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if you want to be trusted


be honest


if you want to be honest


be true


if you want to be true


be yourself

About Me






my brain is small than an ant's brain.


 means that i'm a stupid girl.


messy plot and wrong grammar is my style


bear with it


don't like me?


go ahead


do i care




*please dont hate me* 


@[email protected]



ah! one more thing...


kalau orang malaysia yg sememangnya boleh berbahasa melayu/bahasa malaysia


atau non- malaysian yg boleh speaking malay...


silakan gunakan...


*buang kamus*


*uninstall translate*


i want a pet!


yoseob-ssi,can you be my pet? marry me pleaseeee @[email protected]


*heuheuheu* B2UTY dont bash me



meh jenguk-jenguk sini~