The Regular Kim Seoyeon


What's the most common surname in South Korea?
That's right, it's Kim.
And what's the most common female name in South Korea?
Hi, I'm Kim Seoyeon and I have the most conventional name in the country!
It wasn't that bad. Sure, there would be three other Seoyeons in my History class and a whole page of Kims in my middle school yearbook, but I had grown used to it. 
Until she came into my life. 
The other Kim Seoyeon. The pretty, perfect Kim Seoyeon.
Don't think a name can ruin your life? Well, I've got three words for you:
Watch. And. Learn.


After an intruder with the exact same name barged into Seoyeon's life during her freshman year of high school, she has been slowly fading in the shadows of the other Seoyeon's brilliant light. Fast forward four years later, and Seoyeon is basically a ghost, a shell of who she once was. Having the same name as someone results in automatic comparisons, and how can Seoyeon compete with the girl who is the cheerleading captain, valedictorian, and student body president?

Enter Park Chanyeol, the new kid. Despite his awkward, flailing limbs, he automatically becomes one of the most popular guys in school due to his bright smile and humorous personality. He's the other Seoyeon's ideal counterpart: charming, athletic, and smart. He sees something in the "regular" Seoyeon that no one else does, not even herself. Through frustrating banters, bewildering discoveries, and budding romances, will Chanyeol guide the regular Seoyeon on a path of just becoming... Seoyeon?



❝ I'm about as average as it gets. My name doesn't help my case either. ❞

❝ All the attention in the world means nothing if it's not from the people who matter most. ❞

❝ You're Kim Seoyeon. And she's Kim Seoyeon. But that doesn't make you two the same person. ❞
Hi, so it's summer and I decided to try out this whole writing thing.
This story is slightly inspired by the drama "Another Oh Hae Young" and also by my own bitterness.
If there is any similarity between this work and someone else's, it is purely coincidental. I'll try my best to un-cliche the cliches.
Anyway, hope you enjoy!
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