Personal Chef

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After having the worst day of her life, Rosaleen decides she deserves a decent meal to cheer up. 

Only she couldn't imagine the chef was the most handsome guy she's ever met.


I'm back with a new story and I hope you all enjoy it.

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Chapter 1: Omoooo this story was sooo cute. I loved everything about it especially the very last part about the personal chef and his number. Very smooth
Chapter 1: This story was cute and great! HOWEVER, I need to be honest - this story is so much more than a one shot. The passion and chemistry between Jin and Rose must be continued in a story. I really love them together and the way you wrote this.
DawnD2014 #3
Chapter 1: This story was great but I am going to be selfish and tell you we need something else with these two. I need something more, I can't let their infatuation die right there lol. I'm sorry, rant over now.
Elite_Supernova #4
Chapter 1: I love it!!! I'm actually really sad that this is just a one shot. I haven't read such a amazing story in a while. If it's not too much of a bother, please look into turning this into an actual story. I'll be supporting you!!
Lotuspassion #5
Chapter 1: Update soon please please
Nishikiri #6
Chapter 1: I really like this. You should make it an story... But I totally understand if you don't.
Colormyworld13 #7
Chapter 1: Greatly written! So cute! ^^
Kpopislife14 #8
Chapter 1: Awww why does it have to be a oneshot it's ssooooo good! U should make a fanfic out of this