The Meeting

Violet Love Sonata
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“Oh! Hyung 2B helped me get in… Noona this is Hyung 2B.” Diego said while pointing with his hand to the back.

“Where is he?” I asked.

He looked back. “Oh! He was here a while ago.”

“Who did you say he was?”

“Hyung 2B… He’s a Korean celebrity, I met him during the flight.”

I was a little bit confused. “Do you know his real name?” I asked again.

He scratched his head. “Nope, not really… he told me to call him Hyung.”


We walked to the parking lot. We entered my car and I started driving home.

“When did you arrived?” I asked with a big smile.

“In the afternoon, I went directly to your apartment, but they didn’t let me in. I left my suitcase with the main gate guards.”

I looked at him surprised. “Why did you do that? You should’ve called me.”

He smiled. “I didn’t care, I actually went touring the city… But when I arrived at night, they told me you weren’t home yet.” He paused. “So do you party now? As far as I know you’re in bed before 11:00PM.”

I looked straight at the road.

“And you called Ari after that?”

“Yep! I took an Uber to this place but they didn’t want to let me in, since I wasn’t a “member”.” He said while looking around through the window. “If it wasn’t for hyung 2B I’d probably be there outside, trying to get in.”

I laughed. “Who the heck is Hyung 2B? I need to thank him.”

“You should! He actually was leaving that place when he saw me outside. He got out of his car and helped me get in. Actually, I don’t know why he left.” He took his phone out of his jean's pocket.

He read a message “Hyung 2B” sent him. “Oh! Here it is; he says he needed to leave and that he’s sorry he couldn’t say goodbye.”

“Tell him I want to meet him.” I said.

“Will do!” He shouted and made the military salute.

I laughed. “I’ve missed you so much.”

He smiled and then asked the big question again: “Who was that guy who tried to punch me?”

I suddenly got nervous. Diego is very protective of me. He’s really bubbly and loved by everyone, but he takes good care of me, he sometimes act like the older brother.

“He’s my boyfriend.” I said without looking at him.

A red light made me stop. He was staring at me.

“You’re kidding right?” He asked.

I shook my head.

“That guy looks like trouble… And I won’t even mention that silver blonde hair, what the heck Emi! Do you really need to go through this?”

Diego always calls me noona and he just said my name, which means that he was being serious.

“He’s really nice. He’s a singer. You’ll love him once the two of you meet.” I replied with a cheery tone.

He didn’t say anything else.

We arrived home, got Diego’s suitcase and went to sleep.


It was 3:00 PM of the next day. I’ve just spoke with Ji Yong, we decided that he and Diego need to meet today since he’s traveling tomorrow to Paris for a photo shoot.

I’ve been trying for a month now telling him that Diego was coming, but I just couldn’t, I thought it would be too soon for him to meet my most precious thing in life.

A week ago I met Ji Yong’s sister–Dami. After that, all my fears went away.

Now my fear was how Diego would react around him. Diego is easily loved, when he wants to, but he can also be annoying around people he doesn’t like.

I was really nervous; Ji Yong would be coming to my apartment to eat with us. I left my room and started to look for him, he wasn’t in the living room.

“Di?” I called.

Someone opened the front door.

“Noona you’re up!” He said with a big smile.

He looked sweaty; he probably was coming from the gym.

“Yep!” I said.

“I’ll take a shower. What do you want to eat?” He asked as he headed to the guest’s bedroom.

I crossed my hands behind my back and said without thinking too much: “Ji Yong is coming to eat with us. I ordered sushi from a great place I know.” Sushi is Diego’s favorite food.

He turned to look at me. “Great! I’ll shower quickly.” He smiled.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know how to feel about his reaction. Yesterday he was kind of mad due to my choice of boyfriend. But know he looked perfectly fine with it.

After thinking for a while I felt relieved. Surely Diego realized that I’m a grown woman who knows what I'm doing.


The food arrived. Diego and I were watching some funny YouTube videos on the TV, when the doorbell rang. I knew for sure it was Ji Yong. Although his fingerprint is saved in the lock, I told him to ring the doorbell.

As I walked to the front door, I was getting really nervous. I sighed deeply and got my act together.

I opened the door. Ji Yong entered. He started getting all the things he was wearing to cover his identity. Hoodie, cap, facemask, sunglasses… He then kissed my forehead.

“Wow! How can you breathe will all that?” Diego asked. He was leaning on the wall while looking at us.

We both looked at him. 

I grabbed Ji Yong’s hand and we started to walk to the living area.

“Di, this is Ji Yong.” I said.

Diego obviously didn’t bow; he lifted his hand for a handshake.

Ji Yong smiled and shook his hand. “Nice to meet you.” He said in English.

Diego looked at him surprised, he got closer to him and tapped Ji Yong’s shoulder. “Oh! Thanks goodness, you speak English… I was getting worried since I don’t speak Korean, I didn’t know how we would communicate.” He said and smiled.

Diego is a little bit taller than Ji Yong; I loved seeing their first interaction.

“Great! Diego is behaving, he’s not being sarcastic or annoying.” I thought.

“Let’s eat!” I exclaimed

While we were eating, Diego and Ji Yong kept talking non-stop, they even were laughing… I was delighted seeing the both of them interact so well.

“The two people I love the most, here with me! Can this get any better?” I thought.



Ji Yong POV

So here I was, speaking with Emi’s only family. At first I was a little bit nervous since I almost punched him yesterday. But we even laughed about it. He seems nice.

We were talking about music, when he suddenly changed the subject: “So GD, do you know anything about tech-start ups?”

“You can call me Ji Yong or hyung.” I said.

He laughed. “I like calling you GD and I already have a hyung.” He said.

I looked at Emi with a dumbfounded expression on my face.

“Oh! He told me that he met a Korean celebrity yesterday during the flight.” Emi said.

“Who did you meet?” I asked him.

After he drank some water, he said: “I don’t know his name, but he’s a celebrity and he told me to call him “Hyung”… He was really nice.”

 “But you can call every guy who’s older than you hyung” Emi said.

“Yes, I know… I’ll do that after I find out hyung 2B’s name.”

I felt a lot of curiosity towards this “celebrity”.

Diego started telling me everything about Emi’s childhood. How she would pretend to talk in front of “investors” who in reality were stuffed animals. How she would dance all over the house while their mom was listening to swing music. How she’s always been a bookworm.  How she got in love with Korean culture. Apparently she watched a movie called: “City of the rising sun”.

“I know the name of the dude starring in the movie, wait a second…” He was trying to remember. “Jung Woo Sung! She always said she would marry him; she’s a big fan.”

 Emi punched Diego’s arm. “Yah! What are you talking about?” She exclaimed.

“Noona, come on! You’ve loved that dude since you were younger… I’m sure GD doesn’t mind.” He said while looking at me.

I laughed. “I don’t mind at all.” I said. I truly don’t mind, I mean Jung Woo Sungssi is a big star here in Korea.

Emi looked at me relieved. I winked.

We talked about random things and then Diego asked: “Did Emi told you who’s her ex-boyfriend?”

I looked at Emi. “Yes, Evan Spiegel.” I replied.

Diego looked at me surprised and then at Emi. “So you did tell him everything! I’m really happy noona, I’m really happy that this time you’re opening with your boy-friend.”

“Do you know who he is?” He asked.

I drank some wine. “Snap chat’s CEO, right?”

He nodded. “Do you also know that I met him at Stanford and that he’s a good friend of mine?” He asked again.

I drank more wine. “No, I didn’t know… would that be a problem?” I smiled.

“Oh God! No! I just don’t like misunderstandings.” He exclaimed.

Although there were some weird questions from his part, I felt ok with all this.


I helped Emi clear the table after we were done eating.

“Should I help you do the dishes?” I asked.

While his brother wasn’t looking she kissed my cheek. “Nope. Don’t worry.” She replied.

Diego was sitting in the living area. I walked to the balcony.

As I was smoking a cigarette Diego walked towards the balcony, he closed the door and stood by my side.

“I like you! Although you have a bad boy image, you seem nice.” He said.

I smiled.

He turned to look at Emi. “I love my sister with all my heart, she’s an amazing woman. She’s obviously in love with you… I was surprised that she’s told you everything about her life.”

I chuckled. “Believe me, it wasn’t easy.”

He laughed. “Yes, I know… She didn’t even tell the half that you know to Evan, that’s why they broke up.” He said. He looked again towards Emi. “But we both know how this will end, and we both know that you will break my sister’s heart.” I flinched and looked at him dumbfounded. “Me liking you don’t change the facts.” He said and stared at me. “The sooner you break her heart, the sooner she and you can move on.” He said while patting my shoulder.

“I won’t break her heart.” I whispered.

“I hope I’m wrong… But I don’t think so.” He said.

Emi walked towards us. Diego smiled brightly and I faked a smile.

“What are you guys talking about?” She asked after opening the door.

Diego’s phone rang. “Oh! I have to go. I was supposed to meet with hyung 2B twenty minutes ago… GD it was a real pleasure to meet you, let’s keep in touch.”

We shook hands. “Let’s do that.” I said.

He kissed Emi’s forehead and left.

Emi hugged me. “I’m so happy!” She exclaimed.

I kissed her and hugged her again.

My heart was still racing, I was staring at the wall thinking: “why her brother is so sure that our relationship wouldn’t work? Have I missed something? Have I pulled Emi and I into a hopeless relationship?”


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