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Forever missing my sun and moon

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I don't mind my wall being posted on, but it doesn't mean I'll read whatever you post.
I also might delete it.


To people begging for Reviews: 

I WILL delete YOUR post.
If you want an actual review, please check out an ACTUAL Review shop.
I will NOT review your story for free because reviews actually take time.  


I Currently have a life-ruiner and his name is Suga 

like plz save me . 

Bring The Spirit




I guess I socialize on AFF

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I am actively inactive. 

I'm currently on the longest semi-hiatus since I've started using this site. If I don't respond right away, I'm sorry.


I also tend to forget that I did not reply to a message. So I sincerely apologize for that.  



I'm just a university student trying to get through life. 

If you want to understand what kind of person I am, my profile picture describes how I am. 

(Hint, I'm N and all my friends are Leo) 



If you want to be my friend, I don't bite, like 90% of the time.

That's still a passing score. 



I also sound rude, but I'm probably the only friend you'll have that will tell you something how it is. Sugarcoating is straight-up lying in my opinion. 


I'm also socially awkward, and weird, but we're all socially awkward and weird, which is totes okay. 




Random Facts About Me

♡~ Big Bang was the first group I listened to when I went through my brother's iPod, but TWO MOONS by EXO-K pulled me in. It is also the reason why I like Key so much because his rapping was amazing! (Wut Wut) 



♡~ I passed my Korean class in university because on the final exam I wrote Chinese Characters (Kanji) because I forgot the days of the week and most of the words. I also sometimes might be speaking English and then randomly Japanese and Korean words enter my sentence. 

#wutwutwut  #cannotspeakthechingchonglanguage



♡~ I would rather stay at home binge watching animes than socializing about 90% of the time



♡~ I don't really belong to one fandom. I'm like not fully in any fandom, even my favorite group SHINee. I believe you can be in one more fandom and not be narrow-minded about things *cough*almost all K-pop fans*cough*



♡~ Also some hardcore fans scare me tbh

#sorryhalfnotsorry #ScaredAF 


♡~ I can't stand it when someone lies to me because they are too afraid to tell me the truth. 



♡~ I also can't stand people who can dish it out, but they can't take a hit.



♡~ JongKey is one of the only ships I ship in K-Pop because Jonghyun was the first person in a K-Pop group that I thought was cute, and Key was my first bias (now top bias) in K-Pop 

#OTP #MyShipIsSailing


♡~ I have ideas running in my head 24/7 but only one part of the million ideas are written



♡~ I like to voice my opinions about things, because I'm a Libra and I like things to be fair, and things aren't fair in life. 


♡~ Apparently, I like to code when I procrastinate.
#ihatecoding #csscansuckmyass #javacansuckmyass #alltheswearwords #imanerdwhohatescoding #allthehashtags #hashtaghashtag #hashbrowns #imhungry #myhashtagsdontmakesense #youonlyloveoreos 




I See the glass half empty

♡~ "A pessimist is really an optimist with experience" 

~on a Dove Chocolate



♡~ "I gotta be strong with my eyes down, eyes down, eyes down" 



♡~ "Never Don't Mind about a thing" 

~Oh Sehun



♡~My One and Only Husband~♡

♡~ SHINee's Key ~♡

♡~My One and Only Sun and Moon~♡

♡~ SHINee's Jonghyun ~♡


♔~My Boyfriends~♔

(The order doesn't really matter because it changes on a daily basis)

♡~ Kris (Yi Fan) ~

♡~ Super Junior's Ryeowook ~

♡~ Super Junior's Leeteuk ~

♡~ Big Bang's Daesung ~

♡~ EXO's Chen ~

♡~ SHINee's Minho ~

 ♡~ VIXX's N ~

♡~ GOT7's JR ~

♡~ SHINee's Onew ~

♡~ Luhan ~

♡~ Tao ~

♡~ Big Bang's TOP ~

♡~ Super Junior's Yesung ~

♡~ EXO's Lay ~

B1A4's Jinyoung

♡~ U-Kiss's Kevin ~

♡~ GOT7's Youngjae ~

♡~ U-Kiss's Eli ~

♡~ Kim Woobin ~

♡~ Kang Haneul ~

♡~ Infinite's L ~


♔~My Side Affairs~♔

♡~ EXO's Kai ~

♡~ SHINee's Taemin ~

♡~ Big Bang's Seungri ~

♡~ EXO's Baekhyun ~

♡~ EXO's Sehun ~

 ♡~ VIXX's Hyuk ~

♡~ GOT7's Jackson ~

♡~ GOT7's Mark ~


♔~My Ideal Boyfriend~♔

♡~ Henry ~

♕~My Female Lovers~♕

♡~ f(x)'s Luna ~♡

♡~ f(x)'s Victoria ~♡

♡~ f(x)'s Amber ~♡

♡~ f(x)'s Krystal ~♡

♡~ f(x)'s Sulli ~♡

♡~ SISTAR's Hyorin ~♡

♡~ Jessica ~♡

♡~ Girls' Generation's Yuri ~♡

♡~ Bekah ~♡

♡~ AoA's Mina ~♡

♡~ AoA's Jimin ~♡

♡~ AoA's Choa ~♡

♡~ AoA's Seolhyun ~♡


♔~My Babies~♔

♡~ Red Velvet's  Yeri~♡

♡~ Red Velvet's  Seulgi~♡

♡~ Red Velvet's  Wendy~♡

♡~ Red Velvet's  Irene~♡

♡~ TWICE's  Nayeon~♡

♡~ TWICE's  Mina~♡

♡~ TWICE's  Jihyo~♡

♡~ TWICE's  Tyuzu~♡















Favorite K-Pop Singers

(In NO Particular Order... After VIXX)

☆~ 샤이니 ~☆~ 슈퍼주니어 ~빅뱅 ~빅스  ~ 엑소 ~~ 유키스 ~브락비 ~비스트 ~~ 보아 ~~  틴탑~~ 박재범~~레드벨벳 ~~ 갓세븐 ~~히스토리 ~~ 에이오에이 ~~ 엠아이비 ~~ 동방신기 ~~ 씨엔블루 ~~ 에프엑스 ~~ 뉴이스트~루나플라이 ~~ 비원에이포 ~


☆~ SHINee ~☆~ Super Junior ~☆~ Big Bang ~☆~ VIXX ~☆~ EXO ~☆~ U-KISS ~☆~ Block B ~☆~ Beast ~☆~ BoA ~☆~ Teen Top ~☆~ Jay Park ~☆~ Red Velvet ~☆~ Got7 ~☆~ History ~☆~ AoA ~☆~ M.I.B ~☆~ DBSK ~☆~ CNBlue ~☆~ f(x) ~☆~ NU'EST ~☆~ B1A4  ~☆BTS  ~



Not My Favorite, But I Still Like Them

(In NO Particular Order)

☆~ Lunafly  ~☆~ 2NE1  ~☆~ 4Minute  ~☆~ Girls' Generation  ~☆~ Day6