I can't....like seriously...what the heck.

If there is one thing I can't stand about Pokemon, is when someone talks about a Legendary like there's multiple of them. *facepalm*

I'm in a Pokemon rp (where Hyesung is Arceus. aaaaaaaaaaaaaw yeeeeeeaaaaaah! *cue sunglasses*) and there's this character who's RPing as Mew. I came across a post they made by accident that was like this.

'nope, i'm a Mew'


A Mew!?!? A!?!?

Mew is a Legendary! Not a species of Pokemon! Just say 'I'm Mew'! Not A Mew!


I seriously can't stand that. It just gets me so annoyed! They're called Legendaries for a reason! There's only one of them in the entire world!

OH GOD *facepalm, facedesk, facewall, facevolcanolava*


I'm done. *walks away without a face*

P.S. - I'm not hating on them or anything. T^T I just get so annoyed when that happens (probably because of my love for Pokemon)!

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