500 days

Violet Love Sonata
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Emi Haro POV

It’s been a year now since Ji Yong and I started dating, and obviously more than a year now since I met him in that karaoke room.

We go so well together that sometimes it feels unreal. We both understand each others job very well. I accept that he has a crazy schedule and he accepts the fact that I have a difficult agenda.

Until now we haven’t fight about anything; we disagree sometimes, but we fix things pretty quickly. We have a very healthy relationship. We don’t stay apart for more than two weeks; if he we have to, I travel where he is or he travels where I am.

Amazingly, no dating rumors yet. We both are really shocked with it for we’ve traveled everywhere together, we do travel in private jets though. What can I say; we really are the masters of secret dating.

I can’t get enough of him, he’s loving, he spoils me, he takes care of me, and he makes me feel the luckiest girl in this world. I thought Ji Yong couldn’t be more perfect, but then he proved me wrong, he also knows about businesses. He's giving me great advices about the companies. I really don’t think there’s a man more perfect man than him!

To be honest we’ve been a little bit reckless about one aspect of our relationship. We’ve been together several times without using any type of birth control. Nothing had happened… until now; I’m two months late.

I put the pregnancy test on the sink; I was waiting for the results to show. I was really nervous, to calm myself, I walked into the bedroom; Ji Yong was lying on the bed. He looked at me with a smile on his face.

He sat down and I jumped into his arms.

“I’m so scared!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t be, if it has happened let’s be happy.” He said while kissing my cheek.

“You know I’ll be the most hated woman in Asia, right?”

He got serious. “Maybe, but I’ll protect you. I know it’ll be quite the scandal, since there haven’t been dating rumors about us. But I’ll show everyone that you’re the perfect woman for me.”

He was speaking with such a soft voice, that my nervousness calmed down.

I knew Ji Yong wants to have girl. He has been telling me nonstop since he appeared on “Superman Returns”. I’ve seen his interactions with Haru­, Tablo’s daughter; it melts my heart every time I see how he’s so loving and caring towards children.

“It’s time.” I said, I kissed him and walked towards the bathroom.

I stand in front of the sink with my eyes closed, I grabbed the pregnancy test, took a deep breath, opened my eyes, and then I saw it… Negative.

It suddenly hit me, if I’m not pregnant than it’s the cyst. Everything started spinning, although I’ve a medical condition, I’ve never been this late before.

As I was panicking, Ji Yong entered the bathroom.

“So?” He asked while back hugging me. I shook my head.

“You’re not pregnant?” He asked again while turning me around. “Hey! You look really pale, what is it?”

“It’s negative… I’m sure it’s the cyst, something must be really wrong.” I said while staring at the wall.

I looked at Ji Yong; he was worried, he calmly said: “Let’s not worry in advance, but you need to see Gahee.”

I nodded. “She’s coming back tomorrow.”

Gahee has been in Sweden for three months.

Ji Yong hugged me. “Everything will be ok.”


I saw Gahee today. It is the cyst, it has grown 2 cm. Gahee says that the surgery needs to be done in short term. I obviously wasn’t down for that. “Fy Group” was established two weeks ago, as the CEO of the group I can’t have the luxury of been away a whole month. Gahee increased my pill dose as counter measurement.

As I opened Ji Yong’s apartment, I noticed he was preparing dinner. He turned to look at me with that smile I love so much.

“What did Gahee said?” He asked.

“Oh! She says it’s nothing to worry about, is just my cyst acting out, she increased my pill dose.”

He hugged me. “So everything is okay?”

“Yep!” I lied.

I knew if I told Ji Yong, he would make me get surgery as soon as possible. This is the first time I was hiding something from him.

As we were having dinner I noticed he was really happy.

“Did you finish writing “Good Boy”?” I asked.

He shook his head.

We kept talking about random things. It was obvious that he was happy about something.

After doing the dishes I sat down on the couch, next to him.

I hugged him; he kissed my forehead.

“Are you going to tell me now why are you so happy?” I asked again.

He looked at me. “Bae, it’s time.” Bae is our pet name for each other; it stands for “Before Anyone Else.” 

My heart started racing, I knew what it meant, but I asked anyway: “What do you mean?”

“Let’s go public.” He smiled.

I didn’t know how to feel, we’ve been talking about this for a while now. The first time he brought it up; I was shocked for he has never made an official statement about any of his past relationships.  At first, I was totally against it since I remember how he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. I always had the idea that our relationship would remain private, but that somehow changed.

“Please don’t take me there, unless you’re sure you want this.” I begged.

“I’m sure, I’ve been sure since last year.” He said without any trace of doubt.

He kissed me and then continued saying: “Let’s do this the right way, let’s go public, let’s get engaged, let’s get married… someday, and then let’s have children.”

Hearing him talk like this made me feel like I was in a dream. Until now I’ve thought I had a complete life, obviously I still have so much to live with him by my side.

I was dumbfounded. “I don’t know what to say… I know this will affect your career in some way, and I feel scared because of it.”

He chuckled.  “We’ve been fortunate enough, there hasn’t been rumors about us, but that will end someday, and it’ll become the scandal of the year. I know this is the right time and the right thing to do... Trust me.”

We locked eyes. I could see he was sure, I knew this is what he wanted.

He then said: “Hyun Suk Hyung is out of the country right now. When he returns, I’ll tell him that we’ve been dating for a while and that I want to make an official statement.”


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0 points #1
Chapter 59: It is lovely...I guess JiYong finally court her..I guess Nana is just a convenience for him..For a man in love he didn't prove me anything spectacular instead he pushed Emi to another man..after the wedding he left her...Could you blame her? Anyway all ends well..Awesome sad love story ....h
Angel2love97 0 points #2
Chapter 59: Oh snaps! Nana got some serious balls but I don't think I could have been as calm as Emilia was when nana check her. Nana woulda had a size 11 where the sun don't shine. Thks for the update!
lizharuharu 0 points #3
So I do like that Nana is mature and all but to just assume that GD will always have low points with Emi is stupid and sorry but things change. Yet I do respect her. Anyway thank you for the wonderful update and hope you liked how the chapter turned out cuz I loved it . :)
Chapter 59: You know this story is so sad..so many times I felt her pain..I do trust you will end it as you wish but I feel Emi should not run and claimed what is hers..as for Jiyong he complicates things because his ways of life...He should fight what is his and hold her and eyes only for her.I love they finally talk it out ...the pain left a scar but the love will heal it make it stronger..Fighting dear ..love how the story goes all the heart ache is because they listen to others not their hearts.Please let it all ends well..
mikkydragon #5
Chapter 59: update soon........
Chapter 59: It's your story. You are the one behind every idea, every moment, every word, why should you change the way you see the development of the story because of others. I understand that you want the story to satisfy your readers but readers choose to read your story because they liked your idea in the first place.

I've seen the other note you wrote before, but it got deleted before I got the chance to comment. While reading your story there were many moments in which I was angry, I got frustrated, I even wondered why is this happening again?!! But despite all this I returned every time you updated the story, I have even waited for your update because those dramatic moments which you are very GOOD at writing, make your story different from others.

I wrote nearly a chapter XD What I wanted to say from all this, is that you should not ask us how long should the story be, just do it the way you want it. And I really like your story !!

Fighting !! ^^
lizharuharu #7
Chapter 59: I'm glad that they are together and I just want to say do what your heart tells you if you want drama let their be drama, if you want to end the story end it on your terms, and I didn't feel like ch 58 was bad I liked everything about it. :)
Angel2love97 #8
Chapter 59: This is just my opinion, I think you should write the other chapters since nana needs to be explained and exorcist out the story. Chapter 58 was not bad I expected them to get back together and old girl needed to put on her big girl and go after what she wanted. And you forgetting one thing about writing, it's a fictional story and can be told anyway you like it so I think you should push on since you have to answer my questions about nana **winks***
Angel2love97 #9
Chapter 58: Umm just what is nana exactly up too?! She's a little to much for me. Thks for the update!
mikkydragon #10
Chapter 57: update soon..........