Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV


“What did you think about “Mask”?” Taehyun asked as he grabbed the script.

“Not right for me… I think Ju Ji Hoon hyung will play perfectly the main lead. Please send it to him.” I said as I drank some orange juice.

“Ok… Did you like the “She was Pretty” script?” He asked again.

“It’s a good romantic comedy, but I don’t think it will help me improve my acting… Do you know who matches perfectly the main character? Park Seo Joonie… make sure that he reads the script.” I was in my kitchen preparing a fruit bowl.

Taehyun sighed. “Soo Hyunah, it’s been months now since “My Love From the Stars” ended, Bae Sajangnim needs you to choose your next project as soon as possible.” He was sitting in the living area.

I smirked. “Let me remind you that my schedule, projects, Ads, and everything else are in my hands now. I have the liberty to choose wisely and without any rush the projects I want to work with.” I grabbed the fruit bowl and walked towards the living room.

2013 was a great year in my life; I was able to reach nation-wide recognition and status after “Secretly Greatly”. Months later with “My Love From The Stars” China welcomed me with open arms and the rest of Asia learned who I was.

He hunched. “What about Dr. “Frankenstein”?”

“No… I’m sorry to say this, but the script is weak and it will flop.”  I sat next to him and started eating some grapes.

“Ok then, I’ll take these drama scripts and I’ll let know Bae Sajangnim your thoughts on them. Here are the movie scripts we’ve received for you, and this is the “Descendants of the sun” drama script we received yesterday.” He said while organizing all the scripts on the table.

He pulled a yellow envelope. “We intercepted this, yesterday.” He handed it to me and continued: “They were back in Sicily a couple of weeks ago.”

I opened the envelope and looked at each picture.

“Bury them.” I said and handed the photos back to him.

“Why do you keep doing this?” Taehyun asked.

“I know they’re dating and I’ve told you I don’t like the love-triangle drama. I don’t want them to end their relationship because of the scandal, or because G-Dragon’s agency tells him to leave her. I’m waiting for him to up… to break her heart so that she can move on.”

“They’ve been dating for more than a year now. G-Dragon is behaving very well, no scandals at all. They look happy.” Taehyun said while looking at the pictures.

I smirked. “Let them be happy… the happier they are, the bitter the fallout will be.” I said while eating a piece of kiwi.

“I don’t understand what you’re doing… It’s been a year and you’re still waiting.”

“Don’t worry hyung. Good things come to those who wait” I looked at him

“I remember when you saw her inside the elevator, months ago. You were so nervous.” He laughed.

I chuckled. “You didn’t tell me she lives in my same tower. I remember I was very tired and then I saw her. As beautiful as usual.”

“I told you to take off everything covering your face, but you didn’t listen.”

“It was a good thing, it wasn’t the right time for us to meet.” I said as I leaned on the sofa.

“Ok... I’ll bury the photos… moving on with Ads, we’ve received proposals from: Hyundai, Coca Cola, Lotte Duty Free, Pizza hut, Häagen-Dazs, and J.Estina this week.”

“Hasn’t G-Dragon been the J.Estina model for three consecutive years?” I asked, confused.

“Yes, but they said they wanted to move forward.” Taehyun replied while looking down to his papers.

“Say yes to the first five. To J.Estina tell them I’m not interested.” I said and stood up.

Taehyun sighed. “Will do. There’s a company that’s been insisting again… Dramafy PR team called, they raised their proposal.”

I turned to look at him with my hands inside my pockets. “You know it’s…”

He interrupted me. “It’s not the right time… I know.”

I smirked.

Taehyun stood up next to me. “There’s one last thing, YGE knows that your contract with KeyEast is about to expire. They’re requesting a meeting with you.”

“Hah! You must be kidding me… No thanks, I’m good with my agency.”

He smiled. “Your first schedule starts in one hour.” He said while looking at his watch.

 “I’ll go shower hyung.” I walked to my room.


I was able to relax when I felt the water hitting my face.

It’s hard to see them together, laughing, walking with hands intertwined. I know I don’t have the right to feel jealous… but I do, my heart races as I see the pictures of the both of them, living happily.

I’ve seen Emilia twice almost face to face. The first time was when I helped Diego enter Meca. Diego and I were walking through a hallway when we saw her. He ran and hugged her. As she turned to look at him, I saw her, She looked amazingly beautiful... and then I saw him, totally wasted but by her side. I turned around and walked away.

Days after that, I learned that pictures of them together were going to be published, and that’s when I started burying the rumors about them dating, it’s been expensive but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

I still keep in touch with Diego. He likes G-Dragon a lot; he doesn’t stop talking about him, about how he’s so fashionable, so cool, so warm hearted, so humble… Yeah right? And so in love with his sister.

The second time I saw her was in Galleria Foret’s elevator. Believe it or not, I didn’t know she was living here when I bought the apartment. I think Taehyun knew but he didn’t tell me. What I knew is that Yang Hyun Suk lives in Tower “A” penthouse, Lee Soo Man lives in Tower “B” penthouse, and that only another celebrity was living in tower “A”. They didn’t tell me who it was. But I liked the idea that this complex wasn’t filled with celebrities.

I placed my hands on the wall so I could feel the water hitting my back. I closed my eyes; I could see her face, her smile. It’s dumb I know… believe me I know, I’ve never spoke with her before, and anyway I’m still infatuated with her, of the idea of someday having her. I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but I still think of her, I still dream of her; I still want her.

There’s one woman I’ve been seeing now and then, it’s the same girl with whom I had a nightstand after my movie premiere. When I’m with her I can forget for a moment about Emilia. But I got bored, and stop seeing her some weeks ago.

I’ve tried everything to get her out of my head, I've tried to erase her smile from my memory. I’ve tried every way I could to forget about her, to accept that she’s happy in another man’s arms. But, I just can’t; she refuses to leave my mind.

The moment I saw Emilia in that airplane for the first time, I knew I wanted her. I don’t take reckless decisions and I always analyze everything before making a move. I knew that I couldn’t offer her anything, so I took a step away from her. And now that I’m ready, that I’ve reached my goals, she’s with someone else. But I’m still waiting, waiting for the perfect time so we can meet.


That night, as I arrived at Meca’s parking lot I noticed G-Dragon’s Lamborghini.

“I don’t know why we have to come in separate cars.” Taehyun whimpered.

“Maybe tonight I’m leaving with someone.” I smirked.

We were walking towards a restaurant.

 “I think I saw G-Dragon’s car in the parking lot… Are they here?” I asked.

“As far as I know, no.” He replied.

I suddenly stop walking. “Could you please go and excuse myself with writer Kim Eun Sook? I need to meet someone.” I said.

“Soo Hyunah! We’re here on time. You can meet this person later.”

“Nope, I need to meet her right now.” I exclaimed and walked away.

I found her cleaning a small room near the karaoke area.

“How you’ve been doing?” I whispered.

She looked at me. “Oh! Mr. Kim Soo Hyunssi.” She said with a soft voice.

I smiled. “Anything interesting that I should know?”

“Taeyeon and Baekhyun are back together.” She whispered.

I chuckled. “Ok.”

“Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Hyun are meeting again.” She muttered.

I looked at her. “Do you have any information about actors? Or directors? Or writers?” I nicely asked.

She thought for a while, for a long a while. She then answered: “Lee Byung Hun was in here a couple of nights ago with two women.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed. I was shocked after hearing this. I changed the subject and asked: “Do you know if G-Dragon is here today?”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t seen him. But there’s a big party tonight, Mr. Tyler Kwon is celebrating something. I know he and Mr. G-Dragonssi are friends, so maybe he’ll attend this party.” She said

I nodded once. “It was nice seeing you.” I said before heading to my meeting with kim Eun Sook.

I entered the private dining room.

“I’m so sorry for been late.” I said and bowed.

“Oh! Soo Hyunssi, please sit here.” She said.

“Have you been doing well?” I asked.

She nodded.

We started with a small talk and had dinner.

Hours later Eun Sook started telling me about her new project.

“So the idea is that you would play Yoo Si Jin. Obviously he’s the main lead. He’s the captain of the special forces…”

As she kept talking I was totally hooked, I knew I needed to do this project.

“…What we’re planning to do is a little bit risky, but we’ll give us total control of the drama. We want to pre-produced it.” She concluded.

I was surprised since this has never been done before. But I know the kind of Writer she is and I trusted her call. I also knew that Bae Sajangnim wasn’t going to be too happy about me taking this drama.

“It sounds fantastic!” I exclaimed.

She smiled. “We’re planning to start with the filming at the beginning of next year.”

“That sounds great. Let’s keep in touch so we can adjust details.” I said.

She raised her wineglass.


After the meeting, I was feeling amazing, I knew for sure this drama was going to be a big hit.

“You look really happy!” Taehyun exclaimed.

We were walking through the hallways so we could reach the parking lot.

“I am really happy!” I said with a big smile on my face.

As we were passing by a nightclub I heard someone laughing hysterically.

I saw G-Dragon totally drunk, walking out of the nightclub with his arm around a girl, the both of them laughing out loud.

I stop and clenched my fist. “Really? He has the woman I want and he even cheats on her?” I thought.

“Was that G-Dragon?” Taehyun asked. He was also surprised.

I nodded.

“They’re heading to the hotel.” Taehyun whispered.

I stayed there without moving, trying to figure out what just had happen.

After some minutes, I sighed deeply and started walking again with my hand inside my pocket. I’ve made the decision.

“Tell J.Estina that I’m doing the campaign, arrange the meeting with YGE, and…” I made a long pause. “…Tell Dramafy I’m accepting their proposal… It’s time.”


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