Prologue - Y.O.U.N.G

《Allure》{Idol!Reader x Various!Exo}
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I guess you could say it wasn't easy being a trainee, but you could also say that it wasn't boring either. Busy schedules, training sessions and the benefit of some beauty products enticed you to this profession. The profession of a star, an idol. More specifically, a k-pop idol.

"5, 6, 7, 8." The dancing instructor called out, watching the group of trainees in front of him mess up the choreography yet again. A scowl settled on his face as he continued to observe the trainees flounder over the steps and moves that he taught yesterday. As he was about to end the training session, a lone girl caught his eye, not only was she nailing the steps and moves, she was also adding a flair of her own. 

Well, like most cliché stories would start, that girl would've been you. Except, it wasn't. You were one of the many trainees messing up the choreography. But, it didn't take long for you to outshine that girl.

Not long at all.

And by 'not long', I mean in about 48 hours and 30 minutes.

'Practice hard and smile.' You chanted in your head, as you once again went over the moves, before angrily flopping on the ground in exhaustion. 'Why can't I get these right?!' You internally screamed, before taking several deep breaths. 'Practice makes perfect. Again.' You took yet another deep breath and stood up. 

"5, 6, 7, 8." The dance instructor called out once again, keeping his eye out on the lone girl who perfected the steps before. Only to have his attention stolen by a girl dancing with her eyes almost closed.

Ignoring the stares of the instructors and others, you went almost into a trance, your body seemingly moving on its own. Muscle memory. Any musicians best friend. Your eyes half-lidded, you nailed move after move in the choreography, attracting attention from the intructor and others. The girl from before sent you a snarky look as you stole the spotlight away from her, be

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Chapter 3: September 4th 2018. Please u p d a t e. ??
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Chapter 3: This is such a good concept and plot why doesn't this get any more views???? Also please update!!! Its been 2 years!!!
Chapter 3: Update, the last time u updated was in 2016 September 2nd and it’s already 2017 3monnths u till 2018
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