Misheard Reality

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Games of the mind, that's all it could probably be.

Taekhyun's world is full of pain and agony, he struggles for his own freedom. He believes saving BTS will help him gain it. 

Hani always worries from afar. One moment she's here, the next she's there. 

Could all this just be a game or the reality that no one ever asked for?

Please run. Cover your ears, don't see anything. 

"You can never complete a puzzle if a piece is hidden. So for now, please pretend to not know and let me protect your heart that this world desperately tries to break."


A childhood memory that is keeping its binds within me. It's bittersweet. The more I remember, the more it becomes vague. The clock tik-toked so fast as I felt sorry, I closed the doors as I felt wary. Unknowingly, your presence opened my eyes, heck, it melted the ice. I add and subtract my percentage of attraction in the end, I multiply more and more as conclusion.


"Dreams and fantasies can never surface reality, but if you would love me inside a dream, then I'd live a life's worth fantasy." He whispered to me with glossy eyes. I feigned unconsciousness just to avoid unwanted emotions. He fixed the hair covering my face and the blanket on top of me before he left without uttering another word.


If it were that easy to love someone, then I'd already fallen long ago. I closed my eyes and then drifted off to sleep away from the complication of my surging emotions.


Please save me tonight.

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wowowow this looks entrancing
Would you like to co-host my ff about bts please?
Chapter 20: quite complex, intricate plot and love how you relate their MV's to this and the whole mystery surrounding the plot. Very intriguing

Truly a diamond among rocks
Chapter 19: This story is quite interesting~
I'm left with so many questions that I want answered. I hope for an update soon~
Jaslynn #5
Chapter 1: What the person said below haha VVVV, I really do enjoy this, I've read this a while ago and still come to check for updates, i've added to my favorites undiscovered gems list ^.^
_Tracey_ #6
This story is like a hidden gem- it's buried underneath other stories and yet it is still able to shine. I know you haven't updated in quite a while, but it might be worth something to resume this plot line. It's quite intriguing and has really reeled me in. I'm not demanding you update anytime soon considering that it has been months since you last updated it, but I just want to say that this is quite the story and I am hoping that it isn't left unfinished in the near future. It's really good, and I wanted to let you know that you should really consider continuing it.