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Stop killing me! *keels over* God he looks amazing in these gifs. Just so...happy and playing guitar! *spazzes in death*

Dat eyesmile do. *shot*

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“ 6-1=0”
I am a girl who's life has been completely taken over by Shinhwa (both sadly and happily). The feels get to me everyday, sometimes even giving me that weird feeling you get in your stomach. You know, the really powerful, 'OMG the world is going to end' feeling of completeness you get from your favorite group. I am in love with these 6 wonderful stars fallen from Heaven. No bias within the group because they are all my favorite. Hell yeah! Favorite Shinhwa song? DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE. I love all of them! <3 *showers music with love* P.S. - If you are a SHCJ as well then FRIEND ME AND LET'S FANGIRL TOGETHER. I swear these 6 *cough*20 years older than me*cough* men will be the death of me and I don't even care. Let me be taken over by the spirit all that is Shinhwa! - DOUBLE S
 • 14 Years Old
 • Michigan Born
 • Video Game Addict