This was where, I began to live, where I was carved and curved.

This was where, my soul was bared, where all the world's rules were bended.

This was where, the moment we shared, was stolen and expended.

Eventually, this was where, this was where, this was where we had ended.



I whispered to him.


We would be reborn

I promise you, there was a miracle a.

It happened to me.


We would be reborn,

And I would find you.

I would recognize your soul.

I would fall in love with you again.

I would.



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Chapter 1: In the first chapter? You kill him in the first chapter? *scratchinghead.
GinogacheTonic #2
Chapter 6: AND THIS IS WHY I HATE TRAGEDY. *screams into pillow* the first chapter I loveeeeee. It's my favourite I think. Cause I make art too and so I can kinda relate to junjin's talking to his art lol. And stoneEric falling in love is so pure and beautiful. I love all the sensory stuff in the chap. The way Eric senses Jin's touch and warmth and stuff. Very nice. *thumbs up* and then the second chapter, Eric is such an . Poor HyeSung got dumped twice. *sigh* I would have shot him too if the bastard does that to me. Oops. I love princess Choong Jae. AHAHAA. I actually expected her name to be Park Choong Ja and cracked up at that. Remember Shinhwa's airport anecdote? Nonetheless, this story was very sweet and innocent. I'm into it. And then at the story where Eric got cancer, I was seriously like "Eric, how many times can you this up?" And the answer turned out to be that he was capable of ing it up much much worse. *gives up on life* I loveeee the plot twist where Jin was Hyesung's son. I actually thought Eric was in love with Jin all along. You got me. This plot twist hella got me. And the age difference and father-son relationship got the story to a different level of messed up lol. Again, poor HyeSung. what cha doing to Hyesung... He's just stuck with Eric's ty decisions. Chapter six got me to be really interested in reading it from Jin's point of view. And Andy's point of view. Damn. Actually Andy's point of view would be dope. Him witnessing his "sun" falling in love with Eric time and time again. To the point Andy was like... "How about I make Eric fall in love with me so he leaves Jin alone". *sigh* now I'm just sad... This is too much... I'm a total er for happy endings.