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I accept a lot of friend requests if you really want to know me that is. So, don't be afraid to drop by and say hi! ^-^

Advertisements aren't preferred, but if you have to I guess I'll live. I only read EXO x OC fics. Please, no roleplay. I don't do those. Thanks!

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r e a l _d i m p l e s
EXO-L // Amber Liu // Black Rose

Hi! Feel free to call me dimples. No need for authornim.

Writing just controls my boredom. I'm a fulL-time lab rat. I could never give up chemistry and numbers for writing.


⭐ = Featured

Shards of Us ⭐ COMPLETED 

Featuring Baekhyun x Kim Hana [OC]----drama, angst, romance, arranged marriage, pregnancy

Rewriting Our Stars Ongoing

Featuring Sehun x Ahn HyeJin [OC]----drama, angst, romance, contract marriage

Drowning Us ⭐ Ongoing

Featuring Sehun x Park Insook [OC]----angst, romance, arranged marriage

He's Luscious: EXO Collection Ongoing

Featuring EXO x OC----, ,

Toothbrush Effect Ongoing

Featuring Baekhyun x Song Hyorin [OC]----fluff, comedyish, playboyau

Lucky Monster  Ongoing  

Featuring sehun x Lee sooyoung [OC]----lightangst, romance, pregnancy


I also run a recommendations page along with my sister. Feel free to check it out!

Overdosed with My Lotto: EXO Recommendations

life as an aff author

1. Which group(s) are you used to writing about?
EXO and only EXO. Sorry. No hate, I just dedicated all my time to them and I'm kinda loyal. Lol.

2. What do you think you are known for?
Umm...I think Shards of Us. Hahaha. I mean I feel like that's the only fic that got featured after 6484839 subs. XD

3. Which character would you say you are an expert in portraying?
Hmmm...I don't think I'm in expert in portraying any character. It actually takes a lot of time and sometimes research to bring out a good character.

4. What would be your dream as an AFF author?
Hmmm...well, it was being featured at least once, but since I already accomplished that, I would have to say being able to keep all my loyal readers. XD

5. What inspires you?
Dramas, songs, and quotes. But I love meanings in flowers and relating life to objects. I tend to make life more meaningful than it is and it sometimes sparks something. Lol.

6. Who do you think is your spiritual bias? (The one you share the most traits with)
Hmmm…I've never really thought about it, but maybe Baekhyun? I mean the guy is super annoying and childish. I feel like I'm like that. Hahahaha. But, maybe not as outgoing as he is unless I'm with people I know.

7. Do you want to make a career out of it? I only write for fun. It's like relaxation along with watching dramas. In reality I'm a lab rat. Hahaha. I love chemistry and numbers too much, I wouldn't exchange my career for writing ever.

8. Which idol do you think you can't portrait well?
ALL of them, duh… I'm actually not really sure what this question is really asking. XD

9. Your top biases.
In order...Sehun, Baekhyun, and our precious Yixing!

10. What does a day look like in your life?
Well, a lot of work. Hahaha. Waking up and tending to the chickens on my farm and then occasionally on my phone. Then later my job and that's a full day for me! Hahaha. Sounds simple right?

11. One secret your readers may not know about you.
Hmmm….I don't like most of my readers. Bahahaha. Jk. Jk. I love you guys! <3 For real...I'm not sure if I even have any secrets. My secret is I don't have any secrets. XD

12. How long does it take you to finish a story?
I'd say about a year, give or take. But, that seems to be the average. Hahaha. Sorry, I'm so goddamn slow at updating. XD

13. What's the thing you are the proudest of as an AFF author.
I'm grateful to all my readers. Y'all are the best. I always get comments and i never hear complaints about my slow updates. Hahaha.

14. What types of fanfics do you feel the most comfortable writing?
Uhhh...if it ain't obvious...angst, lots and lots of angst. And, actually I really like fluff too, but angst is just easier to write for some reason. Don't even ask for fantasy...I might have to kill you. Lol.

15. How well do you think you perform out of your comfort zone?
OKI guess. I mean you do what you do to get it done, right? But, I do get really nervous. I'm just not confident. I don't know...was this supposed to relate to my writing?

16. If a zombie attack happens and you could save only one member of your favorite group, who would it be?
Hahaha. Easy...Sehun. Then we could get married and have babies. Hahahaha. Oh man. What am I when saying? XD

17. Who's your latest bias wrecker?
Yixing! Why does he have to be like that?! I really love Sheep relift. I mean I already fell in love with the original song. And, he's just so soft.

18. What's your ideal type?
HMMM...I just want a man who can love me right. I really don't care for high education or good job. Just someone who works hard and appreciates. People tend to think I would go for guys who make a good living, but really I just want someone who'll love me for who I am. But, a good living is always a plus and it's also something we can work on over time.

19. Which authors do you admire the most here on the site?
Oooh, my most favorite is 181061. And, I also love vanillasushi. Of course, I don't have much time so I haven't read everything she's written, but every time I read her work, it hits me hard right in the big old heart.

20. What are the 5 sites you visit the most?
Asianfanfics, duh. And then I'd have to say Google Docs, I mean where else would I write. Then YouTube, Instagram for all my close AFF buddies and lastly newasiantv (where I watch my dramas XD)