Hateful aisle seat

Violet Love Sonata
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Kim Soo Hyun POV

“I’m a freaking zombie!” I exclaimed.

“I know, I know. We’ll get home soon.” Tae Hyun said while leaning on my shoulder.

I was in a bad mood, which rarely happens for I’m a happy person. I haven’t slept well due to the time zone difference. My face was bloated. I didn’t feel exhausted; I was feeling what follows after exhaustion, fatigued maybe?

 “Yah! You’re heavy!” I exclaimed while moving my shoulder.

“Wah! You’re really in a bad mood.” He said as he moved and leaned on the van’s window. I was sitting straight with my arms crossed.

We were in Los Angeles; I’ve been here for one week shooting three CFs.  I really needed to get home, eat my mom’s porridge and sleep continuously for at least two days.

As we arrived at the airport, I saw through the window a small group of fans.

“Hyung, where’s my facemask?” I asked.

“In your backpack. Why?”

“There are some fans outside.” I said.

He woke up and looked at me. “Aren’t you going to show them your perfect smile as always?”

“Hah! With my face this bloated? No, thanks.” I put the facemask on, sunglasses, and my cap.

I usually don’t wear facemasks, especially because it goes against my kind and happy image; but as I said…today I’m really moody.

I got out of the van, waved towards them and quickly got inside the terminal.

I was waiting leaning on a corner while Tae Hyun made my check-in. I could see he was kind of arguing with the agent. After a while he walked towards me.

“All done?” I asked. He handed me my passport and my boarding ticket. We started to walk.

“Yep. But there’s a slight problem.” He answered.

“What is it?”

“So apparently there was an issue with our seats. We’ll have to sit separately.”

“I can live with that.” I said.

“Well, the other thing is that your “Kosmo suite” is in the aisle.” He softly said.

I stopped walking and turned to look at him. “You’re kidding right?”

“I wish I was, but no.”

I hunched and started to walk again. “This can’t be happening.” I murmured.

“This is the cherry on top of the cake.”

I don’t think there’s anything I hate more than aisle seats.


We reached the boarding gate; they were starting with the boarding process.

I handed my documents to the agent.

“Your “Kosmo Suite” is 2B.” She said while smiling and handed me back the papers.

Thank you for reminding me.” I thought.

I sat down on the hateful aisle seat and started to pray that the other person wouldn’t show up so I could move.

As they were about to close the main gate, a man showed up.

“Hold the door please.” He shouted.

The stewardess opened the door and he got in. He was the seat 2A owner.

He put his carry on bag on the top compartment and sat down. I sighed deeply.

After the plane take off. I took off my facemask and sunglasses. I was about to adjust my seat in a 180 degrees angle so I could sleep, but a Korean girl coming from the bathroom recognized me.

She covered with her hand and exclaimed: “Kim Soo Hyunssi!”

We took a picture and other girls came from the back to take pictures with my bloated face and I.

This just keeps getting better and better.” I thought.

After the stewardess asked everyone to leave the “first class” section, a guy sitting next to me exclaimed in English: “Wow! You must get laid a lot!”

I laughed really hard, for the first time in the whole day I was able to laugh, so loud that everyone was looking at me. I controlled myself and looked at him with a big smile.

“Not that much.” I said.

He is a westerner and seems younger than me.

“What’s your secret? Are you a famous Korean celebrity?” He leaned towards my seat.

“Kind of.” I chuckled.

I finally adjusted my seat and fell asleep.


I woke up eight hours later feeling as my bubbly and happy self. I noticed they were serving a meal. “Thanks God! I’m starving.” I thought.

I turned my head to look at my favorite person on the plane: “Guy 2C”. He was hunching on his seat with his “Beat” headphones while pretending to play the drums, his eyes closed and grimacing. I chuckled while watching him.

After they served us the meal. “Guy 2C” took his headphones off.

“What were you listening so passionately?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled. “AC/DC, back in black.” He replied.

“Oh! You’re a rocker!”

“Not really, I just like everything that’s good!” He said.

“I see.”

After he finished his meal he leaned towards my seat. “So tell me, how should I flirt in Korea?”

I Laughed. “Are you going to Korea for the exclusive purpose of getting laid?” I asked, sarcastically.

He thought for a while and then said: “No, not really… but it’s good to know in case I want to get laid later… you’re a celebrity right?”

“Maybe.” I replied.

“A singer?” He asked again.

“Nope!” I said.

“A T.V. actor?”

“I do work in T.V.”

“In movies?”

“Yep, movies too.”

“So you’re a good actor!” He exclaimed.

I laughed again. “I hope so.”

“What do you do for a living?” I asked him.

“I’m currently studying.” He replied.

“That’s good.”

“Why were you in Los Angeles?”

“I needed to shoot some commercials.” I answered while leaning on my seat.

I could feel someone staring. I opened my eyes. He was looking at me while frowning.

“How old are you?” He asked.


“I’m trying to figure out if you’re older than my noona. I think you’re her type.” He said.

I laughed out loud. “Your “noona”? Is she Korean?"

“No, she’s not. But I bet she wishes to be.” He smiled and continued. “One day when I was 5 she ran into my room and said: “From now on I’m your noona, and you should call me like that!” Since then I call her noona.”

“Oh! That’s ok since noona means “older sister” in Korean.” I said.

He chuckled. “Yes, I know. I’m not an expert with Korean language but I know some words. That happens when your sister is a Korean culture lover... Do you have sisters?”

“Nope I don’t.” I made a pause. “Well I do have a half sister but we’re not in touch.” After I said this I suddenly realized I was telling “guy 2C” personal information.

“You’re not an undercover paparazzi, right?” I asked while looking at him with my eyes slightly closed.

 “Dude! I don’t even know who you are.” He answered while laughing.

I smiled and closed my eyes again. “Guy 2C” was giving me the vibe of the younger brother I always wanted to have.

“How old do you think I am?”

“Mmm… You don’t look older than 28…Maybe 26?” He replied.

“Close…I’m 25!”

“You’re one year older than my noona. You should meet her!” He paused. “People say she’s a beauty but I honestly don’t see it.” He said with a “yuck” tone.

I laughed again. “Maybe that’s because she’s your sister… And what do your parents do in Korea?” I still had my eyes closed.

He sighed deeply. “My parents died years ago.”

I squeezed my eyes. I knew I had touched a delicate subject. I leaned towards his seat and looked at him “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

He interrupted me while waving his hands. “Oh! Don't worry, I still have my noona… She means the world to me.” He got closer, like if he was going to tell me a secret. “But honestly she needs a boyfriend. I’m going to find her one while I’m in Korea.” He proudly said.

“You’re a good brother!” I exclaimed.

Something about “Guy 2C” looked familiar to me. I shouldn’t say this because I’m a real man, but he was good looking… something about his face looked really familiar, like if I’ve seen him before.

“We haven’t met before, right?

He looked at me carefully. “I don’t think so dude, I would remember your face. I don’t have Korean friends.” He replied.


He was telling me about a time he crashed a wedding and how he almost slept with the bride. I was laughing a lot; I was trying really hard not to make too much noise.

“This guy is funny!” I thought.

He’s really expressive, he uses his hands a lot; he looks like the kind of “Life of the party” guy. The typical guy that everyone loves and makes friends everywhere. He looks smart, with a geek vibe. He also speaks in a polite/friendly way.

As he finished I had to wipe my tears, that’s how much I was laughing. “That’s a hell of a story.” 

“It happened last week. You’re of the first people to know it.” He proudly said while leaning on his seat.


After we landed. We stood up and as I pulled down my carry on bag I said: “Hey 2C! Save my number, let’s go out someday while you’re in Korea.”

After dialing my number, I handed his phone back.

“How should I save it?” He asked.

“Hyung 2B… Hyung is like “bro” in English” 

“Oh! That’s cool.” He smiled.

“Give me your phone. I’ll save my number in yours.” He said.

People were starting to leave the plane. I handed it to him. After he returned my phone, he put his backpack on his shoulders and walked towards the airplane door.

“Should I save it as Guy 2C? I exclaimed.

He turned to look at me with a smile on his face, he waved and said: “I saved it already… I’m Diego… Diego Haro.”


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Chapter 59: You know this story is so sad..so many times I felt her pain..I do trust you will end it as you wish but I feel Emi should not run and claimed what is hers..as for Jiyong he complicates things because his ways of life...He should fight what is his and hold her and eyes only for her.I love they finally talk it out ...the pain left a scar but the love will heal it make it stronger..Fighting dear ..love how the story goes all the heart ache is because they listen to others not their hearts.Please let it all ends well..
mikkydragon #2
Chapter 59: update soon........
Chapter 59: It's your story. You are the one behind every idea, every moment, every word, why should you change the way you see the development of the story because of others. I understand that you want the story to satisfy your readers but readers choose to read your story because they liked your idea in the first place.

I've seen the other note you wrote before, but it got deleted before I got the chance to comment. While reading your story there were many moments in which I was angry, I got frustrated, I even wondered why is this happening again?!! But despite all this I returned every time you updated the story, I have even waited for your update because those dramatic moments which you are very GOOD at writing, make your story different from others.

I wrote nearly a chapter XD What I wanted to say from all this, is that you should not ask us how long should the story be, just do it the way you want it. And I really like your story !!

Fighting !! ^^
lizharuharu #4
Chapter 59: I'm glad that they are together and I just want to say do what your heart tells you if you want drama let their be drama, if you want to end the story end it on your terms, and I didn't feel like ch 58 was bad I liked everything about it. :)
Angel2love97 #5
Chapter 59: This is just my opinion, I think you should write the other chapters since nana needs to be explained and exorcist out the story. Chapter 58 was not bad I expected them to get back together and old girl needed to put on her big girl and go after what she wanted. And you forgetting one thing about writing, it's a fictional story and can be told anyway you like it so I think you should push on since you have to answer my questions about nana **winks***
Angel2love97 #6
Chapter 58: Umm just what is nana exactly up too?! She's a little to much for me. Thks for the update!
mikkydragon #7
Chapter 57: update soon..........
Chapter 57: Poor Emi ..sigh how life could be screw up like that ..trust is there any left???
tchantchan #9
Chapter 57: Jiyong, Jiyong, Jiyong.. how deep do you plan to dig your own grave?
Lilylor #10
Chapter 57: I'm not sure if I want to slap nana or beat that ... like one minute she is koo then the next, she a two face?? Jesus!! And I'm tired of jiyong like if he tryna get EMI back he need to get his together cuz the he doing now ain't helping him. Ughhh they both stupid... they just need to sit down together and talk it out. And after talking it out they could do w.e they want to each other cuz both of them is causing a heartbreak for themselves