o1: Suho

Superpower (ot12)

Superpower [1]

Suho {W A T E R}
{In which his powers won't be needed}
"Junmyeon, Junmyeon!"
The male's ears perked at his name being called. He was sitting at the kitchen table, finishing some extra paperwork from his job, all the while eating the leftovers you had made the night before.
He spun around in his seat at the table, turning to the window where you were looking out of. He sees the individual rain droplets pattering off of the glass, and his eyes soften.
"Yes, sweetie? What's wrong?" He asks, fully aware of your troubles.
You turn around and give him a pout, disappointment evident in your eyes.
"We were supposed to go to the zoo today..." You sigh, walking lazily to your boyfriend.
Junmyeon chuckles and turns back to his paperwork
"I know, sweetie. Maybe next time, okay? I promise."
He hears you heave a sigh, and arms snake over his shoulders as he feels your weight on his back.
"Can you stop it? The rain, I mean?" You ask jokingly.
He snorts. Of course he could, but he wouldn't tell you that. There was no need to. Not yet, at least.
"No, baby. I'm not a Water God, but if I could I would." He lifts his arm to pat your head, and you melt at his touch.
"I wanted to spend time outside today with you, though..." Your tone of voice kills him, but he doesn't falter.
Instead he just pulls his chair out to make room for you to sit on his lap. And you comply wordlessly, trotting with little steps in front of his sitting form, and climbing onto his lap in a position that makes you face him.
He cups your cheeks in his hands and kisses your forehead softly. Your hands rest on his chest as he pulls back, and you look into his smiling eyes timidly.
"I'm sorry, I know you really wanted to go today." He sighs softly, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.
"It's alright..." You respond quietly.
"It's alright... staying like this is just as nice."
Junmyeon smiles at your words and kisses your jaw.
His powers wouldn't be needed today for the two of you to be having a pleasant time.
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