A storm in a shot glass


Baekhyun does not handle losing very well.

“Is this about that one game where we were practicing with our new champions and I killed you?”




Do Kyungsoo




Byun Baekhyun




Kim Jongdae





My first attempt to write a baekchen fanfic (four years in the fandom and I still hadn't tried... what a shame)! Even though, it'll be more like baeksoo because I like to write judmental Kyungsoo and over-the-top dramatic Baekhyun (someone said something about cliché? no? good).

I have no idea when I'll be posting this, but I'm halfway through writing it, so I hope it's soon.

By the way, this will definetly be a one-shot. Seriously. It's been three fanfics that were supposed to be a one-shot but turned into lengthed chapters, I need to write one-shots again!

Also, this, people, is a face of a person who can't deal with Baekhyun's bull problems:



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