Mission 1 [Part 2]

《Allure》{Idol!Reader x Various!Exo}
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The three of you approached the place where everyone was meeting, an empty parking lot, with occasional squeals from Ace and snickers from Mim. 

You shot Ace a dirty glare, not approving of her impersonation of your demeanour, before smiling politely at the large group in front of you. "1, 2, 3. We are yours! Hello, we are Y.O.U.T.H!" The three of you said, bowing and waving at the group of males in front of you.

"1, 2, 3. We are one! Hello, we are EXO!" The twelve of them replied loudly, as the camera managed to pick up the three of you flinching in surprise. 

You all waved an smiled at each other, before both your managers (hiding grins) told you all to introduce yourselves. You decided to go first, reassuring yourself, you stepped out, smiling and waving, "Hello! I am the leader and main vocalist, Mim! Let's all get along!" You stepped back into the line, noticing the look of confusion on one of the EXO boy's face.

Mim went next, a fake bored look on her face as she walked out, "Hello everyone, I'm the main rapper and petty troublemaker, Ace. Please don't touch me." She went back into line, but not before she snapped her fingers sassily.

Ace giggled and bouced out of the line, "Hello! I'm the visual and main dancer, (Y/S/N)! Let's all have fun together!"

EXO looked at each other, pushing and shoving at who would go first,  before a male sighed and stepped out. "Hello, I'm one of the leaders, Suho." He did a small bow to finish as a taller male behind him.

"I'm Kris, the other leader." Soon after that, the boys introduced themselves.

"I'm Xiumin of Exo-M."

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Lay, also of Exo-M."

"I'm Baekhyun! Exo-K vocalist at your service!"

"I'm Kai, also from Exo-K."

"Chanyeol, that's who I am! Also from Exo-K!"

"Hi, I'm Chen! From Exo-M."

"I'm Luhan, also from Exo-M."

"I'm Sehun, one of the maknaes, and I'm from Exo-K."

"Don't forget about me! I'm Tao, the cutest person you'll ever meet in Exo-M!" You raised an eyebrow at this introduction.

"D.O., Exo-K." You smiled and we're about to turn to the camera, when D.O. asked, "Are you sure you introduced yourselves correctly?"

The three of you shared a nervous looking glance, before Mim burst into loud laughter. "Of course we did! Why would we ever trick people like that!" Ace joined in with the laughter, adding her (well your) giggles to the sound, whilst you stood there with an awkward looking smile.

"Oh, I just thought Ace would be taller than that." D.O apologised. Mim hid a scowl as both the real Ace and you attempted to stifle your laughter.

After your little giggle fest, the 15 of you turned to the camera as the director handed Suho a card. Opening it, he read it out loud, "Hello EXO and Y.O.U.T.H! This is the first episode of EXO and Y.O.U.T.H. Showtime! You have all gotten acquainted with each other, so it's time for Y.O.U.T.H. to move in and for all of you to start working on your songs. Good luck, and have fun!"

You all cheered and clapped as soon as Suho finished reading it, but your managers shared a knowing glance before EXO's manager stated, "First group to get to the accomadation gets to have the largest room with the ensuite."

Silence immediately encased all of you, before Ace broke the slience and her act by screaming and dragging you and Mim towards your car, "MOVE, ES GET OUT THE WAY! LADY WITH A LARGE SUITCASE COMING THROUGH!"

Exo could only watch as Y.O.U.T.H.'s car drove away, unsure what to do, before Tao hurridly pushed everyone to the vehicles, "A

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