Million Dollar Boy

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Jongin is thirteen and hopelessly head over heels. With whom? Oh Sehun; campus heartthrob. 

Oh, did he mention that Sehun is a senior high school student and is straighter than a ruler? Yes, Jongin knows: he’s thoroughly ed.



A/N: Just wanna say my heartfelt gratitude to my friend Keurigo for publishing MDB up til its 21st chapter when I couldn't because of studies. Since you're busy now, I'll take over from here but know that you worked hard! This story is dedicated to you ♡

PS: kindly hit that return button if clichéd plotlines aren't your thing.

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bottomkai15 #1
Chapter 29: i'm waiting for next chapter i loved this story
chensingm #2
Chapter 29: hi, i hope you're doing well with your personal life. take things slow, focus on what's in front of you. ignore the haters. i am absolutely in love with this book as well as your writing skills. we'll be waiting patiently for the next update~ ♡( ◡‿◡ )
Ayesh5 #3
Chapter 29: I cant wait to pick up this story again with new updates! I hope you get to update soooon! I miss this!
Chapter 20: can i get a damn glow up like that please.
I miss this story, every time my notification glows red im hoping it would be an update from you T_T i hope youre doing well, jongyeolin eonnie...
53 streak #6
i've got an amazing masterpiece!
Sebutt94 #7
I miss mdb so much like you dont even kNOW
Kpoplover0399 #8
Chapter 29: I really miss this story TT
Chapter 29: I miss this story~~
I need jongin's moment with chanyeol~~