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Dont expect many updates from me.. currently I'm not writing, but I have stories started and I WILL FINISH them, i promise.

I might write something in the holidays but let's just say that I'm not the most motivated person out there and love to laze around and do close to nothing, so... ehehehe ^^'

So.. yep. that's basically all there is to say..


About Me

So... as you might have read I'm a very busy person *cough cough*. 

I have many many ideas for future fanfics and the ones are also not finished so sorry for that. I absolutely hate writing on my phone that's why I don't do it, but weirdly I always get motivated to write whenever my laptop is not with me ( for example during vacation). 

I am still a student and very stressed because I'm in my last 2 years of school life, so I mostly read to relax. 

I'm an '01 liner (young I know lol)(still crying tho because Jisung is younger than me like wtf) and I'm in love with many groups, though I only read and write about EXO...

Baekhyun and Leo compete for the position of my Ultimate Bias since I know Vixx. 

Thank you for coming on my page and don't forget to leave a nice little comment up there^^

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