What would be enough for you to let go someone you love?


A sudden plot comes to mind, so I decided to cherish it with all my heart.


Oh, this story hasn't been edited. I just typed my heart out. so pardon me if you find some mistakes and something that doesn't make sense. ^__^

I hope you still read it though. 

Warning: mention of Siwon's partner in WGM


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poor kyu he have to endure it alone..
shame on you Siwon not noticing anything!!
nice work, though.
Chapter 1: Oh my gosh! It's sad ending for Kyu :( Please write next chapter! I'd like to see how will Won react to Kyu's feelings.. I want him to fall in love with Kyu. Please...
Chapter 1: Can you continue this story pleaseee? Make Siwon fall in love with Kyu too...
ohmysuperjunior #4
Chapter 1: //WEEPS// the ending was so sad ;-; i didn't expect that to suddenly happen towards the end
TasiyaWK #5
I have read disappointed by the mention of this woman. Why not warning.