Resurrecting Elysian


………9 ordinary girls………


………bound together by a fairytale………


………suddenly summoned to a place they never thought exist………


………the land of hope and light, the land of their shared fairytale………


………the land of ELYSIAN………


Kim Taeyeon

Appointed as the leader of the nine guardians for her maturity and calmness in handling problems, also known as The Ruler. She was named The Ruler for her exceptional intelligence and agility in battlefield which allows her to dominate and rules the fight in whole. A bonus, she was gifted with a power to read mind and all 4 elements bending ability; earth, fire, water and air.



Seo Juhyun

The youngest one among the nine guardians also known as The Healer. She is the most gentle and graceful out of the nine and she possess the power of healing, known to be the purest power ever gifted to a guardian. Despite the purity she possess, she's bound to inherit the cursed bending ability; blood bending, the most dark and deadly bending.




Im Yoona

The beautiful guardian known as The Charmer. Born with inhumane and enchanting beauty, she was the illusion creator. Using her beauty as a weapon to lock off her opponent once and for all in the world she created, Illusion of Hell. When someone fall into her illusion, there's no way out, it's either death or beg for your life. Aside of her death charm, she is also an air bender.



Tiffany Hwang

The warm hearted guardian known as The Repeller. Her special power of creating a repelling shield to protect herself and her sisters in battlefield gained her the name of The Repeller. The most important one in group fight as her repelling shield act as an armor protecting all nine of them to move forward in a huge crowd of enemy. Suitable with her caring personality, she's a water bender.




Kwon Yuri

The alluring hot-headed guardian known as The Fighter. Possess inhumane strength nobody can imagine. Nothing can block her way as she was the strongest out of the nine. Impatient and stubborn but cooperate well and care most for her eight sisters. She'll do nothing that can harm them but she'll do everything to keep them safe. A fire bender comparable to her self-nature.




Lee Sunkyu

The sweet, bubbly guardian known as The Whisperer. Bound to animals in a special way as she was gifted with ability to understands and communicate with them, plus she's a shape shifter. Her power helps a lot when it comes to tricky and wide forest battle. Suitable with her love for nature she is an earth bender.




Choi Sooyoung

Blessed with sharp sense and high level of alertness she was known as The Tracker. The best one in hunting enemies and handling ambush attack. Her special point is her lightning speed. She's real fast, an ability in par with her gifted sense. Also, she possess the ability of metal bending. Speed and metal bending, her two combo is well known as The Wind of Death, the moment you realize, death is already in front of you.



Jessica Jung

The ice-cold guardian known as The Destructor. She is a lightning bender who knows no mercy. Named The Destructor for her total destructive bending that can bring down a castle in one shot. Gifted with the fearful power of inflicting pain through mind, she become one of the most avoidable in one to one fight.




Kim Hyoyeon

Well known as the polar opposite of Jessica she is The Peacemaker. Her cheerful and easygoing personality making her the total opposite of Jessica. Gifted with the power of controlling weather and regenerating things back to original she's the one responsible in putting things back to place after everybody mess. Plus, she's born with the most special bending ability, the ability to copy every elements bending. Most skillful one in battle.



A little teaser…


'An all-in bender? She looks too fragile to begin with' examining the girl on his right Wooyoung thought to himself.


Automatic, Taeyeon lips purse into a smile "I'm not that fragile Wooyoung-ssi and I am indeed a fast learner. So, don't worry because I won't be taking that much of your time,"


"Ne?" Wooyoung flinch in surprise by the sudden unrequested answer. 'How did…wait, she reads mind?!'


"I do unfortunately," the genuine smile overwhelm him completely 'Crap'




"Well, Jessica right?" Jaebum fold his arm over his chest.


"Yes," short and brief. What kind of annoying creature I get as a master now?


"You're quite beautiful truthfully," the grin brings out her deepest annoyance when she strike right through.


"Ouch!" Jaebum hold his head in pain. "What the hell did you just did to me?"


"I should come out clean. I hate annoying creature and I can inflict pain through mind wave. Do take note and behave, master,"


Jaebum heart fall deep down 'Dear Lord, what sin did I commit to receive such a devil as a student?'




"Shall we start?" Chansung picks up a pebble when it automatically turn into a shining exquisite sword.


"Yes master," Sooyoung too pick a roses from the flower bed and turn it into a thin artful sword glittering under the sun.




Sooyoung nods when she sees her master sprinting forward with his sword high in the air. Her eyes lit into a smile before she moves.


"I think you lose Master Chansung," in a blink of eye Sooyoung was already behind Chansung head locking him with her sword inches from his neck.


Chansung froze in surprise "How.."


"I think you forgot that my specialty is speed, master," Sooyoung whispers right into Chansung ears while he continue to froze in his spot.




They were passing the front garden heading to the training field when suddenly a bird alight on Sunny's shoulder. "Oh hello. Nice to meet you too,"


"Didn’t we just greet each other before Sunny-ssi?" Joong Ki stares at the girl, confuse.


"Oh, sorry. I was talking to her," Sunny bring her hand to her shoulder asking the bird to hop on and show it to her master.


"You talk to a bird?"


"Yes, I can communicate with animals, and oh yes…" she suddenly shift into a beautiful white pigeon "…I can shape shifting too,"


Joong Ki can’t hide his surprise when he fall down right on the ground. "They never told me that,"




Waiting for her master in the training room, she notices the roses in the vase already wither. Stand up she moves to the table, close her eyes and touch the petals softly. In mere second, the brownish white roses turns lively again, lifting the mood in the room with it regain freshness.


"You're indeed a talented healer Seohyun-ssi,"


Seohyun turns around when she heard the voice. "Master Yonghwa,"


"Yonghwa would do. I'm the same age as your sisters,"


"It's more comfortable for me to call you Master instead. Can I?"


Yonghwa let out a smile. As expected, she's one graceful girl like everyone said her to be. "As you wish,"



p/s : well, hello everybody! It's been my long time wish to write a fantasy stroy for our 9pm couples since i noticed they lack this kind of genre...forgive me if i'm the one who barely notice...anyway, this is just a trial...if i get positive feedback i'll continue to write..if not i'll just delete the story...the first chapter depends on the i hope eveyrbody can toss your thoughts about the foreword...thanks in advance for everybody who read Resurrecting Elysian (^^,)

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