

I put my hands inside my pocket. “Emi, I know I promised you that we would go public. But right now it’s impossible, I need…”

She interrupted me. She shook her head and started walking back and forth. “He was right!” She laughed, sarcastically.

I looked at her confused. “Who was right?”

“He told me you would do this, I didn’t believe him, I didn’t want to believe him.” She said.

“Who?” I exclaimed.

She walked towards me and looked me directly in the eyes. “What else you’ve been hiding from me?”

I don’t know why, but I said: “Nothing more.” My heart was racing.

“Liar.” She smirked.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“I want to hear it from you. What else are you hiding?”

Once again I lied: “Nothing.” I turned my back on her; I couldn’t keep looking at her.

“I know you Kwon Ji Yong and you’re lying right now.”

“Why would I hide something from you?” I exclaimed and turned to look at her.

She walked towards the entrance, grabbed her purse and an envelope. She came back to where I was and slid a picture face down on the table.

“Is this why you’ve changed? Did I really deserve this? We’re done. You and I are done.” She looked calm, she wasn’t crying, she wasn’t screaming. I couldn’t understand what she just said. I stood there dumbfounded, watching her exit the apartment.

After a while, I picked up the photo. I was shocked. It was a photo of Nala and I on a bed. The room looked familiar, it was Meca’s hotel, and it was the same room I woke up the day after Tyler Kwon’s party. I clenched my fist. “Lee BoNa.”


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Chapter 62: This is really sweet and nice and like always I'm speechless.. all I can say is that I can't wait!!!
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Chapter 62: Omg this is too sweet, can't wait to read more about the kid and them together..spending family time lol but let's please lose nana and let's please just have soo Hyun looked as a older brother.
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Chapter 61: Guys this is her story if she wants drama let her. Also I think if Emi does do something stupid then that just makes her sad and pitiful she has everything and if she wants to give that up well then she doesn't deserve GD.
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Chapter 61: Oh boy.. I see is going to happen..
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Chapter 61: Please just let them be in a healthy relationship and keep it that way. Ugh I feel like the story is going perfectly fine. Please just let them be happy and stop bring drama back into their lives. If you do then nana is going to take him away from her.
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