The Great Gamble

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Kwon JaeAh, the girl who blended in with the walls, the girl that nobody ever really cared about, loves to secretly watch the drama happening in her school. But what happens when she becomes the target of the oh-so-popular Kim Jongin to start a little drama of their own?


It's either you win or lose when you gamble, same rule applies to love, you either find true love or get your heart broken.





Author's Note:

Hello everyone. I'm back after a really long time and I'm really happy to be back writing stories! This story was inspired by Autumn's Concerto, one of my all time favourite Taiwanese drama. Do watch it if you have some time to spare.

Anyway, this story focuses on mainly JaeAh(OC), Kai(EXO) and Leo(VIXX). I'll be using their real names instead and for those who can't picture the female lead, here's a reference. I personally really like her, but you can picture her as anyone, really.

I'll try my best to update as often as I can and I really hope I can finish this story. Now, I hope you will enjoy reading! Comments will be appreciated <3 

WARNING: There will be some vulgarities and violence.

Do note that any similarities to other stories are purely coincidental.

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