A simple step to jingle bell rock


Junhoe muses about how he ended up dressed as what could be best described as a ty version of Santa Claus. Life couldn’t more.

Oh, and there's also Chanwoo.

“Stop trying to make inside out pants happen, Jiwon.” Junhoe hissed icily, glaring at his friend, “It won’t happen!”




 Goo Junhoe
 Jung Chanwoo
 Kim Hanbin
 Kim Jiwon


[03/09/2016 update]: New chapter up! Enjoy~

[03/07/2016 update]: Grammar issues corrected + slight change in the description + (!) next chapter will be up this Wednesday (03/09)! (!)


Guess who's back?! Not bigbang, not yet.

I had an idea to a Christmas fic about two or three days ago and then I asked some people if I should write it or not and I decided that I'll write it! I know I'm like a week later for Christmas and New Year is tomorrow but I really wanted to write it, so please don't go away!

If any of you guys got the reference on the description, this fanfic is going to be filled with Mean Girl shout out. And that's why I think this is going to be so fun to write because it's Junhoe and he would totally be Regina George in some other life. So I thought, well, why not have Junhoe as a literal Regina George?! I'll be "remaking" just in one scene, though. So, don't worry, I won't touch Mean Girls and try to put iKON there (who would dare to do such a thing?!).

I'll be updating this somewhere between when I finish my other fanfic ("A (quite one-sided) battle for Chanwoo's (favorite leader spot) love") and before I go back to college, which will be next monday (01/04).

Feel free to comment and subscribe and ask whatever you want!



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R_nine21 #1
Chapter 2: junchaaaan ♡♡♡♡♡♡
noname101 #2
Chapter 2: Chanu why are you so cute!!!! Junhoe-ah Chanu is not that innocent XD

noname101 #3
Chapter 1: Gawd this is so funny!!!
June having a hard time was the best XD
June is so high over heals to Chanu and his internal struggles hahaha
blurppp #4
lmaooo this is so cute
Chapter 2: Aww, maknae isn't that innocent & this is so cute
Chapter 2: Omg! Hahaha this fic was full of energy! Loved it author-nim! And the ending was too cute! Ju-ne is just my favourite now. ^.^ Thank you for an amazing/cute fic! ♡♡♡
Chapter 2: My junchan heart is on fire /yells/ the ending was so cut haha also I loved how June would describe Chanwoo.
Chapter 2: You really good with descriptions, words, and lines >.< I wish I can write as good as you, may I ask if English is your first language?

I can't explain what I am feeling rn but I definitely loved this fic. Thank you for writing this fic^^
lulukkaebhyun #9
Chapter 1: JUNCHAN !! AWWWWW~~
Chapter 1: Awesomeeeeeeee junchan is lifeeeeeeeee! Its so damn cute!